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Quest information

  • Quest name: ブレない氷の妖精
  • Quest portrait: Cirno
  • Location: Youkai Mountain (the pond area right after where you fought Cirno and Momiji)
  • Team restrictions: None
  • Difficulty: 1

Treasure Chests

Giant Toad's Pond - J

  • Pretty Mirror 綺麗な鏡

Giant Toad's Pond - L

  • Ostracon オストラコン

Giant Toad's Pond - M

  • Magic Shard 精霊の欠片

Giant Toad's Pond - N

  • Spare Parts 発明のネタ

Boss battle: Cirno

Cirno's HP: 16000

This battle is quite easy even with only Reimu and Lithos. Cirno will use Diamond on the first turn and every three turns thereafter, and attack with other water-elemental magic on other turns. Set up water and freeze resistance gears, use a Encompassing Tiger Circle when she should use Diamond Blizzard (it doesn't inflict Freeze), and pound into her. If you're using only Reimu and Lithos, give the latter some +bombs and spam Pegasus Meteor Attack.

After the battle, Cirno will join your party (at level 1).

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