Koishi Symposium


The Closed Eyes of Love

古明地 こいし Komeiji Koishi

Koishi Komeiji

能力        無意識を操る程度の能力

Ability: Manipulating the unconscious

危険度      不明

Threat level: Unknown

人間友好度   皆無

Human friendship level: None

主な活動場所  不明

Main place of activity: Unknown


A satori like her older sister Satori; however, she is a satori who had closed her own mind and has become unable to read others' minds.


Since she cannot read minds, she no longer has anything that would make others hate her, but since her own mind is blank, she is also unable to be liked by anyone. Her presence cannot be felt except by coming into one's field of vision. Even if one can see her with their eyes, it would still feel as if she did not exist(*1). When she disappears from one's field of vision, one immediately forgets her.


In actuality, she came above ground some time ago, but she was not reflected in anyone's eyes. Once her older sister Satori's existence was known, at last it became that Koishi could be recognized as well.


Unlike her older sister, she is not liked by animals. She is not hated either.


That is how Koishi is like, but her older sister worries about her. She, who has no mind, is also unable to be seen by her older sister, but still, she has not disappeared from her older sister's mind.


As her personality is empty like this, just like her older sister, it is difficult to engage in communication with her.




Rather than saying that she considers her own actions before performing them, she frequently performs actions on-the-spot as she feels like.


Just like you can raise your right arm, without realizing that you're doing so, she performs all of her actions unconsciously. Because of that, not only others, but even she herself, cannot understand what she will do next.


Also, this doesn't mean that she lives in devotion to desires. She probably doesn't have any desires. Like a piece of cloth fluttering in the wind, she lives going with the flow.


It is said to be difficult to comprehend the unconscious, even for trained monks. However, can you really say for sure that it is a good thing to become like her? I'd like to ask the monks at the Myouren Temple about that topic.


Those who yearn for her


She is neither liked nor hated, as that is her nature, but it seems like there are also those who yearn for her.


She does not have complex human relations, but it looks like she gets on well with children.


A youkai invisible to adults, and only visible to certain children. Even those who played with her in their childhood will completely forget that she existed, once they grow up. Has anything like that ever happened to you?(*2)


Thoughts about her are called an "imaginary companion." Koishi is, no doubt, that kind of imaginary friend herself.




Her threat level is unknown.


Even you catch sight of her, she doesn't do anything, so it is probably not necessary to take countermeasures.


However, just don't try provocative acts. It is because if by any slim chance, she recovers as a youkai satori, nobody would benefit.

*1 路傍の石ころの様な存在である。

1: An existence like a roadside stone.[1]

*2 私には無い。

2: Not to me


1. ^  It mentions about a meaning of Koshi's name; "a little stone" is "koishi" (小石) in Japanese.

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