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Chapter 10 - Friend or foe? Alice's fate

Reimu and Marisa led our heroes to the Makai, since they knew where to go. Chrono and Exa regained most of their energy, but Ironshredder didn't have much ammo left, so he decided to go back to the Flower Tank. 'No worry, once I'm in that vehicle, I can survive anything, because Rika is awesome with it.' - thought the sergeant.
After a short time, they reached the Demon Boundary. The true mission began here...
Meanwhile, Yumeko and Alice reached Shinki. As the Goddess of the Devil World, Shinki had a lot of things to do, but when she saw Alice, she seemed happy.
- Finally, you have arrived! - she said. - I really missed you!
- I'm ... sorry. I shouldn't have left you, that was the worst mistake in my entire life... - answered Alice.
- Well, you did wrong, but you realized and corrected it, and that's the most important thing.
- So, you are not angry?
- No, not at all! Don't think that just because I'm the ruler of the Makai, I want my daughter to be sad...
Reimu and the others went deeper and deeper into the Demon World. There weren't too many demons on their way, though.
- It must be a trap! - Exa was very suspicious about the situation.
- Yes, this is their home, they should protect it with higher power! - answered Chrono.
- Or they just don't want to fight against me! - said Rika.
- That's impossible... - Reimu couldn't finish her sentence, because suddenly, creatures from the dark surrounded them.
- Oh, I knew it! - thought Exa.
- No problem, we still can solve the situation! Marisa and I attack the enemies in front of us. Exa will be on the left side, Chrono on the right side, Sakuya and Rika protect from the back! - Reimu was still determined. Reimu's team and Sakuya's team could easily break the demon lines. Exa and Chrono had a harder time. The Lightning Mage decided to cast his danmaku magic:
'Power of Magic,
I have the strength to blast,
Power of Magic,
Electricity in a mass,
Power of Magic...
Spread Sign: [Sparks]!'
The shocking attacks made high damages to the servants of the Makai. Until that, Chrono used the two-sided attack. But more demons came...
- Okay everyone, give your best shot! - Reimu felt that it was the only solution. This was the time for even more spellcards. Seals and amulets flew all over the way. That was the miko's Dream Sign "Evil Sealing Circle" ability. The black magician decided to use her famous magical laser, Love Sign "Master Spark". Sakuya combined her knife-throwing and time-stopping skills in Maid Secret Skill "Marionette". Rika just continued to blew the demons up with the Flower Tank. Exa tried to use a more powerful spell than he ever used:
Power of Magic,
Force in the high,
Power of Magic,
The lightning is arrived,
Power of Magic:
Thundercloud Sign: [Stormy Sky]!!!
Dark clouds appeared in the sky, and the lightnings seriously striked the enemies. Chrono concentrated on his kunais, and after the needles started to glow, he threw them... and they went through many targets. It seemed that every demon was defeated. But in that time, the Dispear, which was on Chrono's back, started to flash.
- It isn't supposed to do that, right? - asked Exa.
- It has never done that before... but maybe this means I finally reached the power to use it! - answered Chrono, and put the staff into his hands. And when he did this, he started to change. His clothes transformed a strange Yin-yang symbol-decorated one, and huge white wings appeared on his back. He became a Twilight Mage!
- Wow, you're so cool... - Exa was amazed.
- It seems that Chrono has some serious potential - said Reimu.
- But Exa is quite strong, too - answered Marisa.
- What about me? I killed a lot of these beasts, too! I'm good, too! - complained Rika.
- You were good, but you didn't improve a single bit, but Exa and Chrono upgraded their powers a lot - Sakuya explained it to the engineer.
- I didn't improve because I'm already the best! I'm the BEST engineer in Gensokyo!
- Since you're the ONLY engineer in Gensokyo...
The heroes reached the Pandaemonium. That's where they could find Alice ...
- Let me try my new powers. - winked Chrono.
- All right, but be careful. - said Exa.
The new Twilight Mage entered the fearful fortress. The final group of demons attacked him.
- Let's do this! - Chrono casted a spell which is never seen before:
Powers of Darkness, let me call the shadows, and allow me to strike my foes and send them to the dimension of non-existence!
The powerful magic left no chance to the enemies, after a short time, he was the only living one.
- Okay, everything is clear, we can go! - he smiled. He was a bit tired, but it wasn't too hard for him.
The heroes entered the final chamber, where they found Yumeko, Alice and Shinki.
- Alice! We're here to... - started Marisa, but the puppeteer interrupted her.
- Save me? That's what you wanted to say, right?
- Of course! The Demon World is as worse as Hell! - said Reimu.
- Human? Youkai? Demon? What is the difference? Everyone wants the same - domination for their race.
- What are you talking about? Are you mind-controlled? - asked Exa.
- No, I didn't mind-control her, that's not my style. - answered Shinki.
- You must be the evil mastermind behind that dark plan! - Chrono seemed angry.
- Evil mastermind? That would be very cliche... - the goddess smiled.
- Don't say that my mother is evil! - said Alice.
- Your mother? - Exa was surprised.
- Yes, she is my mother, and she cleared my mind. Everyone thought that we are the epitome of evil. True, we tried to expand our limits once. But if you think about it, humans do the same, too.
- That's not true! How can you compare humans to demons? - Reimu seemed desperated.
- You don't understand! It's not about races. Humans and youkais do as much the same things as demons. Anyway, I'm the Witch of Death, so I must live in the Makai. So don't even try to kidnap me from here!
- Are you sure? - asked the heroes at once.
- Completely! Now, we have work to do, we need to rebuild things you destroyed - yes, you did this just for a cause you believed. - ...that's true. Anyway, let's leave the Makai before they kill us! - said Exa.
The team was disappointed. They failed to complete their quest.
- That's sad. We lost Alice... forever - Marisa cried.
- But at least we had some fun killing stuff - Rika didn't care about the puppeteer.
- Don't be that emotionless! It wasn't about killing. - said Exa.
- It seems that the Makai empowered me, so now I'm more powerful than ever - thought Chrono.
That was the end of the first quest of Exa, Chrono and their friends. What will they do after that? Stay tuned for the second storyline!

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