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Ten Desires - Settings and Extra Story.txt

○ Stage 5 Mid-Boss  Departed Spirit of the Children of the Gods

Soga no Tojiko

Species: Ghost
Ability: The power to summon thunder

A ghost of a member of the powerful ancient Japanese family, the Soga.
She served Miko together with Futo, but she was denied resurrection as a human due to her previous connections with Futo. It would be more convenient for Futo to deal with her as a spirit.

She didn't consider her spirit form to be restrictive. Rather, she had no use for a human body, which would break down so quickly.

The Soga and the Mononobe had fought long and hard over Buddhism; Futo and Tojiko's relationship became worse, and took on a give-and-take nature.
Now, they both hate Buddhism.

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