To have a Blood red moon in august, no, this is not natural. Something is wrong and I know it. The spirits here are all restless. Even Myon seem to be a bit over the edge tonight. Could this be fear...or something different? But even through something weird maybe happening, I should probably ignore it. Anyhow, it don't seems to be that much of a problem. Then, I heard my mistress, Yuyuko Saigyouji, calling. She must be hungry again so I decided to get going. That or she's going to ask me to do more bizarre request again like she always does.
"Lady Yuyuko."
"Ah, Youmu. Perfect." Yuyuko replied.
"Is there something you need my lady? I'll prepare dinner in a few minutes."
"That's great,Youmu, but this is something else.Youmu,do you notice the moon tonight?"
"Yes my lady, it is...blood red. It is also making the other spirits restless. Even Myon."
"Do you feel it too? This is not natural and something is wrong. Youmu please do me a favor."
"What would that be my lady?"
"Please investigate on why this is happening. I must know what is going on."
"Right away my lady."
I was about to leave when Yuyuko stopped me.
"Wait Youmu."
"Yes my lady?"
"Didn't you say you were going to make dinner?"
"My lady...but didn't you say you want me to investigate it?"
"Well yes but, food always comes first! Let's see, for tonight I would like some chicken,some roast pork and, and some pie for dessert too! Oh and ummm..." She went on and on.
"Lady Yuyuko..." I face palmed. Sometime I wonder where does all the food lady Yuyuko eat goes.After we finally finish dinner (Yuyuko was still hungry even through ate my portion too) it was finally time to leave. I'm not really sure where to even start to look and I feel that this is a waste of time but I can not disobey my orders.
"I guess the best place to go would be to lady Yukari's home since she might know something about the moon." I said to Myon (It's one of my habits I tried to break. I guess I just like talking to her since she makes me feel like there is someone else with me)
If I remember correctly, Lady Yukari resides somewhere in the border of Gensokyo meaning I would have to go to the Hakurei shrine. My destination seems to be a bit far but if I just fly there I would probably make it in a hour or so.
So I set off, killing away any annoying youkai that is in my way. Along the way I saw some smoke coming from the bamboo forest of lost.
"That's strange. It seems as if there is a fight
or something there." I mumbled to Myon.
But I ignore it since it had nothing to do with me and it would only be a nuisance. As I was almost to my destination I found another nuisance.
"Well,well, If it isn't Youmu Konpaku, the half-ghost gardener." Said Sakuya.
"Sakuya Izayoi. You're not going to get in my way are you?" I reply, ready to draw my swords.
"Calm down. I have no time to quarrel with you
tonight. I'm on a important mission and you should be the one that should not get in my way."
"Important mission? What would that be?" I asked, suspiciously.
"It is none of your concern. And what are you doing in a night like this?" She asked.
"I am also on an important mission. And I should be the one to tell you to not get in my way." I retorted.
She looked up at the moon.
"It is a beautiful red moon tonight."
"There is nothing beautiful about a moon that looks like it's been cover in blood."
"That is true, but that is an opinion. I feel a need for a warm up. Care to join me?"
At that moment, a bunch of Knives flew at me. I drew my sword and was able to dispatch them.
"You dare challenge me, housemaid? Prepare yourself." I said and lunge forward and to slash her. She vanished as I slashed her.
"Don't fool yourself Gardener. You are strong but you lack accuracy."
She appeared behind me and threw me with two more knives at me. I dodge one but the other one grazed my legs. I send a slash wave at her but she dodge it and threw more knives at me.
"Myon! Fire!" I yelled to my ghost side as I knock off more knives before they hit me.
Myon fired bullets right at Sakuya. She dodge it once again like I knew she would. I dashed right at her and slashed. Sakuya was able to dodge but barely. A piece of her hair fell to the ground along with a few drop of blood.
"Fufu...Nicely done. You actually caught me off guard. But now, play time is over." She said as her eyes glowed red.
"Do not mock me, housemaid." I said as I started to charge energy into my sword.
"Fine then, let's get serious."
Sakuya vanish. I knew what she was trying to do. She was about to use her spell card, but I'm prepared.
Myon formed into an illusion of me and at that moment a barrage of knives surrounded us. It flew right at us at top speed but with Myon being able to copy my every move we were able to slash the knives down.
"You fell right for it"
Sakuya appeared right at me, knives drawn and ready to slash.
"No, you fell right for my trap."
Right before Sakuya was about to slash, Myon's illusion disappeared and I was behind Sakuya.
"Meditation Slash!"
She turned around as I slash at her with my fully charged sword. She tried to block it but the impact was too strong. I broke her defense and my attack made a direct hit but she was able to throw a knife right at me. It got me right on my waist and barely missed my vitals but it was no use. I have won this round. As my attack hit the ground, a crater formed.
I held back my powers during the attack so Sakuya wasn't dead but was still hurt.
"It seems that tonight, victory goes to you." Sakuya said, "But don't get to cocky. I will challenge you again another time."
She starts to leave.
"I'll await your challenge, anytime and anywhere." I reply.
"I'll look forward to that then" she said with out turning and left.
After that, I got up to leave but it turns out the knife that had pierce me has did more damage then I thought. I could not fly so I had to walk.
Now all that I have gotten that situation out of the way I have to focus on my mission,get to lady Yukari's home and solve the mystery of the red moon.I just hope the knife wouldn't leave a scar through...

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