Rin Symposium


Hell's Traffic Accident

火焔猫 燐 Kaenbyou Rin

Rin Kaenbyou

能力        死体を持ち去る程度の能力

Ability: Carrying away corpses

危険度       低

Threat level: Low

人間友好度    高

Human friendship level: High

主な活動場所   旧地獄

Main place of activity: Former Hell


One of the hated youkai residing in the former hell, she is called a kasha. She shows up at funerals and tries to steal the corpses. This kind of rubbing-salt-in-the-wounds behavior makes her a much despised youkai.


No matter where the funeral is held, if you see a black cat with two tails, the corpse will be stolen when you let your guard down.


Why does she take away the corpses? It doesn’t seem like she’s collecting them somewhere. It appears that it’s just an extension of cats catching mice. Cats have the habit of chasing moving things; kasha have the habit of chasing the souls that slip out of people the out of people the moment they die.


Some cats live long and become youkai. Depending on the food they eat though, they will become different youkai. If they eat humans then will become a normal nekomata; kasha are probably those cats that ate corpses or spirits.


Her special trait is being able to communicate with corpses and spirits. Spirits are yuurei, anryou and so on. Even if they have no mouth, she would no problem conversing with them. Many corpses don’t realize that they are already dead; they will apparently say thoughtless things like what they planned to do tomorrow. She seems be interested in these things.


Although she is an ominous youkai, she has no interest in living humans. She doesn't like killing people herself either. The conversations won’t be interesting if a human is killed by a youkai. She is always on the hunt for people who are on the verge of death.


Her personality is simple and bright. She is not two-faced and is always looking forward.




The pushcart she uses is called Orin’s wheelbarrow, it’s probably the pushcart that has carried the most corpses in this world.


Her modi operandi of taking corpses include “picking up corpses that accidentally fell on the ground", “stealing it moment people move their eyes away (from corpses)”, “hiding the stolen corpse with a straw mat in the wheelbarrow”. She does not use any youkai-related ability in particular, but the success rate is very high.


Humans protect important things that will give them trouble if stolen, but no one would have ever thought that corpses will also be stolen. Thus no one would think the things she is so confidently carrying are actually corpses. For that reason, she steals as many corpses as she likes.




If you don't want it to be stolen, don't take your eyes off the corpse during the funeral.


She doesn't seem to be interested in bodies that were firmly buried.


Aside form that, there hasn't been any stories of people being harmed by her. She doesn't seem to be interested in lively humans. Though she is a bit ominous, her threat level should be quite low.


1. ^  "Neko guruma" (lit. cat wheel) is a Japanese name of the one-wheeler, a type of wheelbarrow.

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