Epilogue: (of sorts)


'Yes, Suika?'

As the two of us tucked in to breakfast, I snuggled beside her before pinching her nose.

'You’re all red.'


Clapping her hands together, Reimu pushed me away before scolding me.

'No conversation when your mouth is full!'

'Changing the subject, are we? Well, I guess you can’t help it when your face looks so happy~'

Giggling as I teased her, I winked when she clapped her hands on her face and denied furiously again.


'Now you really are… ha ha~'

Laughing as the crimson hue spread all over her face and deepened in color, I turned away as I too was trying hard not to blush.

'Say, Reimu.'


'… teach me how to be a shrine maiden…'


'… I… want to… be with you at the Shrine…'

'… mm…'

'Forever… as long as I can…'

'… mm mm…'

'Of course you will... Suika... for as long as I can...'


Author's Notes:

Characters and Setting: Touhou Immaterial and missing Power Original Creator: ZUN Original Story: Sakayata Tea Mansion Retelling: wrathie

Character Relation Implied: Suika X Reimu

Is a spin-off chapter influenced by the Doujin, Suika in Yakumo Family.

Why, why would SUika hang out with Reimu?

She appeared in IaMp to create feasts and she defeated Reimu once officially but Reimu is Reimu.

She beat Suika anyway.

Seeing them living together is so natural for me.

The childish Suika and the hopeless Shrine Maiden living together, relying on each other. Enduring the lonely and casual days where Marisa might not be around.

She is Suika's only friend, only one who views and respect her as an Oni.

The humans might view her as a little girl or even better yet like Miko Miko Suika

the oni in the Miko Outfit.


Her life is long, Reimu's life is short and so..

to be a miko is to hold to herself, something that she can relate herself with Reimu.

The Oni, of the Hakurei Shrine..

Ibuki Suika

and her relationship...

with the ..

Wonderful Shrine Maiden of Paradise

Hakurei Reimu.

-ahh enough with the sentimentality! >______<- 6/4/08 -wrathie

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