Twilight Storm - Heroes from the Outer World

Made by Exa, edited by DarkShadow.
I got permission to put this fanfiction up on this wiki.
The protagonists are made by Exa(Exa Thundercloud) and DarkShadow(Chrono Megumi)


Exa Thundercloud is a Lightning Mage, but he wants to expand his skills, so he wants to learn danmaku, what he saw in an ancient book.
He managed to find a pulsation in the boundary between the Outer World and Gensokyo.
After he got in, somebody fell on him, called Chrono Megumi, a Dark Ninja.
They teamed up and now they must find a way to get the so called staff, Dispear.
But there is more....but that's up to you to read!

TS-HftOW Chapter 1 - The land behind the boundary

TS-HftOW Chapter 2 - The way to the Forest of Magic

TS-HftOW Chapter 3 - Meister von Energie - Experte Fokussierenmethoden

TS-HftOW Chapter 4 - An icy battle

TS-HftOW Chapter 5 - The Scarlet Devil Mansion

TS-HftOW Chapter 6 - Turning Point

TS-HftOW Chapter 7 - The danmaku training

TS-HftOW Chapter 8 - A failed experiment

TS-HftOW Chapter 9 - Request from Makai

TS-HftOW Chapter 10 - Friend or foe? Alice's fate

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