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Book Synopsis

Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red

Main article: Article and Interview: Tewi

Recently translated.

Perfect Memento in Strict Sense

PMiSS tewi
Main article: Perfect Memento: Tewi Inaba
  • Tewi is a youkai rabbit who leads the rabbits living around the bamboo forest.
  • She's one of the oldest youkai in Gensokyo and has lived a very long time through good health.
  • She was mentioned in records from 1,300 years ago and has been in the bamboo forest since before Eientei was built.
  • Tewi is very emotional, cowardly, and mischievous with a fairy-like personality.
  • She's also very intelligent and clever.
  • She can bring good fortune to humans she chooses, and so people often look for her.
  • This makes her unusually popular among humans.
  • She's very difficult to find, and just finding her takes good fortune to begin with.
  • The bamboo forest where she spends most of her time is dangerous and easy to get lost in.
  • On a side note, rabbit meat is a popular dish in Gensokyo.

The Grimoire of Marisa

Main article: The Grimoire of Marisa: Tewi Inaba's Spell Cards
  • Insert Summary Here

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