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The Hakurei Shrine. Reimu and Marisa were talking at leisure, as was the usual.

Reimu: "So that Miko girl's home has gotten incredibly huge. It's positively sparkling."
Marisa: "Hmm. How am I gonna sneak in now?"

Then Sanae arrived. She seemed slightly frazzled.

Sanae: "Did you hear?"
Reimu: "I suppose not."
Sanae: "There seems to be some activity going on at Myouren Temple."
Marisa: "Activity? Did they finally remodel?"

Sanae: "It would seem Byakuren built the Myouren Temple where she did fully aware that it was right on top of Miko's mausoleum."
Marisa: "Huh. Sooo, why would she do that, again?"

Reimu spoke up.

Reimu: "I know why. Because Byakuren sides with youkai."
Marisa: "But why..."
Reimu: "Miko is the incarnation of a saint. Certainly Byakuren thought she'd be an enemy of youkai. Plus, Futo despises Buddhism, what with haibutsu kishaku. She wouldn't put it past them to start up a religious war."

Marisa: "Hmm. Alright, so I guess she's Byakuren's foe in a number of ways. But why did Byakuren know about the mausoleum?"
Reimu: "Maybe it's well known among youkai. After all, there are some... remarkable people slumbering there."

Sanae: "Um..."

Reimu and Marisa turned toward Sanae.

Sanae: "With that said. Since Miko and her allies were indeed resurrected, the youkai seem to be frantically reaching for a counter-measure."
Reimu: "A counter-measure?"
Sanae: "Like summoning a powerful youkai that can become a so-called "trump card" for the youkai..."

Marisa: "Trump card? That sounds like bad news."
Reimu: "That's youkai thinking for you. If they can't take control, they can't expect to call upon someone stronger than they. If they did, they could very well get betrayed."
Sanae: "Whatever the case, the reality is they're taking some kind of action."
Reimu: "Well, we can certainly cause some action too."

So Reimu promptly prepared to set out. Youmu then appeared.

Youmu: "Oh, I see the gang's all together."
Reimu: "What's up? I'm busy right now."
Youmu: "Er, it almost seems as if the uproar of divine spirits spread to the youkai. There appears to be some activity at Myouren Temple."
Reimu: "I knew that."
Youmu: "Of course you did. So what is it? A thanksgiving for the resurrection? Was I not invited?"

The three sighed.

Reimu: "We're gonna be going now."
Marisa: "Looks like there's gonna be somebody who DID get an invitation."
Sanae: "Would you come with us?"

Youmu: "Oh, I wonder... Should I go as well...?"

Youmu said this casually, imagining it to be a great party, and her face beamed. Unaware, of course, of the deathly struggle that was soon to unfold.

Meanwhile, the youkai began to clamor at Myouren Temple. Her long journey at an end, a youkai who had crossed the sea was taking a breather. She had overwhelming powers of persuasion. Perhaps with this, they could stand up to Miko's ensemble... ( what they thought at one point. (Kyouko's comment))

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