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Reimu's Extra

Extra Stage: Launch the Beacon of Rebellion! - Myouren Temple

Nue: Argh, they got resurrected after all! Now the youkai are up in arms!
Nue: So I'll have to call upon the youkai's trump card!
Nue: But I'll put an end to YOU here!

Reimu: Something feels off...
Reimu: Would you call this the scent of a youkai, or that of a brute?
Mamizou: Oh, dearie me!
Mamizou: If it isn't the Hakurei shrine maiden!
Reimu: Who's this?
Mamizou: Do excuse me! I am Futatsuiwa, from Sado.
Mamizou: But everyone just calls me Mamizou.
Reimu: Mamizou? What a weird name.
Mamizou: I was summoned here by that Nue girl.
Mamizou: Something about the youkai being in a pickle and seeking help...?
Reimu: Never mind that, I exterminated them all.
Mamizou: Oh, well, what I heard was that a sealed saint of some sort was revived... but if you say so?
Reimu: Yeah, I beat her, too. Piece of cake!
Mamizou: Oh hoh hoh! What might you possess.
Mamizou: But now that I am here, don't think you can act so high and mighty.
Mamizou: My transformation powers are still in tip-top shape!
Mamizou: Now, a danmaku battle with ten forms in all! Shant we begin?!

Mamizou: Go-hoh! Hack!
Mamizou: Let me take a bit of a break, will you?
Reimu: You already showed me your ten transformations, didn't you?
Mamizou: A-one, a-two, a-three...
Mamizou: Oh my, I really did? I thought we were still 'round about seven or eight...
Reimu: And even if you did have more than that, you'd still be no match.
Mamizou: I-I see, that may be... Well then, no matter.
Mamizou: But after coming all this way across the very ocean from Sado, I feel such regret...
Reimu: The ocean?
Mamizou: Yes, what of it? Don't you know of the ocean?
Reimu: Well, I think I've seen it once, but that was in the moon.
Mamizou: Hoh, only once? That's a crying shame.
Reimu: Why?
Mamizou: The sea is wide, many times, many hundreds of times moreso than Gensokyo!
Mamizou: There's no point in acting tough when you don't even know of the whole wide world out there.
Reimu: Does that really matter?
Reimu: I get the picture just from you talking about this "ocean"! Once again, piece of cake!
Mamizou: Wah, hah, hah... You're like a little fish not knowing about the great big pond!
Mamizou: If you truly are as strong as you believe...
Mamizou: I should hope you wouldn't be too terrified to leap into the great deep!

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