((This starts the same as the Bad End... Trust me, though, it sure doesn't END like it!))]

Outside Eientei, Marisa and Reimu’s battle continues.

Reimu draws a spell card, Divine Spirit." The card splits into several fragments, "Fantasy Seal." The fragments turn into large orbs of various colors.

Anticipating that Reimu is going to launch the orbs at her, Marisa prepares to take evasive action.

However, Reimu sends the orbs into her own body and she starts glowing.

"Huh?" Marisa, who was not expecting Reimu’s action with her Fantasy Seal technique, lowers her guard, What is she up to?

Reimu extends her arms toward Marisa and releases the energy stored in her body as a smaller white Master Spark-like laser.

"HOLY SHIT!" Marisa frantically, with little time, draws a spell card and declares, "Lovesignmasterspark!" The cark turns into energy, which immediately turns into Marisa’s Master Spark, however, with no time to charge, it comes as a much smaller laser, slightly smaller than Reimu’s.

The two lasers clash with a flash of bright light and both the miko and witch summon up as much energy as they can to overpower the other’s attack. However, Reimu, who had attacked first, has the upper hand in the struggle, quickly deciding to press the advantage, focusing the card's energy on Marisa...

Marisa simple froze. "How did she..." Then she was knocked back into several bamboo shoots, a cry of pain as she collapses into the pile.


In Eientei’s left corridor, Youmu suddenly encounters Reisen, who was standing in wait, "It’s you, that rabbit! Return Reimu to normal!"

Reisen shrugs, "Looks like you found me. As for your ‘request,’ allow me to see how your friend is doing..." Reisen closes her eyes and, after a moment of focusing, sees through Reimu’s eyes during her battle with Marisa, watching Reimu approach the breathless Marisa. Marisa quickly throws a small set of needles wildly at Reimu, who almost casually ducks the volley.

A slight grin formed on Reisen's face. Hrm... I have a way to win this for sure now. Looking at the two, she promptly lied, "Looks like she's losing this battle. Alright, I'll do as you say."

Youmu, who feels Reisen submitted too easy, grabs the hilt of the sheathed Roukanken and asks, "What are you up to?"

"Exactly as you say," answers Reisen, "I’m releasing your friend from my control..."


Marisa breathed more heavily. I can't have lost... Not like this.

Reimu stops, her eyes glowing red as an illusory image of Reisen appears in front of Reimu, immediately causing Marisa to shout, "What have you done to her?!?! Let her GO!"

The image of Reisen simply grinned. "Now, why should I? I've got every advantage... And you actually did pretty well. Really, a little luck in the right angle and you'd have had this." Raising one hand, she let the other clap down upon it a few times.

"Wait... What?" Marisa shook.

"See, my insanity is as a virus... I can bring it from one host to another, especially when the second one is weakened." Reisen grinned. "Call it a compliment that I'm going out of my way to take you as well!"

Marisa shook, as a headache started to come on... "You little... I resisted the moon, and I'll resist-" Then the headache grew, as she winced again.

Reisen smirked. "I'm extending myself a bit... Haven't met much resistance when taking two people at once before. You're quite the catch." Then her eyes flashed red again, causing Marisa to shudder again.

"... Thank you for the compliment, mistress." Marisa spoke in monotone, as her eyes dulled as her resistance crumbled.

Reisen smiled. "Left path, be quick. The right path can be handled by it's guards. Protect your mistress."

Reimu and Marisa both nodded. "Understood."

As the image of Reisen faded, Reimu smiled a little. "... Mistress has overestimated herself a bit."

As Marisa started to get up, she nodded again, her usual grin forming on her face. "But we will follow her regardless, won't we?"

Reimu nodded. "But of course. She *is* Mistress, after all, whether or not we're thinking about it."

Back in the left hall, the real Reisen sighed. "Done. This is really going to make things a lot more difficult for me... But you will lose anyways, I can assure you of that." Grinning, she calmly looked towards Youmu... Inwardly, however, she thought, To think that I just spent quite a bit of effort spreading my power out even more, and the hardest part's keeping the lie believably well-acted.

(Proceed through the next part of the Youmu vs. Reisen fight verbatim.)

Reisen’s eyes widen, "What? How did you recover from that?"

Youmu answers, "You don’t need to know. Just remember that whatever mind tricks you have are useless against me!"

"Fine then..." growls Reisen, as she pauses for a second, to check through Marisa's eyes for a second, seeing them right near the door. The image seemed rather fuzzy, but... "I don’t need them to deal with the likes of you." As the door burst open, revealing the two, Reisen grinned.

Youmu turned around. "Ah! Reimu, Marisa!" She smiled, immediately causing a look of shock to appear on Reisen's face, though seen only by the duo.

Reimu waved a bit, stunning Reisen. "Hey, Youmu."

Youmu looked towards Reisen. "Three on one... Think you can win this now?"

"I think the real answer is Three on TWO, little one... And not at all like you expect it to be!"

Reisen paused. She CAN'T mean...

And then she was on the floor with a splitting headache of the 'just got kicked in the head' variety.

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the moe-est of them all?!?!?" Tewi Inaba stood on Reisen's back, a large, black whip in her hand.

Reimu and Marisa both grinned, as Marisa quickly swung at Youmu with her broom, knocking the swordswoman over and sending her tumbling towards Reisen. It was hard to tell who looked more surprised between the two, as Tewi laughed maniacally.

"Imagine what surprise the readers will experience when I, Tewi Inaba, defeat Reisen Udongein Inaba and retake my rightful place as Bunny Supreme! Then, in a shocking twist, I choose to betray my own masters, whom I have just oh-so-helpfully assisted with the capture of three major intruders, led by the vision of a lordship that can never last, to create an empire that will last precisely as long as I care about, that is, my long, beautiful lifetime as a Youkai rabbit!"

Reimu and Marisa both nodded appreciatively, as Reisen shook. "H... How..."

Tewi grinned. "Oh, that part was the EASY part, Reisen. Enough torture on you, and you'll conveniently forget certain things I want you to forget... Like a pass-phrase that your every insanity projection has - that you subconsciously add to it, in fact - that will pass the controls or influences to the speaker! All I have to do is use a giant megaphone and sing the song of my moe-ness across all Gensokyo, and everyone will stop singing Lady Kaguya's praises in favor of my own!" Laughing again, she jumped off Reisen, a loud "oomph" from the moon rabbit as Tewi landed by the two she had now, rather clearly, just corrupted.

"To think, you all play the meek little fools even when Eirin herself knew my proclivities! And imagine her surprise, Reisen, when the very moon she and Kaguya are providing as a channel for your abilities turns against THEM~"

Reisen pushed herself up a little, looking at Youmu. "... I promise I'll break the spell... Just, just help me stop her, PLEASE!" Reisen then jumped into the air.

Youmu paused, looking at the trio... "I... I..." In a rush, she jumped at Reisen from her prone position, eliciting an "eep!" from Reisen as Youmu drew Hakurouken and made a slight cut into Reisen's torso, not even enough to draw blood...

"... You are honest."

And then she heard the words "Master Spark".

Three hours later, Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Tewi calmly grinned, looking at the tableau before her.

"Three perfect generals, an optimum base with the best magicians in the realm and a nice large team of fairy maids... Yes, this will be perfect as the palace of the Great President of Gensokyo!"

Remilia calmly bowed before the true mistress of Gensokyo... After all, she'd managed to do what Kaguya hadn't, and bring even Sakuya to her side. Surely that made this White Rabbit far greater than any immortal, right? Plus, comparing photos, Kaguya really didn't interest the Vampire that much... At leat, not after Tewi's admittedly unusual way of introducing herself; Remilia didn't keep mirrors in the mansion, as a rule, with a specific exception for a few private rooms for certain staff. Perhaps she, as the quickly-titled Manager of the Inaba Palace, would have to fix that for her new Mistress... Depending on her sense of vanity, of course-

"First, though... We must decorate this place better! More mirrors so that all, even not directly in my visage, may bask in my beauty!"

- Well, that answered that.

Tewi smirked. To think that the one who seemed to have no source of resistance was the same sort as Eirin and Kaguya... Sure made it convenient, once Reisen removed them from her power's protection, along with those four idiots we found at the Shrine. The image of Kaguya in the instant before the spell overtook her would be cherished by Tewi for a long time indeed. There's still that swordswoman to worry about... Plus that inconvenient property that anyone she cuts is freed of the moon's effects until it next rises. Oh well, she'll never be able to slice through enough to stop me, righ-

Then she was down, as Youmu stopped to one side.

"200 Yojana in 1 slash. One open door. Enough walls that I can turn without losing momentum." Youmu turned, as did Remilia, Sakuya, Reimu, Marisa, Reisen... In fact, Tewi realized, everyone in the entire room.

"... Oh. Great."

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