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Sanae's Extra

Extra Stage: Launch the Beacon of Rebellion! - Myouren Temple

Nue: Argh, they got resurrected after all! Now the youkai are up in arms!
Nue: So I'll have to call upon the youkai's trump card!
Nue: But I'll put an end to YOU here!

Sanae: The youkai's trump card, huh...
Sanae: A Gashadokuro, perhaps?
Mamizou: I'm not one of those bony fellows!
Mamizou: What might you be? The Hakurei maiden?
Sanae: Incorrect, and please don't associate me with her.
Mamizou: Oh, my apologizes. You looked very shrine maidenly.
Sanae: Are you the "youkai's trump card" that Nue called for?
Mamizou: Indeed I am. I am Futatsuiwa, from Sado.
Mamizou: Now that I am here, that saint shall not do as she pleases!
Mamizou: ...But, what exactly are you...?
Sanae: Err, I'm Sanae, a shrine maiden here in Gensokyo.
Sanae: I took up youkai extermination thinking I'd get some faith out of it.
Mamizou: Times sure have changed if you're saying that in front of a youkai!
Mamizou: Then shall we both play our parts?
Sanae: That's what I was planning to do, Miss Tanuki.
Mamizou: Wah, hah, hah... Let's see how long you can keep that attitude!
Mamizou: A danmaku battle with ten forms in all! Shant we begin?!

Mamizou: Go-hoh! Hack!
Mamizou: Let me take a bit of a break, will you?
Sanae: Yes, I'd like to rest, too.
Mamizou: But I must admit, you're a strong one.
Sanae: I know, right?
Mamizou: We tanuki used to wield power that could control nearly a third of this land.
Mamizou: But that must be merely legend now if I've lost to such a human.
Mamizou: That Nue girl truly must have overestimated me, but I wonder...
Sanae: ...
Sanae: Um, can I ask you something real quick?
Mamizou: Yes, what? Are you going to catch and cook me?
Sanae: No, I'm not a fan of such savage dining.
Sanae: But what's the deal with being so timid?!
Sanae: You're only weak because you've convinced yourself you've grown old!
Sanae: You gotta fight on!
Mamizou: Mm, perhaps.
Mamizou: But despite how I may speak, I really don't think I'm that ancient.

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