World 6: Eientei



Grab a broom and make your way through the level until this point near the end.


Hit the bomb block and use the blocks at the beginning to takeoff.


Land on this platform, then use the blocks to the right to takeoff again and fly up to Adult Koakuma.



You will need this broom at the end, although you won't need it the first time around.


Go through the level to the end until you reach these screws.


(Alternatively, put one of the fuzzies on the block you got the broom from, and once it comes alive again you can use it to jump on top of the platform to the left of the starting position. From there, jump left to the floating red platform, thus, skipping straight to the screws.)


You have to make these screws look like this. That means you have to drill through one of the blocks and go all the way back to the beginning, so you can collect the broom then.


Once you make it back, use the screws to takeoff, fly over the wooden pillar, and hover over to Adult Koakuma.

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