Byakuren Symposium


Magical chief priest of the youkai temple

聖 白蓮 Hijiri Byakuren

Byakuren Hijiri

能力        魔法を使う程度の能力(身体能力を上げる魔法を得意とする)

Ability: Using magic (specializing in magic that increases her physical abilities)

危険度      不明

Threat level: Unknown

人間友好度   中

Human friendship level: Medium

主な活動場所  命蓮寺など

Main place of activity: Myouren Temple and so forth


The chief priest of Myouren Temple. Although she was originally a human, she has already surpassed them due to many years of training. Therefore, she is categorized as a magician.


Although she entered priesthood, for some reason she loves youkai. She does not banish demons with holy chants like in fairy tales. Although she's a saint, the powers she wields are evil. Though apparently without a trace of hostility towards humans, ultimately she's an ally of the youkai.


Before she came to Gensokyo, she was sealed in Makai by humans. The reason was probably something like mankind's fear of those with different powers. The seal was undone by youkai who adore her. Due to these events, it's natural to think that she hates humans.


She seems very respectable, but because she won't drink alcohol, dislikes killing (she doesn't eat meat) and her other religious precepts; it's difficult for her to befriend humans(*1).


As for her work, she manages funerals and the graveyard, teaches the dharma to her disciples and beyond, and overall leads an early-to-bed, early-to-rise lifestyle. Above all else, once a month she holds an all-night, monotone, sutra-chanting live concert with a wooden fish setting the rhythm, attracting attention from both humans and youkai(*2).


Her personality seems gentle but somehow unreliable. She adores youkai that don't desire conflict. She never shows any anger and gives the impression of a good-natured old grandmother. But because there are many aggressive youkai, this attitude instead feels somewhat disgusting.




As the result of her training, she acquired an ability. Among the special abilities that humans can acquire, the term "magic" is often used, although in reality that describes a diverse set of things.


Her magic is derived from Buddhism. However, she's strayed from the path of Mahayana Buddhism (*3) and possesses demonic power. Most likely she won't be able to enter Nirvana.


Her magic enhances the abilities of her body. By chanting a spell, she can make her fists harder than steel, sharpen her five senses, or even be unharmed inside the Hakkero, but normally she's only as strong as a powerless human. Her long life and ageless body are also the results of her magic. If you wish to attack her, you should probably aim for times when she's defenseless.


Sorcerer's Sutra Scroll


The scroll she carries (called the Sorcerer's Sutra Scroll) has written on it the sutras she needs to use her ability. I say "written on", but the scroll itself is a spell(*4).


Because of that, compared to a paper scroll the amount of content it can contain is infinite. Moreover, it is said that it won't deteriorate with time. It also comes equipped with an auto-sutra-chanting mode; simply hold it out and it will recite spells on its own.


Apparently she made it because of all the free time she had while sealed in Makai. Of the many materials that exist in Makai, there are things that contain their own will. Because the Sorcerer's Sutra Scroll has its own will, other people are unable to handle it. In Gensokyo, we call such items "cursed". Therefore, the Sorcerer's Picture Scroll is cursed(*5).




It's hard to definitively say whether or not she has any hostility towards humans. However, because she follows the religious precept of not killing, it's unlikely that she'll suddenly attack you.


Rather than that, you should be worried about her youkai followers. Of the youkai that visit the temple, there are a number that clearly violate the teachings. There are youkai that are aiming for Hijiri's power, as well as those that target the humans visiting the graveyard.

*1 幻想郷の交流は言うまでもなく酒盛りで行われる。

1: It needn't be said that drinking parties are very important to the Gensokyo social life.

*2 人気があるという訳では無い。人間には睡眠導入、妖怪には覚醒作用と正反対の効果が認められている。

2: This event is not popular. Humans find it sleep-inducing, and youkai get hyper-alert and fidgety.

*3 みんなを救う事で、苦しみから逃れるという怪しい考え。

3: Which has the dubious idea of saving everyone by helping them escape from suffering.

*4 紙媒体の巻物はもはや時代遅れらしい。

4: Apparently paper scrolls are too old-fashioned.

*5 外の世界では、ウィルスに冒されている、とも呼ばれているらしい。

5: In the outside world, it appears they call it "infected by a virus".


1. ^  Normally it would be a misspelling of "言った" or "いった".

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