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After dinner, I bathed, dressed in my sleepwear and flopped into my futon. Flandre was nowhere to be seen, I'd assumed she was upstairs or something. About ten minutes later, I was out flat.


"Are you sure it's safe down here?" A somewhat frightened young girl's voice seems to be calling out.

"Chen, quiet, you'll wake her up!" Too late. Karin's already rubbing her eyes, and-ouch! Karin yelps.

"OWWW! That hurts, damnit!" In the dim light, Chen's just mistaken Karin and her futon for...what, exactly? Either way, she tripped over it and the two are tangled up!

Chen quickly untangled herself, and is busy staring at that innocent-looking girl in the frilly nightgown, who was now standing up and trying to identify the pair.

"What are you two doing here? I haven't seen you before. Who are you, rather."

Chen dismissed that statement with a wave of her hand. "Figure it out. We're here to take you away."

Karin giggled in disbelief. "Take me away? Like hell that will happen!" She glanced over her shoulder and noticed Flandre's bed was still empty. "Uhhmm...crap!"

Ran sighed. "They're still upstairs. You want to see Yukari, right? Well, even if you didn't, she sent for you."

"That must mean you two are her familiars Ran and Chen."

"Yes, it's a pleasure to meet you..." Ran didn't sound too enthusiastic. "Well done~!" Chen sounded pleased.

"Well, then when are we leaving? And did you talk to them-" Karin gestures upstairs, "-about it?"

"Eheheh, that's..." "Sorry for this!" Ran produces a burlap sack out of nowhere and bags Karin in it!


"Why do I have to go in a sack?!" I cried out rather annoyedly. It wasn't too hot and stuffy, but it was annoying. I considered my options: Crying out for help like a moron, or just letting things go along.

"Well, it's easier this way," Ran commented. I heard the heavy front doors open, and wondered why none of the other maids, Sakuya or even Remilia had noticed yet...I drifted off into sleep.


Work in progress

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