There are a few things to keep in mind for pretty much every boss battle.

  • You can drill kick through most projectiles, thereby erasing them. Treat them like you would any other enemy - get them from above, not the side, because the latter will kill you. This tactic is especially useful for the Meiling, Sakuya, and Mokou battles and is practically required for Reisen. It will also work on Aya's comets, though it's probably easier to avoid them due to their speed.
  • Dying does not reset a boss battle. (If it did, Kaguya would be all but impossible.) While minor enemies that you use for projectiles (Yuyuko's blue fuzzies or MechaSuikas, for example) will disappear. However, much damage you've done to a boss stays there, as do environmental changes (Letty's ice cubes, Aya's screws, Sakuya's block, Eirin's pills, the holes in the background Ran makes). Also, boss projectiles will disappear (the toad's stomach acids, everything Kaguya throws at you), cutting you a little more slack. On the flip side, this means you can't kill yourself to reset Reisen's screenfucking (though occasionally, the game will do it anyway - this tends to happen if you die as you're drill kicking her). The one exception is Mokou, who moves back to the center of the platform every time you die. Also, if Youmu kills you in her dashing rage, when you come back, she will be back to her calm walking self, though she will not recover any health.
  • Every pre-boss stage (except Yukari) is short, and all but the Remilia and PrismRiver stages are pretty much trivial. Thus, if you happen to die, select "Give up and Retry" from the pause menu to reset the level. You should never enter a boss battle with less than 5 lives. The one exception here is Eirin because you may die once or twice if you want to collect all the pre-fight stars and her battle isn't really challenging in terms of avoiding death.

Ice World




Found in: 1-1-3

This battle is a take-off of the Prince Froggy battle from Super Mario World 2.

Cirno will spend the majority of the battle near the ceiling out of reach. As digestive juices drop from the ceiling (avoid them), Cirno will use Perfect Freeze to freeze them in midair. After a couple of seconds, she will dive downward, swooping across the arena to the other corner of the ceiling while the frozen juices fly towards her, at first quickly and then more slowly. Because of Cirno's movement, they may suddenly turn direction to face her again. While she's low to the ground, jump on her (hold up if you want to reach the stars on the ceiling) and she will collapse into a heap on the ground. Pick her up (with X), run under the toad's uvula, press Up and let go of X to kick Cirno at the uvula to damage the toad. The more damage done to the toad, the more juices drop down from the ceiling for Cirno to freeze. After the toad has been harassed enough, he will spit you out, ending the battle.

Alternatively, as long as you have the broom, you can fly up and fall on Cirno's head while she's in the corner instead of waiting for her to swoop down. If you're fast enough, she'll never even get the chance to use Perfect Freeze.

Letty Whiterock


Letty Whiterock

Found in: 1-2-3

This battle is a take-off of the Bowser battle from Super Mario Bros. 3.

If you have not played Super Mario Bros 3, note the large collection of Thwomps before this battle - this is a hint as to what you will be dealing with.

Letty's pattern is simple. She will fire a single shot at where you are standing, then fire nine shots at once aimed at you that spread out slightly. After that, she jumps into the air over you and comes crashing down on top of you if you don't get out of the way. When she lands, she will destroy the first layer of any ice cubes that may be under her. Letty herself does not get more difficult as time passes, but the increasingly uneven terrain will make dodging harder as more and more ice cubes are destroyed. Letty cannot be damaged: your goal is to get her to smash through the bottom ice blocks in the center of the room, and you do this by hanging around those areas waiting for her to jump above you. Once she smashes through all four layers and flings herself straight down into the pit, you will have won the battle.

Sky World

Mystia Lorelei


Mystia Lorelei

Found in: 2-1-3

This battle is a take off of the Larry/Morton/Wendy O./Iggy Koopa battles from Super Mario Bros. 3.

Note the large collection of hopping yellow fuzzies before this battle - this is a hint as to what you will be dealing with.

Mystia hops around the battlefield in a similar fashion to the yellow fuzzies: two small hops followed by a large leap. The difference is all of Mystia's jumps are longer than those of the yellow fuzzies, and whenever she lands, she fires a musical note projectile at your current position. Drill kick her to do damage - she will be stunned for a small period of time, but then take a large jump while shooting multiple music notes in various directions. The more you damage her, the more music notes she makes during her stun-recovery jump and the harder it becomes to see as Mystia blacks out more and more of your vision. Note that, while everything else is obscured by darkness, the music notes are still visible no matter where they are relative to you, making them useful for determining her position. Keep jumping on Mystia until she gives up.

Aya Shameimaru


RaphAyal Raven

Found in: 2-2-3

Aya's design is a take-off of Raphael the Raven from Super Mario World 2, and the battle is a take-off of him as well.

Note the large collection of large black orbital fuzzies before this battle - this is a hint as to what you will be dealing with.


Don't fall off!

Aya will smack you onto a small planet (with a Lily White constellation in the background) where the battle will begin. You will note three screw heads skewed acorss the surface of the planet. Drill kicking one will cause another head to pop up on the other side of the planet. If Aya is standing where a drill head pops up, she will take damage. Of course, Aya is not going to sit around and do nothing. She will look back and forth before running around the planet in a direction of her choice, possibly firing two speedy projectiles that orbit the planet in opposite directions (they are similar to the fast wall-bouncing cylindrical projectiles you had to dodge when she was your opponent on PoFV). They will either be at ground level or at head level, so jump on top of a screw head to avoid the ground level ones and duck to avoid the head level ones (or you can simply jump over either pattern, though be wary because they both make several orbits). The projectiles will always both be at the same level, and they will never change levels midflight. As you damage Aya more and more, her dashes around the planet become faster and faster, making dodging very difficult when she tosses out head level projectiles. Damage her enough, however, and you'll knock her clean off the planet, whereby she will fly off into space and become a constellation herself.

Hills/Volcano World

Keine Kamishirasawa



Found in: 3-1-3

Keine's design is a take-off of Chargin' Chuck from Super Mario World, and this battle is a take-off of the Morton Koopa Jr./Roy Koopa battles from the same game. Keine is in her EX form in this battle, though curiously, she uses a dumbed-down version of Emperor of the East.

If you have not played Super Mario World, note the large collection of large magenta fuzzies before this battle - this is a hint as to what you will be dealing with. Also, note that the stars at the beginning of the level spell out "CAVE", thereby giving away who the boss is.

Keine will run back and forth across the stage. After three dashes, she will run up the wall she is facing onto the ceiling and then try to drop down on you. After landing, she will immediately jump up and fire out 16 lasers, 8 blue and 8 red. The blue lasers will phase in before the red ones. As mentioned earlier, this attack is a poor man's Emperor of the East. Simply jumping on Keine will not do any good - you will need to drill kick her to damage her. She will sit stunned after a drill kick, but when she gets up, she will fire off another EotE before resuming her running. The more damage Keine takes, the faster she runs. Also, make sure your drill kicks don't miss, as you don't want to go drilling through the blocks in the floor into a pit. (Keine's dashes are unhindered by gaps in the floor.) Your best chance of hitting Keine as she gets faster is to hang out by a wall, as she takes a fraction of a second to turn around when she hits it and accelerate in the other direction, leaving her open to a drill kick. Keep drill kicking her until she is defeated.

Fujiwara no Mokou


Hot damn, I love this outfit!

Found in: 3-2-3

Mokou's design is (delicious and) a take-off of the Dry Bones from various Mario games, and her battle is a take-off of the Iggy/Larry Koopa battles from Super Mario World.

You cannot outright kill Mokou (who didn't see that coming?), so don't try. She attacks by charging up a phoenix and then throwing it at you. If you jump on top of her, she will collapse into a pile of bones, picking herself back up after a small period of time. The kicker here is that, depending on the angle of the stage, she will slide down it as she collapses. Your goal is get get her to slide off the stage completely and fall into the lava below. The problem with this is that the stage likes to rock back and forth, so you could very well cause her to slide down toward the middle rather than off the edge if you mistime your jump. In addition, red Podoboo fuzzies will occasionally pop up from the lava below, alternating between sets of 3 and 2 (the first set is always the group of 3). They are not too common, but don't forget about them.

Scarlet Devil Mansion

Hong Meiling


tasukete~ ;_;

Found in: 4-1-2

It is currently unclear what exactly is going on in Meiling's design (possibly based on Yoshi), but her battle is a take-off of the Lemmy Koopa/Wendy O. Koopa battles from Super Mario World.

If you have never played Super Mario World, note the large collection of green Pirahna Plant-style pipe fuzzies before this battle - this is a hint as to what you will be dealing with.

This whole battle is a giant game of Whac-A-Mole. The start is trivial: Meiling slowly pops up from one of the pipes, sticks around for a few seconds and then goes back in to reappear at another location. Drill kick her before she can disappear down the pipe to damage her (normal jumps do not work). Sadly, the whole battle is not this trivial, as every time you stomp on Meiling's head, the next time she appears, she comes with an additional green pipe fuzzy (one after the first hit, two after the second, etc.). These are what make this battle an actual fight as Meiling doesn't do anything by herself - in fact, she has no hitbox, so you can safely walk right through her if you so desire. Avoid the fuzzies and their bullets (or kill them, but they will respawn the next time Meiling pops up so it ends up being an exercise in futility) while chasing Meiling around the stage until she falls into the pit below.

Sakuya Izayoi


Sakuya Izayoi

Found in: 4-1-4

Sakuya's design is a takeoff of the Chain Chomp from various Mario games, and the battle is a take-off of the Potted Ghost battle from Super Mario World 2.

If you have never seen a Chain Chomp before, note the large collection of rabid black fuzzies before this battle - this is a hint as to what you will be dealing with.

This is one of the most reasonable battles in the game because it has the most trivial solution. You can't kill Sakuya, so don't bother trying. Instead, your goal is to push the block she's chained to into the pit behind her, and all you need to do to move it is run into it. That's it. Except that's not it because she spends a lot of her time hurling knives in every direction imaginable. Unlimited Blade Words is her most prolific attack, but occasionally she'll stop time, causing every knife on the battlefield to point itself at wherever you happen to be (even ones offscreen can be affected). Sometimes, she will do this multiple times in succession, so be careful that you don't get cornered. She will also sometimes rear back behind her block for a second, lining herself up with you horizontally, before quickly charging forward along the full length of her chain to chomp whatever is in her way. Avoid this. (You can bounce off her head safely with a drill kick and her chain doesn't damage you.) Whatever she does, just keep pushing that block until it falls off the edge.

Flandre Scarlet


Flandre Scarlet

Found in: 4-2-2

Flandre's design is based off of Foreman Spike from Wrecking Crew, and the battle is a take-off of the same game. The first half of the stage is a take off of Star Road 1 from Super Mario World.

This is probably the trickiest battle in the game - if you haven't played Wrecking Crew, aren't insanely observant or incredibly lucky, you'll probably spend a long time trying to figure it out. Fortunately, once you have figured it out, it's a very fair battle. Foreman Flandre will chase you around the room with about the same intelligence as a MechaSuika (see below), but she's faster than you - and can jump - so you'll have to outmaneuver her. When she gets close to you, she will charge up her Laevatin hammer and swing it at you (the charge-up noise is the same as Sakuya's time stop charge noise), so get out of the way if you don't want to die. She will also swing her hammer if a pile of bricks gets in her way; one swing of hers will take out the entire wall section. You'll quickly find that swinging your broom back at her does not damage her, nor does jumping on her or drill kicking her (hard hat!), so you may be at a loss as to how to proceed. This is where the true Wrecking Crew aspect kicks in. See all those pipes scattered around the room, many of which are hovering in midair above discolored brick walls sections in the background? Stand under one, wait for Flandre to come to you (lure her if necessary), and bait her so that she charges up her hammer for a swing as she is under one of those pipes. Her swing will destroy the wall section, knocking the pipe down on top of her and trapping her inside, thereby damaging her. Flandre will thrash about for a few seconds and then two of her will pop out of the pipe from the top, running in opposite directions. Each of these two new Flandres will split into two more Flandres when trapped for a maximum of four possibly running around at once (a nod to Four of a Kind). Trap all four Flandres under pipes to finish the battle.

Remilia Scarlet



Found in: 4-2-4

Remilia's design is based off of Rex from Super Mario World, and this battle is a take-off of the Marching Milde battle in Super Mario World 2.

If you have never seen a Rex before, note the large collection of large blue fuzzies before this battle - this is a hint as to what you will be dealing with.

For help on actually getting through the stage, see the 4-2-4 section of the Annoying Stages page.

It is important to learn Remilia's movement pattern before throwing yourself at her because it will not take long for you to get confused if you don't know how to track your targets. Remi will always move in the direction she is facing until she runs into something solid (either a wall or another Remi). What she does next depends on what she has run into AND where you are relative to her. If she runs into a wall while facing you, she will hop up onto the higher ground and continue following you. If she runs into a wall while you're behind her, she will turn around and run in the other direction. If she runs into another Remi, she will turn around regardless of where you are.

Remilia starts the battle notably larger than you (and quite the slow mover). While jumping on Remi's head stuns her for a moment, you must drill kick her to do any actual damage. The catch is that every time you drill kick Remi, she explodes and then two slightly smaller Remis jump out, one to the left and one to the right. A Remi will shrink five times before a drill kick will actually destroy it entirely (this means you can have up to 16 tiny ankle-biter Remis on the screen at once). The smaller a Remi gets, the faster it becomes, so watch out when there are a whole bunch on the screen at once because it is very easy to lose track of where they're all running to. Eradicate every single Remi from the room to win the battle.


PrismRiver Sisters


Lunasa PrismRiver


Merlin PrismRiver


Lyrica PrismRiver

Found in: 5-1-2

This battle is a take-off of the Reznor fights in Super Mario World.

If you have never played Super Mario World before, note the large collection of platforms running on circular tracks before this battle - this is a hint as to what you will be dealing with. Also, note that the stars above your starting position (they are not visible unless you fly up with the broom or fall from above) form an eighth note, thereby giving away who the boss is since you've seen Mystia already.

The platforms the PrismRivers stand on rotate clockwise through the whole battle with the center about where the four stars in a cross pattern are. The center of rotation will fire off waves of four of five small round bullets in three different directions that form three 120 degree angles with the invisible center. Occasionally, one of the three PrismRivers will fire some music notes at you as well. These shots are considerably faster and larger and the game tends to enjoy picking the PrismRiver you're standing closest to just to piss you off and give you the smallest possible time to react.

To damage a PrismRiver, jump up and hit the platform she stands on from below. Each PrismRiver will be knocked off their platform after five hits. However, when one PrismRiver is knocked off, the floor starts to crumble (starting from the center of the room - note that there is space off to the right), and you end up having to ride the platform she used to be on in order to defeat the other two, which is not at all an easy task because dodging all the shots coming at you while riding the thing is nigh impossible. Your best bet is to hit each PrismRiver four times and then deliver the finishing blow to all three while there is still floor available to work with.

The one saving grace is that damaging a PrismRiver stops the whole machine (as well as everything that fires at you, including the PrismRivers themselves) for as long as she is stunned, so you can rack up hits on one really quickly by timing your jumps so you hit the platform of a stunned PrismRiver right after the stun wears off. Knock all three PrismRivers off their platforms to win the battle.

Youmu Konpaku


Youmu Konpaku

Found in: 5-1-4

Youmu's design, while only altered very slightly, is a takeoff of the Wiggler found in Super Mario World (and probably other Mario games). The battle itself is a 2-dimensional representation of the giant Wiggler fight from Super Mario Sunshine (Gelato Beach 3).

If you have never played Super Mario World before, note the large collection of yellow caterpillar fuzzies before this battle - this is a hint as to what you will be dealing with.

The stars at the beginning of this stage spell out "Myon" in hiragana, thereby giving away who the boss is.

This battle can be annoying because it is not readily obvious how to deal damage. You start with Youmu walking innocently along with a flower on the tip of her sword. At this point, you've seen plenty of those yellow caterpillar fuzzies to guess that something bad is going to happen when you jump on Youmu's head and knock the flower off her sword. Well, you'd be right. After jumping on her, Youmu slowly unsheathes her sword while a crazed look takes over her face and she dashes off to the right side of the screen. When she dashes off, her ghost half flies up to the top center of the room and fires off large round bullets in a sweeping pattern (you have seen this before in both PCB and MegaMari). Note that, with all the blue rubbery platforms in the room, they form three levels. You will see "DANGER" flash off to the right at one of the levels, and after your warning is up, Youmu comes zooming across the screen at that level before disappearing into the left wall. You may be reminded of her Blood of Asura spell card. Youmu will dash back and forth in a craze indefinitely, so to stop her, wait until you are one level below where the "DANGER" warning flashes, and then jump up and hit some blue rubbery platform as she is flying over to send her spinning through the air only to crash face-first into the ground. (Her ghost half will stop firing at this point and fly back to her.) Do not be fooled into thinking that you have damaged her in this fashion and leave her to get up on her own. Run over to her (you may run through her as long as she is still eating dirt) and drill kick her to actually do damage. After this, she will go back to walking casually around, waiting for you to jump on her again. Repeat ad nauseum until she gives up. Note that as Youmu takes more and more damage, the "DANGER" warnings get shorter and shorter.

Extra note: if Youmu ends up on one of the platforms on either end of the second level, if you are good enough, you can jump down on top of her from the third, fall all the way down to the first, get under her and smack her from below just as she starts her first dash in order to avoid a full round of the level-guessing game. This freebie is hard to pull off, but it's worth the effort.

The Sun (Merupo)


Oh God this thing gave me nightmares as a kid

Found in: 5-2-2

This entire stage is a takeoff of Desert Hill's quicksand stage from Super Mario Bros. 3.

This battle is actually relatively straightforward. At the beginning of the level, the sun will stay harmlessly where it is. Once you have progressed enough, it will start circling in place, then dive down in an arc across the screen to the other top corner in a similar fashion to the Cirno battle except the sun will aim for where you are on screen when it starts its swoop. Note that the sun's arc is dictated by the screen and NOT the stage, so you cannot deke it horizontally. Not long after it comes to life, you will come across many P blocks, all of which contain white fuzzies. When you are not dodging a swoop, stomp on a fuzzy and pick it up. Hold it while facing the sun and wait for it to swoop into you. It will hit the fuzzy and both will go crashing off the screen, with the sun respawning a few seconds later. 5 such collisions will finish the sun off for good, thereby ending the level (I bet you were wondering why you couldn't find Koakuma, huh?). Overall, this is probably the easiest battle in the game - the major challenge in this stage is collecting all the stars (you will have to go all the way back to the beginning and drill jump off the sun to get over the huge pit that you started the level right next to).

Yuyuko Saigyouji


Booyuko Saigyouji

Found in: 5-2-4

Yuyuko's design is a takeoff of Bigger Boo from Super Mario World 2, and the battle is similar to it as well.

Note the large collection of ghost fuzzies before this battle - this is a hint as to what you will be dealing with. Also, note that the stars and bricks at the beginning of the stage form a triangle hat with a swirl in the middle (it actually appears to be an @ in this game), thereby giving away who the boss is.

To start this battle, get on the rightmost wooden platform (see picture). Yuyuko will appear behind you and the battle will begin. Yuyuko functions like all the other ghosts: she will slowly come flying at you if you have your back to her, and she will stop (hiding innocently behind a fan) and de-solidify when you look at her. At the start of the battle, you two are the only two in the room, so just stare at her to keep her in the center of the room. Eventually, blue fuzzies start flying in on sinusoidal paths. Stomp on one, pick it up and kick it into her while she's solid to do damage. (The easiest way to do this is to get under her and turn around right as you kick the blue fuzzy upward.) The catch? Yuyuko grows a little bigger with each fuzzy you hit her with (maybe she eats them?) and keep going and going until hugeghost is huge, making it harder and harder to dodge her (you WILL have to move around to collect/avoid blue fuzzies). Eventually, she will grow too big or get full or whatever and fly off into the background, ending the fight.


Note: As is fitting of the House of Eternity, Eientei is the only world in the game that does not pay homage to an SNES battle; it goes strictly with the older systems (NES and Game Boy).

Tewi Inaba


How can you not trust that face?

Found in: 6-1-2

This battle is a take-off of the Bowser battles in Super Mario Bros.

Note the collection of water-spitting green fuzzies before this battle - this is a hint as to what you will be dealing with. If you have played Super Mario Bros 3, you will notice that the stage layout is taken from Hand Trap 1 in World 8.

Your goal is to drill kick all the screws in the room into the ground, destroying the bridges which causes Tewi to fall into the pit below. However, Tewi comes complete with hammers, tossing them in small arcs. As you set more and more screws, Tewi throws more and more hammers at once, so your best bet to completely avoid her is to run all the way to the left, wait for her to appear, set the leftmost screw all the way down, jump through a gap in her hammers and simply race through the room to the right, setting every screw as you go. If you are a fast enough drill kicker, Tewi will never catch up to you. Overall a fairly easy battle.

Alternatively, if you have the Miko Suit, just keep firing orbs at Tewi and eventually she'll go down.

Reisen Udongein Inaba


Touch bunny, get dizzy

Found in: 6-1-4

This battle is a take-off of the second Wario battle from Super Mario Land 2. It is best experienced in full screen mode and/or while on hallucinogens. I recommend you try full screen at least once for laughs.

Note that the first set of stars in this stage form eyes staring out at you. In the second part of this stage, you will notice more stars that form a bullet shape, and that the pipe leading to the boss battle and the floor area surrounding it form an ass shape, thereby giving away who the boss is. Poor Reisen just can't get away from the suppository jokes.

Reisen begins the battle by jumping high up into the air, using her ears to slowly flutter down while dropping bullets straight down in given time intervals. Run back and forth across the stage, avoiding dropping bullets. Reisen may turn around and follow you, but she is more likely to stop as soon as you pass under her, drop straight down and fire bullets in rapid succesion at you (aiming in an arc as necessary). Jump on top of her to do damage (I recommend drill kicks for this since she may get one shot straight upward before you land on her). She will sit stunned for a moment before taking flight once again. The more damage you do to her, the faster she will fire bullets while on the ground, but that's not your only problem - the screen also gets wavier and wavier as Reisen's insanity-inducing powers become more and more prominent. What is actually going on in-game is never any different from when the screen wasn't moving around at all (similar to how the sun cared about screen position and not stage position), but it will be harder and harder to focus on proper verticality and you may find yourself landing drill kicks next to Reisen rather than on top of her right before she shoots you in the face or the ass. Work through the illusion as best you can, keep drill kicking Reisen in the head and eventually she'll give up.

Extra note: As long as she's not flying around, Reisen's forward hand is always making the gun shape. Love the attention to detail.

Eirin Yagokoro


Eirin Yagokoro

Found in: 6-2-2

This battle is a take-off of Dr. Mario.

Note the collection of dropping blue platforms before this battle - this is a hint as to what you will be dealing with.

The stars at the beginning of the stage form an SJIS art face pounding its chest (as with the "Ei-rin Ei-rin" meme).

The battle begins with you and Eirin on top of a giant glass jar. She will break the seal and you will fall down to the bottom, at which point she starts throwing pills at you which descend slowly and in a straight line down. Like in Dr. Mario, each pill has two sides, and each side will be one of red, yellow or blue. When a pill gets to the bottom of the jar, it will turn into two fuzzies which are colored based on the color of the pill. These cannot be destroyed and they amass pretty quickly, so don't fall down. Work your way up through the jar, using the pills as platforms, until you can get out. (Be careful when standing on pills, as they slowly turn into fuzzies under your feet if you take too long to get airborne again.) Jump on Eirin just once to knock her into the jar and finish the battle. Note that drill kicking a pill will do different things depending on the color of the side you hit. Drill kicking a yellow side is like drill kicking an enemy (and thus allows for super jumps), drill kicking a blue side will move the whole pill over one half-pill length in the direction the blue half is pointing, and drill kicking a red half will freeze the pill in midair for a few seconds (it is safe to stand on this frozen pill without worrying about it turning into fuzzies).

Kaguya Houraisan


She's so cute when she's determined.


That's a small hitbox.

Found in: 6-2-4

This battle is a take-off of the Tatanga battle in Super Mario Land. If you have played Super Mario Land, you will notice that the stage layout is taken from World 4-3.

Press (or, better yet, mash) Z to fire yin yang orbs: this is how you will deal damage. Unfortunately, rather than pull any of Tatanka's attacks from Super Mario Land (which would be piss easy for a Touhou expert like yourself to dodge), Kaguya uses, in proper order, horizontally-modified versions of her 5 Impossible Requests from Imperishable Night, and your hitbox isn't exactly intuitive. Note bullets and lasers have absolutely no dead space, so if any part of it touches your hitbox, you're dead. It helps if you use your broom as a guide for your hitbox. For the Dragon's Necklace, the largest gaps between lasers can be found if you hug the left wall. Buddha's Stone Bowl isn't terribly hard to avoid as the lasers take long enough to phase in for you to find a safe place, and the fuzzies she uses to fire lasers do not function like unfocused familiars so your shots will go right through them and damage Kaguya. Fire Rat's Robe is where it start to get difficult. Move up and down quickly and stream the lasers as best you can so you can actually move between them rather than letting them trap you agains the ceiling or floor, and don't forget to avoid the slow-moving fireballs. Swallow's Cowrie Shell is not difficult to avoid if you hug the left wall, but the fuzzy familiar Kaguya shoots out angles his lasers so you'll have a hell of a time shooting her back, and the time gap between fuzzy familiars is not long at all. If you're feeling daring, put yourself directly on top of the familiar (it doesn't have a hitbox) inside the ring of lasers it fires. Your hitbox is small enough to easily dodge between the bullets from Kaguya. Finally, Rainbow Danmaku's oval shots can still be streamed as before, but you have much less room to work with and sometimes they'll aim at you for a little longer than you expect. Also, the round rainbow shots are harder to avoid simply because their hitboxes are a lot bigger than in IN. Kaguya goes through her spellcards based on how much damage she's taken - the further down the list you are the more damage you've dealt. I don't know exactly how many shots it takes to finally bring her down, but when you do, give yourself a pat on the back, because you earned it.



Chen Yakumo



Found in: 7-1-2

Chen's design is a takeoff of the Spiney from various Mario games, and this battle is a take-off of the Three Little Pigs battle in Super Mario Land 2.

The stars at the beginning of this stage spell out "この先マヨイガ", which means "This way to Mayohiga".

Chen starts the battle by zooming off through the ceiling. She will reappear through one of the three gaps in the middle of the room - the one she is coming out of will distend for a second before she actually appears, so if you have good eyes you can anticipate what she'll do. If she pops out of the leftmost one she will fall to the ground at an angle and just roll back and forth along the floor. If she pops out of the middle one she will bounce off the floor and walls, moving horizontally more than vertically and never losing speed, almost like she's floating. If she pops out of the rightmost one, she will fall to the ground in an arc and start hopping along, making quick leaps but forming tall arcs. She will pause momentarily after landing before jumping again. Each time you jump on her (I recommend drill kicks just because of how fast they are and how fast she moves), she lays stunned, then zooms off through the ceiling before reappearing from another gap. The more you jump on her the faster she moves, but eventually she'll give up if you jump on her enough.

Ran Yakumo


(Insert nosebleed here)

Found in: 7-1-4

Ran's design is a take-off of Monty Mole from Super Mario World. It is unknown if this battle is a take-off of anything.

If you have never seen Monty Mole, note the large collection of orange fuzzies bursting out of walls before this battle - this is a hint as to what you will be dealing with. Also, note that the stars at the beginning of the stage form the katakana for "Tenko", thereby giving away who the boss is. (Her first line in the dialogue is "Tenko!" as well.)

Ran attacks by bursting out of the wall in the background like the orange fuzzies from earlier, except instead of just dropping to the ground she hovers for a moment, starts spinning and then flings herself at you. Every time she breaks out of the wall (after the very first) a white fuzzy comes out with her. Stomp on this fuzzy and kick it into her to do damage and deflect her away from you. In addition, as she bursts out of the wall, blue "shrapnel" shots fly out with in varying arcs and fall quickly to the ground. The more damage Ran has taken, the faster she flings herself at you and the more blue shots will burst out with her. Keep kicking fuzzies at her and she'll eventually fall.

Extra note: In Ran's sprite, one of her tails is covering her vagina, but in the large image it's just blurred out. (Then again, in Reisen's large image, she wasn't forming a gun with her hand...)

Yukari Yakumo


ara ara~

Found in: 7-2-2

Strap on your seat belts, folks, it's going to be a bumpy ride. This is essentially Double Cluster's idea of "Try to Extra Stage!" - they're not going to make it easy for you.

Yukari's design is based off of Lakitu from various Mario games. The design for the four sections of the stage before the boss battle are taken from NES Mario games - the first is from SMB stage 4-1, the second is from SMB stage 6-1, the third is from SMB3 stage 3-4 and the fourth is from SMB3 stage 5-8. It is unknown if this battle is a take-off of anything. The special music is a remix of Necrofantasia, Yukari's theme from Perfect Cherry Blossom.

At the entrance, there will be 2 sets of blue blocks, which can be either tangible, or intangible. The left set of blocks become intangible when you clear a world with a Special Score of 100 for EVERY level. This is marked with an @ symbol. The right set of blocks become intangible when you complete the game once.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you first enter the battle, you may be tempted to grab the Miko Suit powerups immediately. Do not do so, as they will be useful later on as extra "hit points". Only grab one when you do not already have a Miko Suit.

The battle begins with Yukari floating back and forth across the top of the screen dropping fuzzies. Avoid (or kill) the green ones and stomp the white ones to kick them into Yukari to damage her. It is important to note that Yukari's gap has no hitbox: you can jump through it without taking damage, but, in return, you cannot damage it. When Yukari pops out of it (this will only happen when she stops in one of the two upper corners, so don't worry about getting tele-fragged in the middle of the screen), she can damage you and you can damage her. It is also important to note that, while the white fuzzies will turn around at the edge of a cliff, the green fuzzies will simply walk right off of it, so make sure you don't forget where the fuzzies on-screen will be going if they're walking toward you. Hit Yukari with two fuzzies and her gap will vanish off the top of the screen before swooping in from the left and stopping in the upper right corner. She will pop out of it momentarily - if you happen to have any white fuzzies still wandering around you can hit her with them (hitting her with two will bypass the next attack pattern entirely).

Yukari's pattern of floating and chucking fuzzies will remain the same, but after you've hit her with two fuzzies once, Ran and Chen start interfering. The first time a shikigami appears (Yukari will deploy them when she stops moving and pops out of her gap), she will spin across the room with the Swastika lasers from Bewitching Butterfly Living in the Zen Temple. The shikigami will start by hovering in the upper corner not occupied by Yukari for a few seconds, then dropping straight down and sweeping straight across the bottom of the screen. You can avoid this by jumping or by standing on one of the P blocks. The only difference between Ran and Chen is laser color (Ran's are white, Chen's are red) - the attack is exactly the same otherwise. Hit Yukari with two more white fuzzies to advance to the next attack pattern. Yukari will again do nothing different, but this time Ran/Chen will spin in place and fire off the alternating lasers from Mesh of Light and Darkness. Fortunately, this is somewhat easier to avoid that everything else Ran and Chen do. Again, the only difference is laser color - Ran's are blue, Chen's are red. Hit Yukari with two more fuzzies to continue.

Yukari will again stay up in the air and do nothing different, but this time, she will deploy Ran/Chen as she starts moving across the screen rather than when she stops. Whoever appears will drop straight down and start spinning in place, firing off three aimed waves of bullets in an imitation of Quadruple Barrier from Immaterial and Missing Power's Story Mode. Your best bet is to stream the bullet waves upward so you don't have to concern yourself with dodging them while kicking white fuzzies at Yukari. (You can also drill-kick through the bullets as always, but it is hard to do so without getting hit by a bullet you missed.) Hit Yukari with two more fuzzies and Ran and Chen will start imitating IaMP's Ran Yakumo card. You will see and hear a tracer laser (it has no hitbox) and then a shikigami will come flying along it, stopping at the end of it. Ran's tracer laser is blue while Chen's is red. This is the only instance where Ran and Chen differ: true to IaMP, Ran will come flying at you at a faster rate than Chen does. Ran and Chen will stay deployed constantly - and will even keep flying after you for a few seconds after you've hit Yukari with two more fuzzies - so be careful. Stream their flight paths as best you can while avoiding the rain of fuzzies.

After you've hit Yukari with two more fuzzies, the battle changes drastically. Yukari's gap will float down to the center of the screen and Ran and Chen will spiral out of it. Yukari is done popping out of this gap, so you can jump through as you wish. Yukari's intangibility and Ran and Chen spiraling around her may remind you of the Yukari battle from MegaMari. The rest of the battle is a six-stage imitation of Danmaku Bounded Field. Ran and Chen will start spitting out bullets: some aimed toward the middle of the screen, some shot away toward the edges of the screen. The ones shot toward the middle of the screen will stop and hover in midair. Once Ran and Chen have deployed all their bullets, they will fly toward the middle of the screen before dispersing outward. Your best bet for all the patterns is to hang around in the middle of the screen, as it is much harder to dodge the bullets from the edges of the screen. Do not forget that you can destroy bullets by drill-kicking them - doing so is crucial to survival. Also, if you get hit while you have a Miko Suit, you will destroy bullets simply by running through them while invincible (though you should be using your invincibility time to get another Miko suit if there are any left).

The first couple of patterns are fairly simple. Drill kick the bullets coming up from below you until the center of the screen is too crowded for you to jump safely. Once that happens, for the first pattern, move a little to your right to avoid Ran's last wave from below, then get out of the bullet implosion by running to the left corner. For the second pattern, move a little to your left to avoid Ran's last wave, then escape the collapse as best you can. The third wave is a bit different, as you will be surrounded entirely by bullets. Drill-kick the bullets that Chen shoots up at you from below: there will be only one wave that actually makes it through the floor to you. (You can also try to drill-kick the bullets hovering slightly above the platforms, but I don't advise it as it is far too easy to die in the process.) There will be a small gap to the left for you to hide in when the bullets collapse. Stay there, then run to the left and, as best you can, jump up on top of the P-block, jump back to the right and drill-kick through both waves of bullets. The fourth wave is even worse: your best bet is to hang around on the left edge of the right platform, drill-kick away what you can, and erase bullets with invincibility frames as you use up Miko Suits. The fifth wave is a giant circle. Your best bet is to drill-kick a side as it collapses on you and then try the P-Block trick from the third wave again to get through the other side of the circle as it comes flying at you. The final wave is a scattershot with a fairly long setup, though the left edge of the right platform is fairly safe. The bullets fly a lot slower for this one than the previous patterns, so it is possible to dodge them normally. After this sixth wave, Yukari's gap will slow-mo explode and you will have finally won.

This battle is notably harder than anything else the game throws at you, so don't despair if you don't get it immediately. It will take a LOT of work to get most of the battle down pat: this guide is no substitute for first-hand experience. Just keep plowing away until you have it.

Suika Ibuki


Suika Ibuki

Found in: 7-2-4

This battle is a take-off of the Bowser battle from Super Mario World. If you have played Super Mario World, you will also notice that the stage design for the second half of the level is taken from the last room of Bowser's Keep.

Suika has multiple attack patterns. She starts by swinging back and forth above your head from one top corner to the other, occasionally tossing MechaSuikas out. These will be your primary source of ammunition, so get to know them. They walk around on the ground, generally in your direction. Stomping one lays it flat out on the ground, though eventually it will come back to life if you do not kick it into something. Drill kicking one kills it outright, and running into one while holding another kills them both. In overall, they are like your standard white fuzzy except they are semi-intelligent and will follow you around.

Anyway, Suika will keep swinging back and forth with that dumb grin on her face until you kick two MechaSuikas into her. They have to hit HER and not the flying machine she's in. (Also, if you hit the tip of one of her horns, your attack may still be unsuccessful. For best results, hit her in the mouth or between the eyes from above.) After two hits, Suika's attack pattern will change (this becomes a running theme). Her next attack pattern sees her fly way up above the ceiling and eventually crashing down in an attempt to land on you. This is accompanied by a falling sound effect but it comes in pretty late, so unless you have lightning reflexes I suggest just running back and forth on the ground waiting for her to come down. Drill kick her to damage her while avoiding any MechaSuikas she may toss out. Two drill kicks and you're ready to move on.

At this point, if you're good enough, you can cheese your way through the battle by keeping Suika down on the ground with drill kicks. If you can time your jumps well enough that you prevent her from taking to the air again the fight becomes trivial, but it's not easy to do.

If you are unsuccessful at keeping Suika grounded, her next attack pattern sees her hovering high above you, trying to stay on top of you at all times while moving only horizontally (with a little verticality from the bobbing motion that floating brings on). She will keep throwing out MechaSuikas, but this time she will also sometimes duck into her flying machine, flip upside down and drop a huge boulder on your head. This boulder will roll toward you after it hits the ground but you can safely drill kick it to avoid it if you so desire (just don't bounce yourself into Suika!). Two MORE MechaSuika shots and we're on to the fourth attack pattern.



Suika will again stay high in the sky, but this time she floats away from you toward the wall she is closer to than you. She is perfectly content to hug the wall because the MechaSuikas she throws are flung behind her offscreen and are thus useless as they do not walk back on screen. Occasionally she will duck into her flying machine and start circling in place before throwing another huge boulder at you. These boulders move faster than the previous attack pattern's boulders and they are aimed at you, so stream them as best you can. In order to get Suika to move, you need to hug the same wall she's hugging so that she'll go fly off to the other one. Make sure she drops at least one MechaSuika before she hugs another wall or starts spinning again. Having sound is immensely helpful for this part of the battle, as her spinning makes air-swooshing sound effects. Stay no further away from Suika than the middle of the screen (don't get too close, though) and count off 12 air swooshes. As soon as you hear the 12th, run over to the other wall and jump right after the boulder is fired and it will fly under you. Two more MechaSuika hits and we can move on.

Suika's fifth attack pattern has her bounce around the room like Chen did when she popped out of the right gap, except Suika is a little bit slower and she doesn't stop when she hits the ground. This is annoying to avoid because Suika is fairly large and you have to make sure you don't jump into her when trying to squish a MechaSuika. Suika is also harder to hit in this movement pattern than in any other because of how hard it is to stream her without getting yourself squished. Not much advice to give here, just avoid the poundings as best you can and bash her with two more MechaSuikas to move on to the final attack pattern.


Thank you, Marisa, but our hikikomori is in another boundary!

A fitting end to this game is the danmaku attack pattern Suika breaks out. She will hover completely still in the center of the screen while firing off two sets of colored bullets in a sweeping pattern that form a complete circle around her. The gaps between bullets are large enough to squeeze through fairly safely (especially with how slow the bullets are), but, of course, you still have to worry about hitting her with two final MechaSuikas. Because Suika is stationary, you won't be able to throw a MechaSuika up and have it come down on her; instead, you have throw it while moving toward her from the side so that the MechaSuika arcs toward her. In addition, she will occasionally fire a large slow red bullet at you that takes up an entire gap space - if it does this, you'll have to hurry and find another gap quickly. Hit Suika two last times, enjoy Patchy in a pink dress and watch the credits roll.