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東方三月精 ~ Strange and Bright Nature Deity 1
Strange and Bright Nature Deity
Group Team Shanghai Alice
Released 2008-01-26
# of Tracks 3
Website Link
東方三月精 ~ Strange and Bright Nature Deity 1 (Touhou Sangetsusei) - Touhou Three Moon Fairies
Running Length
Catalog No.


  • 02. 雪月桜花の国 (04:17)
    • A Land Resplendent With Nature's Beauty
  • 03. スターヴォヤージュ2008 (04:10)
    • Star Voyage 2008


ZUN's Comments

01. サニーミルクの紅霧異変
01. Sunny Milk's Scarlet Mist Incident
Contrary to the arrangement of Sunny Rutile Flection with the style of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil I had in mind, this turned out to be completely taken over by another theme. Even as a violent battle rages within the Scarlet Devil Mansion, this fairy can be seen catching insects beside the mansion. If such an old theme were to fall into a fairy's hands...

02. 雪月桜花の国
02. A Land Resplendent with Nature's Beauty
This second theme was made with the impression of Perfect Cherry Blossom in mind. Perfect Cherry Blossom had a relaxed flow of time in general. This sounds like Japanese, snowy, and quite bitter... This probably adds the finishing touches to the good feel. I also added a drunken feel to the rhythm, with the fairy-ness mixed inside.

03. スターヴォヤージュ2008
03. Star Voyage 2008
The third theme was made with the impression of Imperishable Night in mind. Imperishable night gives off an alien feel. I made this dark and upbeat theme with the view of the universe I like, to my heart's content. This theme is probably too good for Strange and Bright Nature Deity. Truly.

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