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  • In the Survival Spell Card of Mamizou Futatsuiwa, at the end of the Spell the game will crash. This was fixed in the v1.00b patch.
  • You can't play Spell Card 47 and 62 in Spell Practice. In Spell Practice, Spell 47 is the non-spell of Seiga and Spell 62 is the non-spell of Soga no Tojiko.
  • Kyouko Kasodani's name was mispelt as "Kyouko Kasoya". This was fixed in the v1.00b patch.
  • During the Extra midboss where the spellcard Unknown "Will-o-Wisps in Unidentified Orbit", signaled by a spell "casting" sound, begins in conjunction with a line of dialogue, rapidly mashing the skip (ctrl) button as Nue apears on screen and through the dialogue may cause the spellcard to not be triggered during the dialogue, delaying the start of the card's effects until after the dialogue has completely cleared. This also will nullify the damage delay, allowing the player to deal damage (and collect spirits) earlier than intended.

Difficulty Level Names

Like most of the other Windows games, each of the difficulty levels has a special name and a short summary.

  • Easy: "It's hard to die. For those who want to live long."
  • Normal: "Let's find a safe path through. Have a good journey!"
  • Hard: "If you're skilled, surely you can make a profit."
  • Lunatic: "Your pleas to the gods will not be heard. No messing around!"
  • Extra: "Ah, I hope you can dodge danmaku. Whack!"

Fun Facts

  • There's a harder difficult than Lunatic in Spell Practice called Overdrive. Each character have only one and you have to complete all the Spell Cards (in Spell Practice) to unlock it.
  • Ten Desires is, so far, the only game in the entire series that does not feature a single boss character with long hair. (With the exception of Mononobe no Futo's ponytail.)

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