(Sakuya) *Leaves area, insert exploding Rumia here*
(Game Screen) YOU GOT: RUMIA ORB
(Sakuya) ... Uh, k?
(ZUN) Wait, that's code from Megamari. I didn't even install that on my machine how'd that get there?
(Insert Marisa, whistling from her own chapter)


(Meiling) ... With half the maid staff out worshipping this "Kaguya", keeping things in check's really hard. ;-;
(Patchouli) Especially with maids voluntarily, knowingly joining their friends outside. I can't even figure out why they're doing that!
(Meiling) ... It's the moon rays doing that, right?
(Patchouli) Yeah.
(Meiling) And Sakuya said looking at the moon's what does it, right? Thus why I wasn't affected from my sad angle of it.
(Patchouli) Well, yes... So?
(Meiling) So if we blindfold ourselves, wouldn't we be safe to go outside?
(Patchouli) And the point of that would be?
(Meiling) Pulling people back in, starting with Remilia?
(Patchouli) ... I suspect this moon is having a positive effect on your intelligence. If I could capture the spectral properties of it and experiment on you some-
(Insert image of Meiling tied to a lab table with several lasers and probes around her, a starry-eyed patchouli holding varied medical instruments in her hands)
(Meiling) We'llworryaboutthatlaterlet'sgofindblindfoldsnow-
(Patchouli) *Pulls Meiling's hat over her eyes* Done.
(Meiling) ... Patchouli, you're a genius!


(Meiling) *Stumbling around the tower, bumping into several maids who are watching the moon fascinatedly*
(Patchouli) *From well behind the door, out of the moon's light* Okay, can you hear Remilia's voice?
(Remilia) Ka... Gu... Ya...
(Meiling) It's very creepy.
(Patchouli) Okay, get right up to it, reach down a foot, and try to grab under her arms.
(Meiling) Okay - *Trips, knocks Remilia over*
(Remilia) Ka... G-*Lands face-first on the ground* What the?
(Meiling) ... Mistress you're okay! *Joyjoy, remove hat to look at Remilia, blanks out* ...
(Remilia) Meiling, aren't you supposed to be-
(Patchouli) Remilia-sama, DON'T MOVE. Whatever you do, DON'T LOOK UP.
(Remilia) ... What? Patchouli, what's going on here, aren't you looking at the moon from the observ-
(Patchouli) I WAS, thus why I was safe. Keep your eyes in the shadow cast by your own body and come towards the door...
(Remilia) ... *Grabs Meiling by the ankle, starts crawling towards the door* So undignified, what's she doing?
(Meiling) *Tripped, lands face up* Ow... Kaguya-sama... Mistress of all-
(Remilia) WHAT THE HELL WHO IS THIS KAGUYA?!?!?!? *Starts to stand up* WHY I OUGHTA-
(Patchouli) MISTRESS, STOP, PLEASE. She's not herself, and you weren't yourself just a minute ago!
(Remilia) ... Wait, what?!?!
(Patchouli) I'll explain in a minute, drag her in here and you'll see what I'm talking about.
(Remilia) ... So undignified... *Finishes dragging Meiling down to the door*
(Meiling) ... Ya... Ow, my head. What hit me? One second Remilia's - oh.

(Remilia) ... Wait, how'd she figure this out so fast? And what exactly's going on, anyhow? (Patchouli) Well, in short, something's corrupting the moon, causing anyone who's exposed by eye contact to it's rays, at least as far as we know-
(Insert Koakuma spinning around in a garden outside, looking perfectly unaffected as several maids space out)
(Patchouli) - Except Sakuya for some reason, to go all worshipful of some girl named "Kaguya". Using the observatory to avoid direct exposure, I traced the likely source of the effect to a mansion in a bamboo forest. She's gone to investigate.
(Remilia) ... Normally I'd be annoyed at you sending her off-
(Meiling) She went off on her own, ma'am.
(Remilia) ... Fufufu. Just like her. But what do we do now?
(Patchouli) ... In all honesty, mistress, there isn't much we can do. I mean if you want to try going out blindfolded to get all the maids back inside, we can get everyone in and get some normalcy around here, but other than that...
(Remilia) ... We rely on Sakuya to fix this. Again.
(Meiling) Sakuya shows so much initiative sometimes.
(Patchouli) Something you could work on.
(Meiling) ... The only time I've shown initiative, I end up with a knife in the head.
(Remilia) Well that's because you were trying to clean my bedroom, which Sakuya doesn't trust anyone except herself with.
(Patchouli) ... To be fair, though, I'd have a hard time imagining Meiling messing that up, she'd be too cautious.
(Remilia) ... I'll talk with Sakuya about that when she gets back once all this is done.
(Meiling) ... Mistress... What if she doesn't come back, or comes back and nothing can be done?
(Patchouli, Remilia) *Glare at Meiling, their eyes looking like Sakuya's daggers*
(Meiling) ... Bestnottothinkaboutthatthenuh? WelluhsowannaplayIkarugaorsomethinggetourmindoffallthis?
(Remilia) Meiling, go find the curtain rod. I don't want to be reminded of this any more than being stuck inside is going to make me be reminded of.
(Meiling) Yesmistress *bolts out of the scene*
(Patchouli) ... Will the glass protect us, I wonder?
(Remilia) And how is Meiling catching on to things so fast?
(Patchouli) ... We could experiment on how the false moon's properties are having side effects on her brain.
(Remilia) ... Sounds as good an idea to me as any.

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