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It's been two days, and Flandre has been sleeping through most of both. When I see her sleeping face, I kind of want to forgive her for what happened at the mall.

Sakuya-san taught me almost everything I needed to know; How to properly clean, wash clothes, and how to serve the mistresses properly. Though, she showed me nothing about the kitchen except how to use the dishwasher, what to do with the garbage, and where the coffee beans were stored. How very convenient for her.

I've been beginning to worry about what my family and friends back home were thinking happened to me. I fabricated the following two scenarios:

Scenario one, they filed a missing person report, after seeing the news on what had happened at the mall. (If there was a news report, that is.)

Scenario two, they think I'm staying with some boy, doing...

...Anyways. I haven't been outside a lot, but the mansion is very cozy. I've managed to avoid Remilia almost the whole time, but not today.

Sakuya was outside, probably hanging laundry. I had just finished grinding coffee beans in the kitchen at about lunchtime and was already brewing a cup, when she suddenly popped into the kitchen.

"So, so, I finally get a chance to see you up close, Karin~"

I whirled around. "I-I..I...Ojou-sama," I somehow managed to say. I'd seen her a couple times, but only at the end of the hallway, when she walked by occasionally.

Remilia was, would I daresay, cute? Somehow, she reminded me of my little sister, except my little sister didn't have pink hair. Or wings. I suppose it's not a very good comparison. Not to mention, how she was staring at me.

I uncomfortably searched for some kind of proper introductory statement.

"I-it's my pleasure.." I half-bowed. When I righted, she was gone already.

So was the coffee I was making. She...tricked me?! Uwaa~

Karin sighed. The mistress was eating, so to say, and of course, had to be waited on by someone. Sakuya had shown up also. Finally, Remilia popped up, chirping "Gochisou-sama~" and nearly flew towards the living room to watch TV.

"Ne, ne, Sakuya-san."

"Nani?" "Flandre's been sleeping an awfully long time. Should I wake her up?" Karin fidgeted with the broom.

Sakuya sat down, smirking. "Oh, so you're worried about her now?"

"I never said that!" Karin continued sweeping, rather hurriedly. I didn't have to...

"Well, if you really want to, then go ahead. I suggest waiting until dinner."

The two ate in silence. The mistress and her sister were both sleeping, so the mansion was quiet. Afterwards, Karin helped Sakuya load the dishwasher.

"If you get bored enough, you could always go read in the library. Just don't annoy the librarians." Sakuya went to attend to some other duty, leaving Karin in her own thoughts. Come to think of it, I haven't read in a while...


"What are you doing here?"

Karin spun around, almost knocking over a bookshelf. It was a red-haired girl in a black and white dress, who was crossing her arms and looking very stern. She also had wings, a set on her back and on the sides of her head. A bit more unusual than normal.

Karin clutched the book she was holding to her chest. "I' to read?"

"Oh, is that so?"

Karin relaxed a bit. "Well, what else would I be doing?"

"Stealing books. If you're here to steal books-"

"I'm not," Karin interjected.

"Why is it I haven't seen you here before? Are you Scarlet Devil's new maid?"

"I'm new here, but I'm not...'hired' Scarlet Devil; actually her sister did."

Just then, they heard glass breaking.

Karin winced. "That didn't sound normal."

The red-haired girl started off towards the origin of the sound. "You stay here, I need to talk to you still."

Of course, who would follow those directions? I might miss something interesting. Staying in the shadows, I had a good view of what was taking place. A yellow/blonde-haired girl in a black dress with a black (uhh...magician's hat?) had crashed in through the skylight. The red-haired girl and a purple-haired girl were standing side by side in front of her.

She was holding a straw and bamboo broomstick. Is she a...witch?

"Yo, I came to borrow some books!"

Purple-haired girl frowned. "Oh, and I'm sure we all know what that means."

"But I returned them last time, Patchouli!"

So purple-haired girl's name is Patchouli.

"You returned them, in multiple pieces.."

"I still returned them, so that means I get to borrow more!"

Red-haired girl sighed, pointing at the broken skylight. "You fix that first. Don't break anything more."

Karin could have laughed, but didn't.

As soon as she was done filling her backpack with books, the witch flew right back out through the skylight glass she just fixed.

"I'd assume that happens a lot?" I smirked. Patchouli turned to face me. The red-haired girl jumped, apparently having forgotten that a certain maid was there. She put her hands on her hips.

"Yeah, Marisa does that a lot," said Patchouli.

"Oh, it's her," mumbled the red-haired girl, presumably about me.

"Her? A new maid?" Patchouli seemed to scan me with her eyes, then nodded. "You pass." She was unusually pale.

Pass what? She was looking at my chest.

I then remembered I was hugging a book. I held it up. "T-this?"

"You were protecting it, right?"

I nervously grinned.

She sat down. "Come back anytime."

I was about to exit the library, when the red-haired girl tugged at my dress. "Hold it."

I turned around. "Hnn?"

"Your name." She was holding a clipboard and pen. I put two and two together.

"Takahito Karin." I bowed, and she returned it.

"Call me whatever you want," she said, flying back into the library.


Karin returned to the cellar and sat down at the table, opening the book. It was titled "Love-coloured Sleep", and the author's name was blacked out. It was mostly about sleep, but it also contained a crash course introduction to magic using. After an hour or so of reading (and lame attempts at magic), Karin closed the book. Flandre was still sleeping. What to do next?

It was late. Karin went upstairs, having decided on a bath.

The bathtub was large. Large enough for at least four people. And at most 1m deep, kind of a mini-onsen. Karin was in a towel now.

Let's waste some water, shall we?

There were the usual hot and cold water levers, and then there was a red button that said "Press me". Karin felt daring, pressing the button.

Within a minute, the whole tub was filled with water of the perfect tempterature. She dropped her towel to the side and sat down.

Of course, the bathtub was made for more than one person. Also, it was night. Flandre got out of bed.

...Karin was too shocked to scream. Sitting across from her at the other side of the tub, was her mistress. Without clothes.

"Why-how...Flandre?!" How did I not notice her?

Flandre just laughed.

I ended up washing her hair, which she seemed to enjoy.

"Karin, how long will you be around?"

"I'm not sure."

"If you leave, you'll come back to play, right?"

Is that even possible? "I'm...not even sure if I can leave."

Little to their knowledge, Remilia and Sakuya were watching through a crack in the doorjamb.

"She's only been here a week and they're already bathing together? Did we ever do that, Sakuya?"

Sakuya shook her head, shrugging. "I don't recall, ojou-sama."

Remilia poked her in the side, causing Sakuya to flinch. "We should sometime."

Sakuya only blushed.

Flandre's supposedly nocturnal, but she was tired after the bath; after we dressed, I put her in bed and tucked her in, where she immediately started snoozing.

As usual, I prepared my futon at the side of her bed and hopped in. Within minutes I was asleep.


Karin woke up the next morning to find herself next to Flandre, in her pink bed. Whoever was responsible, Karin wouldn't know.

END Chapter Two

Notes and stupid stuff

Kaorin: "Flandre is normally insane, but with Karin around, what's going on? Is she growing attached? Does Karin have some hidden power that-"

Sakuya stops time for a moment. "Kaorin. No spoilers. Start over!"

Kaorin: "Flandre is normally insane, but will there be some hawt yuri action going on lat..." Kaorin trails off, being silenced by a pair of glowing red eyes from Remilia.

"I mean, nothing's going on! Everything's normal in the Scarlet Devil Mansion! Yeah!"


Author's blahblahblah

Chapter Two is done. Is it too short? I actually planned out some of this chapter, but lost my notes and the script about halfway through, so I had to do it over again. This chapter seemed a bit bland, but it was necessary for character development and getting the main character used to the mansion. Also, something happened that you may not think much of, but...well, you'll see.

There isn't much action going on yet, but there is much room for stuff to happen yet.

Switching perspectives seems to work well, so I'll continue with that.

I like writing down in a script/draft first because then when I type it, I can modify it accordingly. You know, change some words, make something sound better, edit out a part that's un-necessary.

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