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Geez, that's a stupid price, Karin thought as she eyed a rather sleazy-looking pair of ridiculously overpriced beach sandals. Certainly, it didn't stop those girls with lower taste from eyeing them and fussing over them. Karin kept on walking. She was at a shopping center, on a cheery, overcast Sunday afternoon just after lunch in, oh, say, mid-July, and certainly nothing was going to ruin her day.

Most certainly.

So it didn't make her too happy when the mall's fire alarms began ringing, and someone suggested on the PA that everyone evacuate immediately. It hadn't crossed her mind that it could be a serious emergency.

Actually, there isn't usually a lot crossing on Karin's mind to begin with, but when she heard screaming, and added that to the fact that people all around her were running for the nearest exit, it made her start to wonder. As well, almost seconds later, a man two meters to the left of her seemed to spontaneously explode from a massive red wave of....

Blobs? What the hell? There isn't even any blood! She thought, as she quickly ducked into a mall bookstore for cover.

On a cheery, overcast Sunday afternoon just after lunch in, oh, say, mid-July, somewhere, a boundary had been opened.

Meanwhile, in a certain vampire's mansion in Gensokyo...

"How could it have happened?"

"I don't know, but you can take care of it, right? You can find her?" Remilia's eyes were huge, her wings flap-flapped worriedly. Sakuya closed her eyes, sighing. This certainly seemed like an impossible task, but she didn't want to upset the mistress. "Hai, ojou-sama."

Sakuya set down the tray of cake and tea she had been carrying, and surveyed the room. Everything looks normal..., she thought. It was Flandre's room, fluffy and pink, which was a stark contrast to the kind of person Flandre was, as well as to the dark heavy metal door that usually sealed her in there. Now, however, Flandre was missing. The magic seal on the door wasn't broken when Sakuya entered, so that means that somehow, someone had gotten inside, and...moments later, Sakuya opened it to find a room empty of Flandre. But how?

Patchouli was reading, as always. So, when Sakuya stepped into the library, she did not look up. It was dark, save for the light above the door and the dimmed blue coming in from the skylights, which had been angled to allow the moon to shine in, and not the sun, at any particular time of the day or year. Sakuya squinted at the candle, her eyes adjusting to the darkness.

"Knowledge-san, excuse me for bothering you, but have you seen Flandre-sama?"

Patchouli shook her head, still not turning her attention from what appeared to be...a cookbook? Sakuya smiled for a moment, before quickly stepping back and bowing rather fluidly, giving a brief "Thank you for your help, Knowledge-san", before stepping out of the library and shutting the door softly.

Flandre, where could you be?

Unluckily for Karin, while she was hiding she happened to slip on a piece of paper and knocked a whole bookshelf over, blowing the cover for two others in the bookstore with her, earning her two glares. She swore under her breath. I might have just killed us, she thought as she glared back.

The mall was silent now. Perhaps everyone had evacuated, or were already dead? Silent, except for footsteps. Not heavy footsteps, more like the gentle tap-tap of a princess, or gymnist. Whatever was making the footsteps was almost in front of the bookstore. Think fast...

However, what Karin saw next would have completely destroyed her train of thought, if she had even made a plan to begin with.

There, standing in the doorway, was a very peculiar-looking blonde foreginer girl wearing a cute red and pink dress that would have seemed pretty out of place, anywhere, at any time. She has red eyes? Wait, are those multicolored glass things...wings?...Oh.

Red eyes, multicolored wings, strange dress and all, the blonde girl was looking directly at Karin.

On her search for Flandre, a certain maid encountered the mansion's gate guard.

"Ahahaha! You almost had me there for a minute, Sakuya!"

Meiling choked in laughter, and was met by one of the most serious looks she'd ever seen Sakuya give her. She fell silent.

"...You're kidding"

"She's gone. It's not a lie."

Meiling's eyes widened in horror.

"Oh, dear, dear! What would become of Gensokyo, then? Shouldn't we go and find her?!"

"We? Don't you have a job to do here? You stay here and look after the mistress."

"Oh...alright then." I was hoping she'd bring her with me... thought a sad Meiling. "Good luck!", she called to Sakuya's retreating figure in the sky.

Confused as she was, Karin had the urge to interrogate the girl, though she obviously was not in a position to do so. Well, what's a better thing to do seconds before death?

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!", Karin managed to shout. The other girl smirked, stepping forward suddenly, causing Karin to flinch; she nearly lost her balance, too.

"Oh, just playing a little game, is all," she replied warmly.

"I don't exactly find the idea of running about in a mall killing people a 'little game'."

"You're right, it's no fun if only one person is playing. You can play, too."

So, that probably means I'm basically screwed, Karin thought. The girl was approaching, so she instinctively backed into a corner. But of course, one of the others also cornered wanted to play hero or something. A man a couple years older than Karin, wearing a baseball hat, stepped forward, in between Karin and the blonde girl. "Hey missy, screw off!"

What a stupid thing to do.

The girl laughed, and Karin found it just as funny but did not show it. Choosing to show irritation instead, she turned to him.

"Sir, do I look that weak to you?"

He had begun to stammer, "Well, yeah, but-", she cut him off. "But what? Playing hero will only get you killed! It only works because in the movies it's all-"

While Karin was sputtering random gibberish about heroes and crap, no one noticed that the store had begun turning into a purple haze. And then, the store completely disappeared, completely replaced by a purple void. The others vanished as well. She was alone now.

I'm falling? W...What is this?!

END Prologue

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