World 5: Hakugyokurou



When you reach this part of the stage, first drill Screw A into the ground, then enter pipe 1. Fall down, hit the bomb block, and enter pipe 4.


When you come out of the pipe, you'll see a very tall screw. Drill it all the way into the ground, hit the bomb block, and enter pipe 1.


Work your way up the stair of blocks and enter the left pipe. Make your way up the clouds until you find Koakuma.



Make your way to the end of this hellish level. In the last area near where Chibi Koakuma is, there is a line of floating blue fuzzes going up. Slowly bounce upwards on them until you reach the top of the wall on the right, where you'll find Adult Koakuma. If you mess up, run to the left and back to reset the fuzzes.

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