(Keine) Okay, the village is safe from crazy Youkai with katanas, safe (for now) from evil moon shining in sky. Mokou... Not sure about her, but I can't precisely just walk out and look for her...
(Random Villager) Keine, if I may?
(Keine) Ah! You're awake!
(Random Villager) Well, creepy flash of light, we're hiding beneath a false moon protecting us from another false moon, well I dunno about you but I'm not sleeping that easily.
(Keine) Uh... How'd you know that?
(Random Villager) This is an omake, Keine, I can break the fourth wall.
(Keine) That makes no sense whatsoever.
(Random Villager) Well, maybe this will make more sense. If you want to look for Mokou, couldn't you just keep clearing the history from the immediate area around you and, that way, keep yourself safe while you walk over to the shrine?
(Keine) ... That's actually a good idea. But how will I keep the village safe while I do that?
(Random Villager) Do you even need to focus on maintaining your false moon now that it's out?
(Keine) Actually, that's kinda a good question. Not sure I want to test it at a time like this though...
(Random Villager) Well... Uh...
(Keine) But I will anyways! (Walks off, flowers randomly sprouting all around her)
(Random Villager) ... Uh... (Looks up) ... So am I supposed to become another worshipper of this "Kaguya" now? It's kinda creepy.
(Narrator) Well, uh, no. We'll say Keine succeeded in keeping the village area safe while she went off, clearing the areas around her, eating random bits of history in a happy little chibi drawing, until she soon reached Mokou's shrine.
(Keine) Mokou? You here?!
(Mokou) ... Keine? Is that you?
(Keine) Yep.
(Mokou) ... Have you left the main plot yet?
(Keine) ... Well, one of the main characters fought me and then left me alone. Does that count?
(Mokou) Hope so. I gotta stay mysterious and everything until this main plot ends. Really sorta annoying. I don't like being an Extra Stage.
(Meiling) (Pops in out of nowhere) But what if the main plot ends badly? You only show up after the good end...
(Keine, Mokou, and Remilia) SHUT UP CHINA.
(Meiling) Eeep! (Hides)
(Keine) So... Uh... How's the moon been-
(Mokou) Can we go to the village? I've been going back and fourth between hating Kaguya, worshipping her as some sort of god, and pseudo-worshipping her like she's some dark god to be placated and feared. I think the Hourai Elixir's regeneration's fixing my mind, then the moon starts effecting me again, then the Elixir kicks back in, back and fourth and back and then I break my skull on that bloody piece of wood over there to buy myself some peace and quiet.
(Keine) ... You really shouldn't be killing yourself, even if it doesn't effect anything. It can't be healthy.
(Mokou) Well, it knocked me out until about a minute before you arrived, and bought me my sanity back for a while. What the hell's Kaguya doing, anyways, that she makes some enchanted moon that takes control of anyone who looks at it?
(Keine) You know I won't try and predict the girl's motivations...
(Mokou) Yeah, yeah, can we get to the village so I can get some peace and quiet without beating myself up horrifically? I mean, it does still hurt, beating one's skull in with a stick, even if you do heal from it afterwards.
(Keine) Okay.
(Mokou) Hmm. I could go over to Kaguya's quickly before the heroes come on camera and make a bet for a dose of Hourai Elixir that someone stops her before tonight is over.
(Keine) ... How would that even effect me? I'm not exactly human, right?
(Mokou) So, if hakutaku aren't affected by the Elixir, you cease to be immortal during the full moon, so if you die then you regenerate in the morning. Makes sense to me.
(Keine) ... Such simple logic, I can't help but think it accurate. Not that I'd want to test it.
(Mokou) Well how else am I going to stay awake tonight? I'm not sleeping through this craziness.. Kinna wish I could watch Kaguya get her ass kicked, though. Stupid Extra Stage rules.

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