Symposium Miko


Bunbunmaru Newspaper

第百二十六季 文月の一

Season 126 (2011), 1st of Fumitsuki (July)


A Savior for the False Accused Victims?


Do not see, do not say, do not hear


The day of gengshen is the day when you talk about staying up late at night. The day of gengshen is one of the day of the sexagenary cycle which has sixty days. And in that day, it is said that even humans who do not go out at night fearing the youkai, gather around and be drunk until morning. When, and why had this custom have started is not known. Although night has become comparatively safe, the custom of drinking has not changed.


But it looks like this day of gengshen is meeting the time of change. Ms.Toyosatomimi no Miko (Hermit) says:


"Bugs called the three worms live inside the human body, these bugs are the ones which are responsible for decreasing your life span by reporting the sins you have done to the Lord of heaven, after they sneak out of the body at the day of gengshen in night. So, your sins wouldn't be revealed if you keep eyes on them without sleeping at the day of gengshen."


This is the reason why the party of the day of gengshen has started she says.


"But everyone just get dead drunk in today's parties, making the bugs go out carelessly. Such a pointless thing to do. That's why I developed 'The Four Wise Monkeys'. With this, your life span can be endless. Indeed it's the don't die."[2]


With a full confidence she took out a set of four dolls, containing monkeys with poses of 'Do not see, Do not say, Do not hear', coming with a additional one with a pose of 'Do not escape'. She says that these dolls are programmed to chase the bugs stubbornly if they are on sight of crawling out of the human body. So with these dolls on standby, the bugs will be caught, and never be able to reach the place of the Lord of heaven.


But, would not this be against the will of the Lord of heaven?


"Though everybody say he's the Lord of heaven, reality is different. Those bugs are actually planted by the Shinigami from hell, and reports are in fact done to the Yama. These bugs are meant for business by them, so humans should resist by all means."


The final goal of the Hermits is immortal, and their biggest enemy is the Shinigami. And for notice, she says The Four Wise Monkeys are made to order and on sales at an open price (And Going to be expensive).

(射命丸 文)

(Aya Shameimaru)


1. ^  For curious readers, 死ざる used here should be 死せざる (shisezaru) to follow the historical Japanese grammar. But in order to make the pun Miko didn't.
2. ^  The 四猿 (shizaru, four wise monkeys) is a parody of 三猿 (sanzaru, three wise monkeys).
3. ^  It should be normally "下" sharing the same sound "moto".

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