World 7: Yukarispace



Work your way through the level until you reach this point near the end.


Jump all the way to the right off the tall pipe, and you'll land on a tall screw.


Drill it all the way into the ground.


Pick up Rumia Yoshi and run through the thwomp fuzzes and over the spaced blocks. Make sure you jump before the end or you'll have to do the whole level over again.



There are 2 ways to find this exit.


The first is to grab this broom, then use the area underneath the thwomp fuzzes to takeoff and fly up.


Once on top, if you lost your broom power, get it back from the block. Run right, takeoff, and go as far across the spikes as you can.


Once you get hit, you should be invincible long enough to reach the bomb block and hit it.


Run right and hit the 2nd P block for a Yin Yang powerup (left one has a fuzz), then run and enter the pipe. The other end of the pipe has a thwomp right when you enter, so either have a powerup or be invincible, or else you will die.


The other method is to take the broom, fly across the pit, and get the Yin Yang powerup.


Use it to kill all the thwomps and pirahna fuzzes in this area with the upwards Yin Yang toss.


Afterwards, grab the broom, run along the corridor to takeoff, and fly into the pipe.

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