Kioh! Gyoku, what?

What the heck is Kioh! Gyoku anyway? 02:52, 5 July 2006 (PDT)

Kioh! Gyoku(稀翁玉) is the 2nd title of Seihou series released by Syunsatsu Sare Do, a game developing circle composed of some of school juniors (and are followers, too) of ZUN.
They are (or at least were) in close contact with ZUN, and he composed musics for their Seihou series #1 and #2, as well as allowing them to use his characters for their game as secret character; Syuso Gyoku, their first title, had Reimu and Marisa as Extra boss and Kioh! Gyoku had Yuka as Extra character.
ZUN also supplied texts about background of these characters, which are considered among fans that, even though they aren't in Touhou series, pretty much canon.
(Some of these stuffs also made it into later Touhou series games, like Marisa's Orreries Solar-System in IaMP) 06:45, 5 July 2006 (PDT)
I think Orreries Solar-System was originally from Story of Eastern Wonderland? She and Mima use a similar boss attack. -7HS
Not exactly. She had only four orbs in PC-98 series, which will later become Orreries Sun. Only time Marisa used six orbs before IaMP was her appearance in Syuso Gyoku.
Furthermore, in early version of IaMP she could fire continuous laser from orb, although it's omited from full version, which is reference to this attack(however one orb has been destroyed in this pic, making it only 5).

What is Mugenkan? I didn't see this location mentioned anywhere else on the wiki. Perfect Momento says her location is Garden of the Sun, so Mugenkan should either be replaced with Garden of the Sun or maybe the two should both be listed together?

Exactly where in Tohou canon does it state that Yuka is insane (like Iori Yagami from king of fighters)? I LOVE the idea especially in Chado's works but I can't seem to find anywhere in canon stating that she is like that, and her music in PoFV does not hint on that personality, unlike Flan's theme, which has those horror-movie notes before the chorus that hint on her craziness. I do admit that it's forever burned into my brain though.

Why "Yuka"? Not "Yuuka"?

ゆうげんまがん is "YuugenMagan", ほしぐまゆうぎ is "Yuugi Hoshiguma". (Yuugi is the personal name, and Hoshiguma is the family name) Then why isn't ゆうか "Yuuka"? I think "Yuuka" is better. If my opinion is valid, it should be done to fix the index of this article and the linkage in category pages. --Masuo64 18:13, 12 June 2008 (UTC)

I agree that Yuuka should be the correct reading of her name, especially since in official game manual, ZUN indicated her name spelled as ゆうか. The whole Japanese speaking community also call her Yuuka (ゆうか) in their forum discussions, fanart tagging, and doujinshi. Rantuyetmai 18:01, October 16, 2010 (UTC)Rantuyetmai
I have changed all canon pages to Yuuka. Any fanon pages I didn't fool with...that will be the fanon's choice. MaronaPossessed 21:28, October 16, 2010 (UTC)

Where Yuuka says herself to be the strongest?

Where does Yuuka claim herself to be the strongest? I don't know it! I've thought that Yuuka is almost always seen so, but wouldn't say like that. And I've seen some people to write fanfic short novels that this was mainly Akyuu's work, & that Yuuka was lonely, or felt to want hungrily only in her heart to meet somebody because there's few people coming to her special sunflower's garden. At present, "yukkuri shite itte ne" has many detailed data, for the form to its living environment. In the light of that, I'm never satisfied with lacking this setting. So would you tell me whether & where Yuuka says herself to be the strongest, if you know please. --Masuo64 16:27, 9 August 2008 (UTC)

I think Perfect Momento is supposed to be taken as official knowledge. I'd rather take ZUN's word over doujin artist's words. As for whether Yuka ever says this herself or not, a native Japanese speaker would know better than us (that's you, right?)

I think PMiSS is the basement of knowledge about Gensoukyou too, but we must take care of the fact that the writer isn't ZUN but Akyuu. She said in Memorisable Gensokyo like this;

Isn't a restoration of human rights their official position since the great barrier was made? 
It's enough for me if the Gensokyo chronicle can satisfy people's curiosity.
Even if it's a little different from reality.

Akyuu's biggest goal is the restoration and spread among inhabitants. Another point, looking at PMiSS's article of Cirno, it says,

Close to the lake, there are times when the temperature lowers drastically even in summer.
A fairy you are likely to encounter at such times is this ice fairy. 
Since there are many other sightings near the Misty Lake as well,
it is presumed that she has the lake as her home.

So there are quite many people coming to the Misty Lake. But look at the Misty Lake, it says,

At the foot of the Mountain of Youkai, at a place that humans don't usually go near,
there is a big lake. 

So there are few people coming there... Inconsistent. This inconsistency tells us that it's possible Akyuu writes PMiSS with some intent, or she tells a lie. Even if we don't look at that point, there are some settings ignored by Touhou fans, for example the relationship between Cirno & Letty in BAiJR. (Of course Yuuka's "strongest" setting should not be ignored as if it wouldn't exist.
Then what I want to say is that we can read Akyuu's intent & make a new unwritten setting. ZUN perhaps left the liberty for us to keep the funfics or settings which have been before PMiSS was published, & to make a new setting which digs out a fresh charm.
But one point; when this idea is abused, numerous Mary Sue will appear & many cute inhabitants in Gensoukyou will go raped because they make settings as they like. So if the item "Fun Facts" permits only some degree of funfic, I will give up my persistance. (my persistance never counts indeed) --Masuo64 08:20, 10 August 2008 (UTC)

Yuka claims to be the strongest in her Story Mode in Phantasmagoria when facing Sikieiki. _swedish
Hmm, I overlooked that point in her dialogue. I love the setting Yuuka is just in her heart wanting to meet somebody (Samishigariya-san), but It's a bother to persuade other people and to make it widely-known, so I'll stop it. Thank you, Swedish! --Masuo64 11:31, 10 August 2008 (UTC)

Where does it say Yuka is insane?

according to PMiSS, Yuka is every much a civilised youkai who is disinclined to fight unless disturbed. if she was an insane youkai, she would be doing something like Cirno does, challenging people for fun. but no, all she does is quietly make pilgrimages to flower spots and stay there. mind you, even in the PC-98 games all she did was wake up and defend herself. she hangs out at reimu's place who presumably tolerates her. if she was insane reimu wouldn't hesitate to spellcard 222 her for having the nerve to visit her after trashing everyone along the way; which is where the human village happens to be. Insanely powerful yes, but nothing about ax crazy like flan. 17:14, 28 August 2008 (UTC)

It probably started from Yuka's dialogue with Shinki in Mystic Square. The part where she says "Genocide is just another game..." in particular.

A history is altered at some degree from how the historian interprets. I simply think that Akyuu has some intent. For example, she thinks it must never happen that a strong youkai will be dangerous for human possibly someday, and that youkai will be glad when Akyuu says youkai to be strong. And it is possible that Yuuka ordered Akyuu to write so, owing to her tendency. That setting text allows these wide range of intepretations, but this is interesting & great point of Touhou on the point of view of doujin, isn't it? --Masuo64 07:15, 23 April 2009 (UTC)

Not~ Rea~lly even if PMiSS is base on Akyuu point of view, she has reincarnate about 9 times already and has the power to remember anything she saw so I think she has vast knowledge about Gensokyo. And about Yuka threatened Akyuu thing I don't think that's possible since Yuuka barely move from one spot (except when the season changed) Maybe it's just like Rinnosuke! He won't get attack by Youkais!

"Original" Master Spark

Just want to clear something up. I know that Yuuka uses an attack that looks very much like Marisa's Master Spark in Lotus Land Story, and that's supposed to be where Marisa got it from. That part, I'm fine with. My question, which is really only for clarification reasons, is simply, is there canon evidence that Yuuka herself calls this attack "Master Spark?"

I don't read Japanese, but I seem to remember that, pre-EoSD, attacks didn't really have names (y'know, no Spell Cards yet). I don't doubt that Marisa took that attack for her own use, either. But, as far as I can tell, from canon, Marisa is the first to call it "Master Spark." Which means, Yuuka may have called it something different (Big Beam of Death, Shoop-De-Whoop, Masenko, etc.) or nothing at all. If that's the case, is the idea of Yuuka calling her attack "Master Spark" just a fanon thing/fan name? And, by extension, same for "Dual Spark?" (Split-Form Kikoho?  :P ) ----Kagetsuwamono 09:28, May 24, 2012 (UTC)

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