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Chapter 1 - The land behind the boundary

'Knowledge is power' - Exa Thundercloud clearly knows this. That's why studies sources of magic. Now he is a Lighting Mage, but he wants to be a Storm Caller, or more like a Thunderstorm Master (NOTE: in my conception, each magic types have five ranks, lighing magic goes like this: Spark Apprentice --> Shock Striker --> Lighting Mage --> Storm Caller --> Thunderstorm Master). He found many different ways, but neither of them seemed fitting for him. But one day, he read something, which seemed very interesting. One book told about a land behind a boundary, where the most powerful magic users use something called "danmaku". "Yes! That's what I need!" - thought Exa, and he went to Dracon Goldflame to tell the information. Dracon Goldflame is his older brother, and he is an experienced Incinerator (fire magic ranks: Torchwielder --> Burner --> Fire Mage --> Incinerator --> Eternal Flame).
- Look! Look at this! - said Exa to Dracon.
- What's this? - asked Dracon bored.
- That's it! That's what we need!
- But what?
- The method which we can be much more powerful with!
Exa showed Dracon the book about danmaku and the land behind the boundary (which is called Gensokyo). But Dracon wasn't too excited.
- Sorry, I don't have time for such things. I want to be the most powerful on my own way.
- Are you sure that you don't want to come with me?
- Completely.
- Alright, then I should go alone.
- Do this.
Exa left Dracon and started to think. 'I must go to Gensokyo somehow, but it's behind the boundary. How am I supposed to get passed the boundary? Anyway, let's go! I have enough time thinking on the way while I reach the boundary. ' He traveled where to boundary supposed to be, but he saw some pulsation. 'Is it a gate? I can't know this until I don't try to go through it' and he went... (Note: It was a boundary rip caused by a minor imbalance, that's how could Exa managed to go through the boundary.) Exa looked around, and it was a completely other place, with a nearby shrine. 'Yes! I did it!
I'm in Gensokyo!' But then he heard something. He realized that somebody is unconciously falling from the sky, but it was too late. 'What the...' and the unknown person fell on him. ' Who was this guy? ' - thought Exa. And almost in the same moment, the one from the sky ...opened his eyes, and asked: "What happened?"
- It seems that you fell on me!
- Sorry, I didn't know that you were here.
- Oh, never mind. But anyway, who are you?- Exa was so curious.
- I'm Chrono Megumi, and you?
- I'm Exa Thundercloud. You have a cool sounding name.
- Oh, thanks ^_^ But anyway, why and how did you come here?
Exa tells everything about learning danmaku.
- And what about you? What are your reasons?
- At first, please promise me that you won't say the following things to anyone.
- Of course, you can count on me ;).
- So, in fact I'm a ninja.
- A ninja? That's cool!
- Yes, and now I'm on a mission. I need to find the twilight staff called Dispear. It has the powers of light and dark.
- So it's like an item which is used by dark priests? (I took dark priests from Heroes of Might and Magic 4, where this is a combinated class of life and death magic ~ similar to light and dark).
- Almost, but it's more like a mage's equipment than a priest's.
- I see.
- So, I heard that the staff is behind a barrier. With the using of my skills, I managed to break the barrier, but it used most of my powers. That's why I was unconscious when I fell on you.
- Then you must be powerful, if you can break the barrier.
- Can I ask you something?
- Yes?
- Nobody said that I must obtain the staff alone. Could you help me on my quest?
- Sure, it must be easier with friends!
- All right!
And so, Exa Thundercloud's and Chrono Megumi's quest for the Dispear in Gensokyo has started. Who knows what adventures are waiting for them?
(Note: Dispear: move all vowels 1 place backwards, and you'll get: Despair.)
(Note2: Exa is Chaotic Good and Chrono is Chaotic Neutral)

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