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Youmu's Scenario

Stage 1: Cherry Blossoms in the Nocturne Netherworld

Youmu: Hm...
Youmu: It would seem the spirits are all headed toward the village.
Yuyuko: Ah, Youmu?
Yuyuko: And where are you going at this time of night?
Youmu: Ah, Lady Yuyuko! I was thinking of going to check up on these divine spirits.
Yuyuko: Huh? Are you half-asleep or what?
Youmu: Uh? I thought this was looking to be a serious matter?
Yuyuko: What are you TALKING about...? Either way...
Yuyuko: If you say you're going to head out, you'll have to defeat me first!
Youmu: How irrational...

Yuyuko: Hm, not bad at all. You can go ahead.
Youmu: (Yeah, but I was just bored...)
Yuyuko: Something on your mind?
Youmu: So what do you think of these divine spirits, Lady Yuyuko?
Yuyuko: I wager there'll be some troublesome individual making a return.
Yuyuko: I doubt there's any secrets or anything, say, in the graveyard behind the temple...
Youmu: Hm?
Youmu: A-Anyway, I'll be off.
Yuyuko: Bring me back a souvenir!

Stage 2: The Path to Myouren Temple

Youmu: This temple has quite a lot of fairies about.
Youmu: Could these odd spirits, too, be the work of the temple monk?
Youmu: That... doesn't sound like a satisfying explanation.
Kyouko: Whoa there!
Kyouko: What are you doing swinging sharp stuff on the path to a shrine?
Youmu: Well, I'm not doing it just because... I'm fighting off youkai and fairies!
Kyouko: The temple has a strict ban on murder!
Youmu: Um, er, no, I don't strictly want to MURDER...
Kyouko: Anybody swinging around sharp swords and taking innocent lives in the temple...
Kyouko: Is to die HERE!

Youmu: You youkai are as energetic as ever...
Youmu: So, would you happen to know anything about the divine spirits?
Kyouko: What's a divine spirit? Does it taste good?
Youmu: ...Right, then.
Youmu: Gathering up divine spirits for benefit... sounds like a shrine to me.
Youmu: I can't help but feel this is the work of a youkai...
Youmu: But even if these formless spirits are actualized, I'll just do away with them in an instant.
Youmu: I can't just see this as simple greedy desire at this point...

Stage 3: Myouren Temple Graveyard

Youmu: What do you want?
Kogasa: Ah, a sword-wielder... Well, anybody'll do!
Kogasa: I saw this girl I've never seen before keeping watch.
Kogasa: But as much as I hit her, she always made me time out...
Kogasa: So hey, do something about her! Pleeease!
Youmu: Asking help from a youkai? You're weird.
Kogasa: Heh heh heh! But we'll see if you're tougher than me!

Youmu: Well, I told Lady Yuyuko I'd go to the graveyard, but...
Youmu: (Actually, wait, maybe I didn't say that...)
Youmu: Anyway, the spirits seem awfully riled up.
Yoshika: Dooon't come any closeeer!
Yoshika: This isn't a good place for the likes of you to come into!
Youmu: Ah, hello.
Youmu: ...Are you already dead? You look slightly rotten...
Yoshika: We are Kyonshi, born to protect this magnificent mausoleum.
Youmu: Uh? Kyo...? Ah, Kyonshi, I see.
Yoshika: Right, so you have a choice. Leave now, or become one of our companions.
Youmu: Companions...? Sorry to say, but I'm actually rather like that already.
Youmu: But to still be loitering around this world because of a few lingering attachments...
Youmu: I feel sorry for you.
Youmu: (Huh? That... didn't sound right.)
Yoshika: Just because we have attachments doesn't mean we're buried in this world!
Yoshika: It is all so that the others shall not be trampled upon by the temple's inhabitants!

Yoshika: NOOOOOooooo! I'm dyiiiiing!
Youmu: Yes, yes, we get it, you're dying.
Youmu: A Kyonshi with a charm stuck on her head... That must mean there's a master controlling you.
Yoshika: Oh, really?
Youmu: Of course, you also reeked of the possibility of such earlier...
Yoshika: Huh? I stink? But I take such good care of my skin!
Youmu: (Sigh, zombie jokes...)
Youmu: Well, I'll go search around for who's controlling you. I'm sure they'll have clues for me.
Yoshika: My... master?
Yoshika: What the...
Yoshika: Wait, does that mean there'll be one of those dreadful wars of faith... again?!
Yoshika: ...Er, who was that?

Stage 4: Accelerating Tastes - Cave to the Dream Palace Mausoleum

Youmu: This place... is really setting off my spiritual radar!
Youmu: Yes, this is certainly a grave.
Seiga: Welcome! Ah, you're...
Youmu: We met earlier. Who might you be?
Seiga: I am Seiga Kaku. I'm a hermit, at present.
Youmu: A hermit... Hm, so what does that entail?
Seiga: Hermits are hermits! Perpetually young, clear of mind, and indestructible as diamond.
Seiga: And you are something similar. You transcend life and death, yes?
Youmu: Er, well, I'm dead, but...
Yoshika: You're DEAD?!
Yoshika: Dying isn't good! That's not good at all!
Seiga: My, that was a quick return.
Youmu: Cripes... She sure revived quick.
Seiga: ...What's this? Have you a grudge against this girl before you?
Seiga: Well then, shall you fight again? Against she who attracted the divine spirits to this mausoleum...
Youmu: So you're her master! That sure cuts down on searching time!
Seiga: I am a faithful servant! I shall eradicate all who oppose the resurrection!

Seiga: My, my, my... What a sight. The people of Gensokyo put up a fight indeed.
Youmu: Well, that's because I'm strong!
Youmu: Now, I want to ask you something. Er, about the divine spirits gathering here...
Seiga: No worries, everything is fine. Preparations should be completed soon enough.
Youmu: Preparations? For what?
Seiga: Looking at these "divine spirits," they are simply the desires of the lower classes.
Seiga: If left alone, they will quickly vanish, no harm, no foul.
Youmu: ...
Seiga: She shall be resurrected very soon.
Seiga: And compared to the pagan prophet who revived three days after their execution...
Seiga: It shall be even more magnificent and holy!
Youmu: I have no clue what they're planning, but...
Youmu: I can't help but think of resurrecting the dead as bad news!
Youmu: ...Or something like that.

Stage 5: Blood of the One with Latent Power - Dream Palace Mausoleum

Youmu: This is a remarkably large grave...
Futo: Ah, so the day has finally come.
Futo: You who has come to celebrate in my resurrection! Who are you?!
Youmu: Whoa, somebody's there!
Futo: You... do not seem to be human.
Youmu: Oof, the stench of death is strong on you.
Futo: That's because I died. Are you not a similar case?
Futo: You are also a Shikaisen... correct?
Youmu: Uh? Well, no...
Futo: ...Ah?
Futo: I-I see. I must have been mistaken. Apologies.
Youmu: So you're a Shikaisen...? An ally of the vile hermit from earlier, I suppose.
Futo: And if I were? What then?
Youmu: I must defeat those who defy the way of nature and send them back into the earth!

Futo: What is this? You are... not ordinary, are you?
Youmu: Right, I'm not ordinary at all!
Futo: I believed only an extraordinarily renowned hermit could reach such heights.
Youmu: But like I said, I'm not a hermit.
Futo: Do not be so modest.
Futo: Have you come to bless the Crown Prince's resurrection as well?
Youmu: ...
Youmu: (I think it'd be best to try blending in...)
Youmu: R-Right. I came to bless it.
Futo: I see, I see.
Futo: Why, having the blessing of one as powerful as you is equally worthy of congratulation.
Futo: Now then, right this way...

Stage 6: Hold Harmony Sacred - Divine Spirit Mausoleum

Youmu: I got in by lying to that person about being a hermit...
Youmu: But even so, I've never seen a grave so full of life before.
Youmu: Plus, these divine spirits... well, no, these appear to be plain old desires taking form.
Youmu: Spirits of desire... They're a vulgar type of vengeful spirit.
Youmu: Who would gain from gathering such things...?
Miko: Incorrect. They gathered here of their own accord.
Miko: Desire accumulates around me, as it has in every era.
Miko: For day after day, I have been listening to ten desires simultaneously.
Youmu: ...
Miko: ...What? You seem to lack two desires.
Miko: From the ten you should have, you lack your attachment to life and envy of death...
Youmu: Sorry about that, but I'm already half-dead.
Miko: Is that so? Then are we companions?
Youmu: Eh?
Miko: Are you not a Taoist with the ultimate goal of everlasting youth?
Miko: Or no, perhaps you're already a Shikaisen...
Youmu: No, no, no...
Youmu: I already denied that I was a hermit earlier.
Miko: There's no need to hide anything from me.
Miko: I understand everything, for that is what seeing human desires allows.
Miko: Unfortunately, as you are lacking in desires, you are incomplete...
Youmu: No, see, you've got it all wrong!
Miko: If we were fellows, you would know what will happen next, yes?
Youmu: Well, I don't!
Miko: We fight as fellows who were resurrected for eternal youth, studiers in the Tao!
Miko: Just try to defeat me!
Miko: I shall be resurrected as an immortal statesman!

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