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Marisa's Extra

Extra Stage: Launch the Beacon of Rebellion! - Myouren Temple

Nue: Argh, they got resurrected after all! Now the youkai are up in arms!
Nue: So I'll have to call upon the youkai's trump card!
Nue: But I'll put an end to YOU here!

Marisa: What the? She called for someone to help the youkai?
Marisa: I got a baaad feeling about this...
Mamizou: Oh, dearie me!
Mamizou: And who might you be?
Marisa: Are you the youkai-helper?
Mamizou: Indeed I am. I am Futatsuiwa, from Sado.
Mamizou: You see, I heard some manner of whippersnapper saint had been resurrected...
Mamizou: And she had the youkai quaking in their boots.
Marisa: Ha, she's that great, huh?
Mamizou: What? Do you know her?
Marisa: Yeah, I resurrected her! (Totally lying.)
Mamizou: Hohoh.
Mamizou: That's a funny joke.
Marisa: What if I told you it ain't a joke? (But it is.)
Mamizou: Perhaps you're not an enemy. Perhaps not even human in the first place.
Mamizou: Perfect, then. Let's have a quick warm up!
Mamizou: Now, a danmaku battle with ten forms in all! Which one might do you in?

Mamizou: Go-hoh! Hack!
Mamizou: Let me take a bit of a break, will you?
Marisa: You'd like that, huh?
Mamizou: My word...
Mamizou: This is animal abuse, plain and simple!
Marisa: Eh, whatever.
Marisa: Man, I was expecting somethin' pretty sweet for the "youkai's trump card," but all I get's a tanuki?
Mamizou: Hmph! Are you making light of tanuki?
Mamizou: Tanuki are the most influential of all youkai! The elite, if you will!
Marisa: Elite?
Mamizou: Among them all, I am one of three with a hold on the power of transformation.
Marisa: Yeah, well, aren't tanuki still tanuki, though?
Marisa: The same tanuki who drum their bellies on the night of a full moon?
Mamizou: Are you insulting me still? What's your name, anyway?!
Marisa: Reimu Hakurei!
Mamizou: Marisa Kirisame? Understood, I'll remember that.
Mamizou: I'll make sure to enact my revenge, so watch your back on nights of a full moon!
Marisa: Don't go after me, go after Miko...

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