Shou Symposium


Disciple of Vaiśravaṇa

寅丸 星 Toramaru Syou

Shou Toramaru

能力        財宝が集まる程度の能力

Ability: Gathering treasure

危険度       低

Threat level: Low

人間友好度    中

Human friendship level: Medium

主な活動場所   命蓮寺等

Main place of activity: Myouren Temple and so forth


The second highest ranked priest at the Myouren Temple, after Byakuren. She often takes care of the temple when Byakuren in busy.


Currently it looks like she is Byakuren's disciple, although the circumstances are more complicated than that.


She is an avatar of Bishamonten while Byakuren is a follower of Bishamonten. And the Myouren Temple worships Bishamonten.


Therefore it means Byakuren worships, and follows her own disciple.


Although having this complex relationship for now, she was simply a beast youkai before. It is said that she was a youkai in the form of a tiger, and there is no one remembering that form was, and she herself can no longer change back into what she was as a maneater.


As a youkai who attracts wealth and therefore good fortune in general, it's thanks to her that the youkai infested Myouren Temple is able to be popular even among the humans. After attracting humans who were wanting a bit of good luck, Byakuren is able to complete the capture with her words. This is the daily life at the Myouren Temple.


Regarding her appearance, she's mimicking a Bishamonten statue. It looks like her form is not much near the real Bishamonten, but she does look quite similar to the statues.


She has a gentle personality, and maintains an air of composure and dignity. However, when among friends she sometimes shows a different personality, becoming more emotional and sometimes even enraged.


Incidentally, even though she stays at the Myouren Temple she is a heavy drinker and often becomes uninhibited.


Her Surroundings


Shou Toramaru has a mouse familiar called Nazrin, and in fact she is the actual real disciple of Bishamonten. Bishamonten have send her to observe whether or not Shou is acting as a proper substitute.


For this reason, Nazrin sometimes behaves haughtier than Shou.


The mysterious object she holds in her hands is called Bishamonten's Pagoda (alias: Laser Pagoda), and is a weapon that can reduce anything to ash by shooting light. She gathers precious gems and uses their radiance to fire the laser. If she fires a high energy laser at the ground, more gems are created(*1). The light of treasures gives birth to new treasures(*2), this is why she is called a pillar of the Seven Gods of Luck.


As a treasure youkai, she isn't very skilled at martial arts. Her strength is about 80% from the Laser Pagoda.


She also hold a long spear, but that is decorative, for maintaining her dignity. She uses it as a walking stick.


How to Deal With


As long as she is in the Myouren Temple there is little danger. However, if you anger her there is no guarantee of your safety.


The Pagoda is especially dangerous, once you enter its range you will certainly be reduced to ash.


If you worship her as a pillar of the Seven Gods of Luck, you will receive wealth. Moreover, if you put a picture of her under your pillow when you go to sleep, you will be shown pleasant dreams(*3).

*1 ガンマ線レーザーが土の性質を変えるだとか、永遠亭の八意永琳が説明している。

1: Gamma-class lasers change the nature of the earth or something, as explained by Eientei's Eirin Yagokoro.

*2 富の再分配。

2: Redistribution of wealth.

*3 信仰している事をアピールして、ナズーリンに財宝を奪われない為の目印だとも言われている。

3: It is said that this is a sign to prevent Nazrin from stealing treasures by showing that you have faith in Toramaru.


1. ^  There is a idiom saying "To be a tiger" (虎になる) in Japan. Means "To become uninhibited by drinking."
2. ^  Common miss-print, should be 寅丸星.

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