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Symposium of Post-mysticism: Seiga Kaku

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Seiga & Yoshika Symposium


The Wicked Hermit of Passing Through Walls

霍 青娥 Kaku Seiga

Seiga Kaku

能力        壁をすり抜けられる程度の能力

Ability: Passing through walls

危険度      高

Threat level: High

人間友好度   極高 (人間好き)

Human friendship level: Very high (loves humans)

主な活動場所  人間の里等

Main place of activity: Human Village and so forth


A hermit that acts with wicked thoughts. If something interests her, she doesn't care what happens to the people around her. She has a particularly bad personality.


Hundred year old hermits are fairly common, but the number of hermits that have lived over a thousand years is in decline. She is one of those rare hermits.


Most of these extremely long-lived hermits tend to become higher classes of being, such as celestials or divine spirits, so seeing one remain as a hermit is very unusual. She cannot become a celestial due to her bad personality, but that doesn't seem to bother her.


Although she arrived in Gensokyo along with Toyosatomimi no Miko and Mononobe no Futo, no matter how you look at it there is no sense of camaraderie between them. If she becomes interested in any human or youkai, she'll immediately start sticking to them. As there are many fascinating people in Gensokyo, every day she's bouncing around aimlessly.


Wall-Passing Chisel


In the place of a hairpin, she wears the Wall-Passing Chisel. This chisel can open a hole in any wall merely by touching it. Furthermore, after a short amount of time the wall is restored and the hole disappears without a trace.


By using this effectively, she can come and go as if there no obstructions at all. Before her, even a treasury made of solid stone is like a lump of tofu. It would be a thief's buffet. The fact that she's not interested in material things may be the only thing saving us.


While seemingly satisfied with this skill, and she doesn't appear to have the drive to train in any other hermit arts, at the very least she has enough power to fight off the messengers of hell(*1).


Jiang Shi


Jiang Shi are a type of animated corpse youkai. Lacking a soul, in most cases they are completely mindless. She used a jiang shi to guard the Great Mausoleum.


There are many varieties of jiang shi. Those that move based on lingering regrets, those cursed by Taoists to move after death, those who through some great power continue to rampage even after death, etc....


The common thing among them is that a human that is bit by a jiang shi also turns into a jiang shi(*2). There's not much difference between them and vampires without brains. They are an unholy type of youkai.


It's this sort of youkai that she created and controls by attaching a charm to its forehead(*3). More than creating an unholy youkai though, it's her lack of respect for the human rights of the corpse that earns her the title of wicked hermit.


How to Deal With


Shortly after she attaches herself to a human, she loses interest and leaves. An unusually annoying hermit.


She does not treat others with particular care, so take care not to be manipulated by her. Even if she approaches you with good will, if you refuse to deal with her, she should get bored and leave.


Regarding her passing through walls, it seems that both walls which can be passed through and those which cannot exist. The harder a wall, the easier it is to pass through, but soft walls are protected.


Because of this, it might be a good idea to protect your valuables in a rubber cage. Although that may be an overreaction given her lack of interest in material things.

*1 実はそれだけで大変恐ろしいのだが……。

1: Although honestly that alone is terrifying...

*2 命に別状無ければ一時的。致命傷ならばそのままキョンシーになる。

2: If there are no life threating injuries, it is temporary; if fatal you will remain a Jiang Shi as such.

*3 お札には「やることリスト」が書いてある、頭脳が無いので忠実に動く。

3: Written on the charm is a "To-do List", which they follow dutifully because of their mindlessness.


1. ^  This is a misprinting; single かも" is enough.

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