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Reimu's Scenario

Stage 1: Cherry Blossoms in the Nocturne Netherworld

Reimu: Alright, then, gonna have to beat the leader of the ghosts!
Yuyuko: Oh, do we have visitors?
Yuyuko: Hold on a moment, I'm still preparing tea.
Reimu: Oh, you shouldn't have.
Reimu: Would you tell me what the big idea is letting these spirits get so riled up?
Yuyuko: Mm? What's the big idea, indeed?
Reimu: You need to keep an eye on them! I mean, they're just ghastly.
Yuyuko: Right, I don't know exactly what's going on...
Yuyuko: But if you're going to look into spirits, you'll have to beat me first!

Yuyuko: So? What exactly were you talking about?
Reimu: Well, you see all these spirits swarming around? Yeah, what are those?
Yuyuko: These are young divine spirits. Fleeting thoughts born from the prayers of humans.
Yuyuko: Spirits are simply spirits. There's no relation to ghosts here.
Reimu: I see. So I guess coming to the netherworld was a mistake?
Yuyuko: I'll give you a hint.
Yuyuko: I wouldn't suspect the graveyard behind the temple if I were you.
Reimu: Hmm...

Stage 2: The Path to Myouren Temple

Reimu: It would indeed seem spirits from the netherworld are gathering near the temple.
Reimu: Even so... it's strange.
Reimu: Yuyuko said these were "divine spirits"...
Reimu: But are divine spirits really supposed to be so bustling and mischievous?
Reimu: Are these divine spirits, or just an embodiment of people's hearts...?
Kyouko: Goooood morning!
Kyouko: You always gotta give a greeting!
Reimu: Er, uh, yes. Good morning.
Kyouko: One of Myouren Temple's teachings is "greetings are the oasis of the heart."
Reimu: Ah, that's right, this is a youkai temple.
Kyouko: Sure is. A temple for youkai, so it's gentle to youkai.
Reimu: Well, I'll have to exterminate them promptly!
Kyouko: My morning duties are sweeping, cooking, and accepting greetings.
Kyouko: This human's scream shall echo throughout Gensokyo!

Kyouko: Even if you defeat me, it doesn't do anything for you...
Reimu: Well, you're a youkai. First priority is exterminating you.
Kyouko: What are you here for?
Reimu: Hm? Just checking up on things.
Reimu: The divine spirits don't appear to be gathering within the temple itself...
Reimu: It's the graveyard that stinks. Divine spirits in the graveyard, huh...

Stage 3: Myouren Temple Graveyard

Reimu: Hm? Ah, yes, I believe you're...
Kogasa: You finally came!
Kogasa: I saw this girl I've never seen before keeping watch.
Kogasa: But as much as I hit her, she always made me time out...
Kogasa: So hey, do something about her! Pleeease!
Reimu: (A youkai making a request of a youkai exterminator...?)
Reimu: Gotcha. And I'll beat you up, too!

Reimu: Where could this mysterious girl be?
Reimu: She's "keeping watch," she said... but what might she be guarding?
Yoshika: Dooon't come any closeeer!
Yoshika: This isn't a good place for the likes of you to go into!
Reimu: Ah?
Yoshika: We are the Kyonshi, born to protect this magnificent mausoleum.
Reimu: So you're zombies, right?
Yoshika: That's right, I'm a zooombie!
Reimu: (She's got really good complexion for a zombie...)
Yoshika: Did you come to visit the graves?
Reimu: I came to check up on these divine spirits.
Yoshika: Divine spirits? What're those, some kinda beverage?
Reimu: Huh? You're not the one, either? How odd...
Yoshika: Whatever the case, I was resurrected to protect this area from the temple's inhabitants!
Yoshika: You shall become one of our companions! Via this danmaku awakened from a deep sleep!

Yoshika: Whooorgh! I've been done iiiiin!
Reimu: Now, spit it out! Just what were you protecting?
Yoshika: U-Uh... ugh, oogh...
Reimu: Huh? Time to sink back into the earth already?
Yoshika: Zombies are eternal and undying!
Yoshika: So who are you?
Reimu: I'm not about to get friendly with you. Pity that your head's rotted away too.
Reimu: Oh well, then. I'll just have to press on ahead.
Yoshika: Ahhh... at last...
Yoshika: The door to the great mausoleum will finally open...

Stage 4: Accelerating Tastes - Cave to the Dream Palace Mausoleum

Reimu: No doubt about it! The divine spirits are gathering here!
Reimu: In fact, it's remarkably easy to tell...
Seiga: My, that was quick.
Reimu: Who're you? Could you be...
Seiga: It appears you took care of my delightful underling back there...
Reimu: Delightful underling? You mean the rotten one?
Seiga: Yes, isn't rotting the cutest?
Reimu: Oh, I get it. So you were manipulating a corpse.
Reimu: Seeing as you put out a pointless guard in such bad taste, what are you doing here?
Seiga: Bad taste...? Pointless?
Reimu: Yes, it's in bad taste, and yes, it was pointless! Her brain was so rotted away, she couldn't guard a thing.
Seiga: That doesn't mean it was pointless.
Yoshika: Hoy!
Seiga: See now, my jiang shi is nothing if not tough!
Reimu: ...
Reimu: Don't you understand the concept of giving it a rest when you're beaten once?
Seiga: Now then, shall you fight again? Against she who attracted the divine spirits to this mausoleum...
Reimu: You don't have to tell me twice!
Reimu: That settles it! This divine spirit mess reeks of nothing but selfishness and ill will!

Seiga: Just what I hoped to see from Gensokyo's shrine maiden! To have wounded my hardened self...
Reimu: Now, put a stop to these unnatural divine spirits!
Seiga: The divine spirits aren't my doing, though.
Reimu: You filthy liar! You can't hide a gathering of divine spirits from me.
Seiga: Well, this is all related to a certain someone's resurrection...
Seiga: She can embrace a great many desires, so human desires have been accumulating.
Reimu: So wait, you're telling me you're trying to revive some kind of dark lord?
Seiga: Dark lord? Not at all.
Seiga: You revived a dark lord just the other day.
Reimu: Uh?
Seiga: The one who built this temple here to prevent the resurrection...
Seiga: ...That's who the real dark lord is. Building a temple to support youkai!
Seiga: The girl here is a sage with the weight of the future on her shoulders. And she'll make sure to annihilate the youkai.
Reimu: Hmm... That sounds pretty good either way, but...
Reimu: Whatever the case, I'm a fighter! I don't want any strange things being revived, see.

Stage 5: Blood of the One with Latent Power - Dream Palace Mausoleum

Reimu: There's another strange grave here...
Futo: Ah, so the day has finally come.
Futo: You who has come to celebrate in my resurrection! Who are you?!
Reimu: I'm not celebrating.
Futo: Eh?
Futo: Well then, why was I resurrected?
Reimu: Who knows!
Reimu: I came to halt the resurrection of someone like yourself whom I don't really know the motives of.
Futo: Oh! I see.
Futo: So does that make you an opponent to test if I've been fully revived?
Reimu: Why would that be?! The dead are all messed in the head.
Futo: Very well!
Futo: I shall defeat you and be completely revived! Then the Crown Prince too may descend!
Futo: While I have no grudge against you...
Futo: I shall use you to test my fusion of Taoism and the Mononobe arts!

Futo: W-What...? Just how can you have such power...?
Reimu: Is that all? That wasn't so bad.
Futo: If you could defeat me so swiftly as that...
Futo: Then what was I sleeping those 1,400 years for?
Reimu: (If she was sleeping, I wonder how she knows how long it was?)
Futo: Hm, there's something drifting around you...
Futo: Vulgar spirits?! Could this mean...
Futo: The Crown Prince is being resurrected!
Futo: I cannot stay! Pardon me!
Futo: Good fight! I'm quite grateful!
Reimu: Ah...
Reimu: She got herself all roused up and just left.
Reimu: Anyway, how was that a good fight? I mean, she lost.

Stage 6: Hold Harmony Sacred - Divine Spirit Mausoleum

Reimu: There are TONS of divine spirits here! They're like stars in the sky.
Reimu: They're kind of, er...
Reimu: Not all that foreboding, actually.
Reimu: Was I mistaken?
Miko: I have been observing your actions thus far.
Miko: What a magnificent human. I could learn a thing or two from you.
Miko: But then again, I wonder if there are any humans whom I couldn't learn from...
Reimu: How long have you been watching me?
Miko: Retroactively, I've been watching since back before you were born
Reimu: Hm?
Miko: You may work as a youkai exterminator, but I see you as a supporter of youkai.
Miko: Are you not allies with the youkai monk and her ilk who obstructed my resurrection?
Reimu: You mean Byakuren? My business rival (in terms of religion)?
Reimu: But more importantly, what do you mean you've been watching me "retroactively"?
Miko: In life, I could understand the words of ten people talking simultaneously.
Miko: Having gained the power of faith from my long sleep, I can now also hear people's desires.
Miko: Desire tells of a person's true nature.
Miko: If one can understand ten desires, they understand all of humanity.
Miko: As they are in the past, the present, and even the future...
Miko: I am sure that next, you will say something like -
Reimu: Whoa, whoa, hold on a second!
Reimu: Would you let me talk?! I mean, I came all this way!
Miko: ...That won't be necessary.
Miko: The reason being, your actions are all too predictable.
Miko: Yes, you will bare your fangs at me. For no particular reason.
Reimu: Exactly! Even though, yes, there's no good reason!
Miko: I have long awaited the time when humans denied my existence, and I became legend!
Miko: Just try to defeat me! I shall become as a living legend!

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