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Playable Character

★ 主人公 ・・・ 博麗 靈夢


★ Heroine ・・・ Reimu Hakurei

A Shrine Maiden of the Hakurei Shrine who possesses an innate spiritual power but lacks training. 
She exterminates Youkai by attacking with amulets, firing her Spiritual Attacks, 
and utilizing the power of Yin-yang Orb.
She is quite the optimist, and even a situation such as this does not make her worry,
as she is certain that she can resolve any incident through her own strength.

This time, she (somehow) fights while riding upon a turtle.

Secondary Character

★ 亀 ・・・ 玄爺

★ Turtle ・・・ Genjii

A turtle who has lived a long life and acquired many powers. 
Reimu captured him one day during training and has worked him hard ever since.
He has the power to fly freely through the sky.

Enemy Characters

Stage 1 and Extra Stage Boss
Stage 2 Midboss
Stage 2 Boss
Stage 3 Boss
Stage 4 Midboss
Stage 4 Boss
Final Stage Boss

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