The game may be played using either a keyboard or a gamepad.

Default keyboard controls are as follows:

  • Left and Right arrow keys move Marisa around
  • Down allows Marisa to crouch; enter upward facing pipes; do a drill kick in the air
  • Up while jumping allows Marisa to enter downward facing pipes
  • Z makes Marisa jump; the height of the jump depends on how long you hold down the button; used to fly and hover with the broom
  • X picks up flattened enemies; shoots Yin-Yang balls if you have the Miko powerup; swings if you have the broom powerup
  • Left Shift pauses the game and brings you to the in-game menu
  • Right Ctrl brings up stage data on the world map
  • Esc exits the game
  • Home produces a .bmp screenshot in the /SnapShot directory.

Basic Gameplay

The gameplay mechanics of Super Marisa World are based around the Super Mario series, primarily Super Mario World. Work your way through the stages and worlds (with chibi Koakuma marking the end of a stage) until you face the final boss to rescue Princess Patchouli. In select stages, you can also find adult Koakuma who marks the secret exit. Finding her will unlock another stage (for Worlds 1 to 7) or another world (for World 0).

If you lose all 5 of your lives or run out of time on a stage, you will be sent back to the stage select screen. You may try a stage as many times as you wish.


Similar to the Super Mario series, jumping is your primary form of attack. Unlike the Mario series, you have little to no vertical tolerance for jumping on enemies. Unless your feet are completely above the enemy when you land on them, you will get hit. If you try to jump on an enemy and you hit their side even a tiny bit, you will be hit.

If you press down while in the air, you will perform a drill kick. This move can kill certain enemies instantly, as opposed to flattening them. If you can't kill them with a drill kick, you will at least bounce off them (which you can do repeatedly). This technique is often used to get to higher places by bouncing off a thwomp fuzz. The drill kick will destroy most if not all bullets without harming you, so it can be used to give you some breathing room, just make sure you don't miss. Another handy use for the drill is to stop horizontal momentum on ice blocks.

Like a normal jump, the drill kick also has no vertical tolerance. Also beware, the hitbox is not exactly at your feet. If a green pirahna fuzz is low enough into a pipe, you will hit the pipe first, cancel the drill, and then get hit by the fuzz.



This power is a combination of the fireflower and hammer suit powers from the Super Mario series.

Press X to shoot red Yin-Yang orbs, representing fireballs. These can kill any enemy that you can instantly kill by drill kicking. You can have 5 out at a time, and they are blocked by walls.

Hold Up and press X to throw black Yin-Yang orbs, representing hammers. These powerful orbs pass through walls, and can kill ANY non-boss enemy in one hit, including thwomp, chain chomp, and caterpillar fuzzes. Like red orbs, you can only have 5 out at a time.


This power is similar to the raccoon power from Super Mario Bros. 3.

Press X to swing your broom. This attack is about equivalent to a jump, but it can kill green pirahna fuzzes.

Run, and when you hear the flying noise, you can hold Z to take off and fly for a limited time. Holding Z makes you go up and letting go will make you go down. You can still swing your broom while flying, and can even fly while holding an enemy.

When descending in the air, you can press and hold Z to spin your broom and hover. You can chain these together to cover long distances, or slowly descend down to see what is below you.


Collecting the meat will let you ride Rumia (representing Yoshi from the Mario games) for a limited time. During this time, you are completely invincible. Running through enemies will kill them, and running through bullets will erase them. You can walk over spikes and even bottomless pits without problems, just be sure to be on safe ground when it wears off. You will keep whatever powerup you had before you picked up Rumia.


There are 8 worlds in the game. Worlds 0 to 3 have 6 stages each, while Worlds 4 through 7 have 8 stages each.


World/Stage guide

  1. World 0:Forest World
  2. World 1:Ice World
  3. World 2:Sky World
  4. World 3:Hills/Volcano World
  5. World 4:Scarlet Devil Mansion
  6. World 5:Hakugyokurou
  7. World 6:Eientei
  8. World 7:Yukarispace

You start the game with only World 0 unlocked. To unlock Worlds 1, 2, and 3, you must find the secret exits in stages 0-2-3, 0-2-2, and 0-2-1 respectively. To unlock Worlds 4, 5, 6, and 7, you must beat the boss in stage x-2-4 from previous worlds.

Stages x-2-1 and x-2-3 can be unlocked by finding the secret exit in stages x-1-1 and x-1-3. The only exception is that 7-1-3 will not unlock 7-2-3, you have to beat 7-2-2 for that. It is unknown whether this is a bug or intentional.

For instructions on how to find the secret exit in a given stage, see Super Marisa World: Secret Exits

Boss Battles

In select stages, you will face a boss at the end. These battles are generally against a Touhou character, in the style of a boss from the Mario series. The boss stages tend to be short and usually trivial, so you can expect to have full lives against the boss.

World 0 has no boss battles. For Worlds 1 to 3, stages x-1-3 and x-2-3 are boss battles. For Worlds 4 through 7, stages x-1-2, x-2-2, x-1-4, and x-2-4 are boss battles. The part of the stage before the boss itself will usually provide a clue as to who the boss is, and what the battle is going to be like.

For detailed information on how to beat bosses, see Super Marisa World: Bosses



You get 100 points for each enemy you jump on (flattening them) or kill. If you kill multiple enemies without touching the ground (bouncing off multiple enemies, drilling through multiple), the value of the each enemy increases until you touch the ground, where it resets back to 100. The point values are 100, 200, 400, 800, 1400, 1600, 4000, 8000, 10000, and 10000 for each after the 9th enemy.


There are 100 stars in each stage. When you complete the stage, you will receive stars² * 10 points, up to a maximum of 100000 for all 100 stars. They are also used for the special score calculation when you complete the stage.

Clear Bonus

At the end of each stage, the player is awarded a point bonus based on their performance throughout the stage. The bonus is calculated as follows:

Score                  (score from the stage)
Lives     x     10,000 (remaining lives)
Stars ^ 2 x         10 (number of stars collected)
Time      x        100 (time remaining)

The special score is calculated as follows:

Lives     x         10 (remaining lives)
Stars     /          2 (stars collected)

If you get a special score of 100 in all stages of a particular world, you will get an @ next to your save file on the main screen. As of version 1.02, you can have up to 6 @s next to your name (Worlds 4 and 7 have incomplete stages, so you cannot get a special score of 100 on them).

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