In lieu of any actual verbal walkthroughs, you can check Kilgamayan's Replay page for replays of 5-1-2, 5-1-3, 5-2-1 and 6-2-1, and grab this 7-1-3 1LC from Kefit.

0-1-3 - To follow a quick star-gathering route, go down the pipe to the right in Room 1 to get to Room 3. Go down the right pipe here to get to Room 5. Go down the left pipe here to get to Room 2. Go down the right pipe here to get to Room 4. Go down the right pipe here to get to the halfway point. Since there are two columns of stars, you'll need to drill down twice, so once you have done so the first time, go down the leftmost pipe on the bottom to return to Room 4, at which point you can easily get back to the halfway point, drill down the other side, and enter the rightmost pipe on the bottom to continue on. (If you wish only for a quick exit, going down the left pipe in Room 1 pops you out in Room 2, at which point you can jump back into the sequence detailed above.) To finish the level, go down the left pipe in the room with the Chain Chomp fuzzy, go down the middle pipe in the next room with the two large blue fuzzies and the Wiggler fuzzy (the rightmost pipe, containing a Piranha Plant fuzzy, doesn't lead anywhere), and go down the aerial pipe in the next room with two floating blue fuzzies and a Wiggler fuzzy. This will spit you out in the last room. If you are still on a quest for 100 stars, you need to bounce off the Magenta Chargin' Chuck fuzzy all three times that it allows you to before it dies to get all 5 stars above it, so make sure you don't kill it prematurely.

2-2-1 - You may find yourself unable to locate the exit for this stage. This is because it is not readily obvious how to get to where you need to go. In the large room where you get your first broom, taking off from the long runway cloud at the bottom of the screen does not fly you high up enough to reach the upper clouds. To get there, stand on the right tip of the leftmost cloud in the air (it is sort of "stuck" on the wall), then run towards the wall. At the last moment before you hit the wall, turn around. Done properly, you'll hear the skidding noise for a fraction of a second then start running the other way. You should get enough speed to liftoff near the end of the cloud.

4-2-4 - The first part of the stage is, if nothing else, aggravating to navigate. For a "quick" escape, enter the lower left pipe. You'll be spit out in the lower right corner. Run back over to the lower left pipe and enter it again. You will again be spit out in the lower right corner. Enter the center pipe to leave the area. Navigating the rest of the area, as well as finding (and getting) all the pre-Remi stars is left as an exercise for the player. (As a hint, make sure you watch what you destroy.)

5-2-1 - Here's the intended way to do 5-2-1, which involves several loops around the stage. Grabbing the miko suit near the start isn't necessary, and getting up to its location is quite difficult, but it trivializes the rest of the stage so I recommend trying to get it until you succeed. Take note that in the latter parts of the level, death is usually the least nerve wracking way to reset things if you miss a jump or mistime a B block. I apologize for the long pause near the end, but I do unpause...eventually.

5-2-2 - After multiple trips through the stage, you may become confused that you cannot find Koakuma. This is because she is nowhere to be found - instead, your goal is to kill the sun. Refer to the Merupo section of the Bosses page for more detailed information.

6-2-3 - For the section at the end where you make multiple 3-way choices, the proper order to move on is top, bottom, middle, top, bottom, bottom, middle, bottom, top, middle. Make sure you have this memorized or written down somewhere within your range of vision because you cannot afford any screwups timewise. If you are attempting to gather all 100 stars, at the very end, select the top first before selecting the middle, and make sure you have enough time left to scoot on through (don't forget that Marisa gets about two seconds of invincibility after Rumia leaves). No other deviations from the main path need to be made. Note that, to reach top levels, running jumps are required: a standing jump does not get enough height to clear the spikes.


7-2-3 Pacman

There is another way to get the last few stars at the top row without risking running out of time. At the end, hit the block and stop on the enemy. Carry the enemy over Koakuma and to the far right wall. When he returns to normal, bounce on him up to a high area where there is a box containing another piece of meat for Rumia. Ride Rumia back the the upper row to get the last set of stars.

7-2-3 - Refer to the map on the right. You can go either left or right at the start and still make it to Koakuma, but if you go right, you must get the broom at O-3 and make it to M-2 with it in order to get past the brick wall. If you lose the broom, either die to reset the block or backtrack all the way over to take the left path.

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