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World 0: Forest World



Jump on a fuzz to squish it, then pick it up and throw it up at the block to obtain the broom.


Kill the enemies to the left, then use that area to takeoff and follow the stars to the cloud.


Using the cloud, takeoff and fly as high as you can to the left. When you can no longer hear the flying sound, repeatedly hover until you land on top of the pipe. Enter the pipe to find Koakuma.



Obtain the broom from the end of the level, then head all the way back to the beginning.


Destroy the bricks and enter the pipe. Drill through the bricks to reach Koakuma.



Grab the broom from the set of blocks at the save point and head right.


When you reach the gray blocks, fall off the platform and hover onto the platform below.


Jump to the pipe and head in. Work your way through this area until you reach the end. Beware of the hidden thwomp fuzz right at the end before Koakuma.

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