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Offical Website: Tasogare Frontier

Tasofro, or Tasogare Frontier (黄昏フロンティア, meaning Twilight Frontier), is a team of programmers, composers, and artists that are known for producing well-acclaimed doujin fighting games. Of these, Eternal Fighter Zero is their most well-known project.

Immaterial and Missing Power was their first game that had the support of the original franchise creator; Eternal Fighter Zero was strictly a fan production, like most doujin games.

Tasogare Frontier members include:

  • 海原いるか (Umihara Iruka) — General Producer/Character Graphics/System Graphics/Script/Sound Effects
  • ののたろう (Nono Tarō) — Chief Programmer
  • KuMa — Assistant Programmer
  • alphes — Character Graphics, Illustrator
  • スペクター (Specter) — Character Graphics
  • 長谷川イワシ (Hasegawa Iwashi) — Character Graphics/Background Graphics
  • GOME — Character Graphics
  • JUN — Sound Effects
  • NKZ — Music
  • あきやまうに (Akiyama Uni [a.k.a. U2]) — Music

Games in collaboration with Team Shanghai Alice

Other Touhou Doujin games

Non-Touhou games

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