[MADNESS 東方 Touhou Progressive Classic 117]

My, my, this song sounds like a mess, but it is all just an elaborate story. I imagined 3 different perspectives in this story. It is a wonderful song, this is my first attempt to write a story on a song of such caliber. This story takes on after a couple years of the events in my Lunacy story; after Reisen had met people she could call family. Her love for them was strong. Not only did they take her in when she had been alone; they had filled up a large hole in her heart, and helped her forget the tragic events of the Lunarian War…~

The first chime as 0:01 depicts Reisen opening her eyes to an unusually quiet house. There was something wrong… Reisen could feel it in the air. She got out of bed cautiously and walked to her door; she opened it slowly and stepped out...She looked down the hall. 0:17; she saw a body at the end of the hall, at first she stood there startled, and then ran over to investigate… It was one of the Rabbit inhabitants of Eientai, she wasn’t breathing at all. Something had happened here. Reisen needed to find Eirin, Kaguya, and Tewi. What if they were hurt? Reisen looked down the hall and saw another body, a body she knew… “Tewi!” Reisen screamed. Reisen ran over to Tewi’s unmoving body. She was breathing but wasn’t conscious. Pressure started building in Reisen’s head and her eyes felt hot, tears threatened .

She had to find Eirin and Kaguya... She left Tewi and ran through the halls. She heard a large thump in the next hallway and turned into it. 0:50 she came face to face with a tall girl. She had her back turned to Reisen, and at her feet Reisen saw a bloodied figure. It wore a distinct blue and red dress. Reisen gasped “Eir-Eirin?” Mokou Fujiwara turned to face Reisen. “You there… tell me where Kaguya Houraisan is” The girl demanded. Reisen felt a humongous pressure building in her head. Her eyes burned hot and her breathing became shallow. Sharp pain drove itself into her eyes and her vision became tinted with red. 1:21, Reisen burst out and screamed at the ceiling; clutching at her eyes in agony.Unable to continue, Reisen retreated from the physical world. 1:41; In her mind, Reisen sat in a the corner of a dark room, her head buried to her knees… Nothing remained to hold back her emotions. She cried out to herself in her own little world… Meanwhile back in the physical world, Reisen had become something entirely else. 1:59 She still held her hands to her eyes but she stopped thrashing. Slowly at first, she laughed to herself, and moved her hands away slowly. Bright red eyes peered out from behind those hands and bore into her enemy.

2:16, Mokou’s eyes widened as she looked into the eyes of lunacy. Mokou suddenly found herself floating in a world of pure darkness, Reisen’s lunatic self stood across from her, smiling maniacally. 2:30, meanwhile the real Reisen continued to lament alone in her mind. She cried to herself as remembered her parents, torn away from her violently... Tewi’s stupid jokes, with Reisen always ending up having to keep her in line. Eirin’s unconditional love, despite Reisen having been nothing but a stranger. All the wonderful experiences, all wrenched brutally from her. And she couldn’t do anything about it… 3:16; it reverts back to the dark world where Mokou and Lunatic Reisen faced each other. Mokou knew she was in trouble, an immortal was only immortal in the body, and she could not risk damage to her mind. Reisen tightened her grip on Mokou’s mind, staring straight into her soul. 3:29, Mokou resisted with all her might, grunting from exertion. Sweat beaded down her forehead as her fought back. 3:41, this futile attempt to resist only increased Reisen’s bloodlust, she laughed maniacally and slowly began to crush Mokou's mind. 3:55, Mokou struggled to free herself from Reisen’s. Fear gripped her and sweat dripped in streams down her face…

4:20 Reisen slowly started walking methodically towards Mokou; those same footsteps she had taken in her loneliness upon her arrival on earth. Only, this time a lust for blood fueled her. Reisen licked her lips and grinned, the feeling of control was so thrilling, so addicting. She could feel the fear radiating off her victim and derived pleasure from it. Her laughter only increased her victim’s fear, whose eyes were already wide with terror. 4:49 Mokou didn’t give up, straining as hard as she could to break free… 5:20; Reisen could feel Mokou’s tension increase as she drew closer and closer. 5:33 Mokou fought even harder as Reisen drew closer. Reisen had finally closed the distance and touched lightly touched Mokou's chin with a finger, Reisen licked her lips and laughed…

Terrified, Mokou pushed her body to her limits...and broke free. The dark world shattered and reverted to the halls of Eientai. Reisen was thrown back violently. Mokou dropped to one knee sweating and gasping from the exertion. Reisen was spent, and seemed to be defeated. She lay on the floor looking up at the ceiling… 6:14, in Reisen’s mind the real Reisen continued to cry and wail as she continued to recall all of her horrible experiences. Her pain… her loneliness… her suffering. Fueled by this, Lunatic Reisen stood back up, refusing to give in. 6:26+ Mokou and Reisen continue to battle it out in an intense battle… Mokou threw her spent body at Reisen as they clashed in a grand battle.

And… it kind of ends there. To be continued, lol. Jeez that was long, hope you like it ^^’. Wow I’m spent, that took like two hours. Tell me what you guys think about it. As always thank you for your awesome uploads Emiya.

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