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I was a bit lightheaded when I woke up, engulfed in pink sheets. What had happened? Whatever had happened, they must have had a great deal of fun doing it, I thought passively. The clothes I had been wearing were gone, having been replaced by nightgown? And where did my underwear go? The gown was very comfortable, thought; if I could, I'd bring it home. It seemed rather elegant. At the same time, however, I was uncomfortable. Here I am, waking up in a strange bed, in a strange pink room. I crawled out of the bed, sitting down after fixing the sheets.

Looking around, I noticed it was a well-furnished fancy room. With dark-grain wood walls, chairs, this bed I'm on, a bedside table with a drawer, what looked like a table for studying with an unlit shaded lamp atop it, a bookshelf with only one shelf filled, a dresser with a mirror on it, and a chandeleir. I couldn't tell if it was electrical or not, but it was lit/on. Still rather dark however, as there were no windows.

It was quiet. I couldn't hear any cars or birds, which could mean a few things. One, I'm in a sound-proofed room. Two, I'm underground. Three, I'm not in the city anymore. I stood up and knocked on the wall, testing one of my theories. Strangely enough, the wall felt as solid as concrete, even though it looked like wood.

I couldn't see any visible doors, which scared me. If I was underground or in a sealed room, with no windows or vents, I was going to run out of air eventually, right?

The next thought was of going back to sleep.

Having been woken by hushed voices, I continued lying there, listening to a conversation while feigning sleep.

"Well, you could have just told me. We went searching all over Gensokyo for you."


"Sakuya, but-"

"Flandre-sama, if the mistress finds out, then what would become of me...?"

"I'll tell her myself then."

"Wait, wait! We could just kill her, and act like nothing happened. Right?"

I sat up. The look of suprise on my face must have been rather genuine, as the two talking girls suddenly stared at me. One of them was a silver-haired girl in a maids' uniform. And the other? I shrieked. "Y-you?!"

It was the blonde girl from the mall.


I was already out of the bed by then. "Would someone care to tell me what is going on? Where the hell am I? And where did my clothes go?"

The silver-haired one stepped forwards.

"What are you?"

I'm asking the questions here!, I wanted to say. I settled for something easier.

"What do I look like?"

"A human girl."

"Then that's what I am. Now, answer my questions."

She curtsied, which I found rather odd, considering how rude I'd been. I had a right to, of course.

"I am Izayoi Sakuya, chief maid of the Scarlet Devil Mountain. And you are here," she pointed at the blonde girl, "because Flandre brought you here."

"Alright then. Flandre-" Of course, I tripped over her foreign-sounding name, causing her to smirk. "Flandre, give me one reason not to beat the crap out of you and turn you over to the police."

"Police?" Sakuya looked confused.

"Police?" Just like some kind of eight-year old, Flandre just had to mimick the word, further adding to my rising level of annoyance.

I elaborated. "Police? You know, law enforcement?"

Sakuya shook her head.

Flandre repeated Sakuya's headshake. I sighed. "Nevermind what I said, then. Give me my stuff back and let me go home." I crossed my arms. Flandre fidgeted.

Her next message had a very unsettling, eerie tone:

"Well, I was thinking, maybe you could stay here for a while. And do some things for me. Like what Saku does for onee-sama."

She looked at me that way again, the same way when she first saw me; head-tilted, a curious expression on her face.

Sakuya looked very sorry for me, for some reason.

I wasn’t sure what to do, but I was sure I didn’t exactly have many choices.

"No way! I'm not wearing that! Let me go hoooooome! Waaah!"

One moment, I was standing there, the next moment I was running for my life, with Sakuya tailing. Flandre had gone to talk to her sister, whoever that was, and Sakuya had stayed behind, to 'help me dress'. I don't believe that one bit, Sakuya.

"It'll be quick, I promise~"

Ten minutes later, I gave up. Of course, not without audible complaining, lecher accusations and, lots of embarassed blushing from both of us. Sakuya now had my precious nightgown, and I didn't. Enjoying every minute of it, I thought. Pouting, I faced the corner. Sakuya disappeared through the doorway; I realized now, it had been hidden by the nearly-empty bookshelf I hadn't bothered checking out too much. Damn! I could have gotten out after all. I picked up one of the bedsheets and wrapped myself in it.

About twenty seconds later she returned with a complete maids' uniform, exactly the same as hers except it was dark red instead of dark blue.

"Put this on."

I grabbed it and turned around quickly. How the heck was I supposed to wear it? Almost seconds after that question popped into my head, Sakuya stepped towards me. I spun around again, putting out my hand.

"Wait, no! I can-"

And then she was on me.

In nearly a minute, I was standing in front of the mirror, with the maid's outfit on, and Sakuya smiling happily. I was nearly in tears.

"Today, you stay in this room with Flandre. But tomorrow, I'll teach you as much as I can, alright?"


"How long do I have to do this for?"

Conversing with Sakuya, Karin learned she was in a place called Gensokyo, which was supposedly east of Japan, not on any of the main islands. How she got there? Flandre took her 'through the boundary', which involved some kind of magic. Right.

"Youkai? Magic? I thought those didn't exist anymore."

"Gensokyo is full of them."

Well, this is an interesting development, Karin thought. She continued questioning Sakuya.

"So, if you let me go home...I wouldn't be able to get there on foot?"

"If you left, the youkai outside the gates would most likely eat or kill you. It depends. How fast can you fly?"

"Fly? The last time I checked, I couldn't..."

"Nevermind then. Hey, I never did get your name..."

Karin bowed, trying to repeat the curtsey motion Sakuya gave earlier. "Takahito Karin. I'm from Fukuoka."

They sat talked for a while longer. Sakuya explained that they were in a large mansion in the forest. The Scarlet Devil Mansion. The mistress was none other than the Scarlet Devil; a vampire named Remilia Scarlet.

"Remilia is a vampire?"

"Right. She won't hurt you, unless...


"Unless you're blood type is one she likes."

Karin sat down on the bed.

"B. I'm not sure if it's positive or negative- HEY! Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Well... We could have a serious problem then." Sakuya smiled. Karin found it anything but funny.

"...She likes B, huh. Well, we could always not tell her," Karin suggested.

"Oh, she can tell. I'm not sure exactly how, but she can."

Karin almost panicked. "W-why'd you let Flandre go and tell her about me, then? I'll be dead by morning!"

"We seal this room with a powerful boundary to keep Flandre in, most of the time. She's pretty dangerous. "

"Yeah, when I was still in the mall, she was blowing a lot of stuff up. Still, though, that's like putting me in a cage with a lion to keep me safe from the lion outside of the cage."

"If the seal can keep Flandre in, it can most definitely keep the mistress out."

"Oh, that's good news." Karin sighed in relief. Sakuya headed for the door.

Karin stood up. "Where are you going?"

"I have to go fix dinner. It wouldn't be a good idea to follow, but I'll bring you something good, I promise."

"Oh, okay." Karin sat back down again, as Sakuya disappeared through the door.

A few seconds later she returned, smiling.

"Hey, Karin, it's not that bad. At least the lion you'll be staying with seems to like you."

"W-what?!" An embarassed Karin blushed furiously.

Sakuya walked away giggling to herself.

END Chapter One

Notes and stupid stuff

Main Character, Takahito Karin Age: 16 Height: 164cm Blood Type: B Like: Cute things Hate: Being underestimated Hobby: Plays the piano, surfs the internet, and fills in for absent members of the school sports team, on occasion.

Kaorin: "Your average not-so-average highschool girl, who is on summer vacation. Karin is 16, 2nd-year (ninensei). Karin is pushy and can stand up for herself, except around certain types of people. She developed a strange interest in elegant clothing and supernatural occurances from browsing the Internet everyday, but didn't expect a supernatural occurance to happen to her."


"Now, she's in the Scarlet Devil Mansion in an eastern land called Gensokyo, has had her underwear stolen, and on top of that, the mistress is a vampire! Not to mention, Karin has that vampire's favorite blood type! Wait, Karin's in a maid's uniform now? That pervert Sakuya! She should have let me do it instea- OW!"

Sakuya drags Kaorin away from the microphone by the ear.

Author's blahblahblah

When I started, I didn't know where I was going with this. I finished the 'prologue' and the first chapter though. About halfway through the first chapter, I got lucky and my brain found a direction to take the storyline. If my brain can do this more often, then I should be able to continue for quite a while longer.

I changed the perspective again. People said it was better in third-person, and I think the move to first-person may have made me seem like a slacker, so I'll try to quit slacking off with only one, and switch off between the two instead. However, I'm not sure how well it would look, but I'll try to find a good situation to switch perspective in as I'm writing. This fanfic is really fun to write. It may not be the best but it's fun for me and hopefully as much fun to the readers. It gives you something to do, whether you're bored in class or at home, or are just plain feeling creative at the moment. It's a commitment. I wasn't sure I would be able to even hold up this long, but I have, thanks to generous pointers from people like 7HS and Blargel, who have also written fanfics. Thanks, ze!

References are very nice to have. If you're drawing, it helps to have references, whether it be your hand, or an outfit you have sitting in your dresser. My references were Tom Clancy. They weren't that helpful, but reading will help your imagination, so I picked up Without Remorse and The Bear and the Dragon (which I've read before).

I've been pretty much writing this the same way Blargel has been writing his though; that is, sitting down and reading your previous post, building from there.

I'm not trying to compete! It's kind of diffucult and slow, so take it easy on fanfiction writers please! orz

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