World 2: Sky World



After the save point, get over the vertical line of gray blocks and fall down to reach this broom powerup.


Make your way back up to the save point, and use that platform to takeoff and fly left.


Fly as high as you can, and slowly hover down. Koakuma is on a cloud at the left end of the stage.



First bounce off this white fuzz to get to the upper platform.


Then bounce off the fuzz there to reach the gray fuzz orbiting a planet.


From the 2nd planet, you have to bounce off the gray fuzz onto a floating blue fuzz, then a second blue fuzz, and finally onto a cloud.


Work your way onto the gray rock, then bounce off the fuzz to the next cloud. The save point is just a bit farther.


Climb to the top of the pipe, and run straight off (don't jump).


Hold jump as you bounce off the fuzz on the single rock to the 2nd fuzz, then the 3rd, and then onto the gray rock.


From there, bounce off the fuzz to the fuzz on the single rock, and keep holding right for the next fuzz, and then the cloud. Work your way up the platforms and you'll reach Koakuma.

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