Winter 東方 Touhou Unplugged/Classic 134 & 135 Well, this is a rather long song. I’m going to go with Lily White as the center of this story. Please bear with me, I ran into a roadblock early on in the game. Lily White= Spring...Lol. So anyways… Lily White has a dream of when she was little ~

0:00; The beginning scenario I can imagine is Lily White sleeping peacefully in her cave. It was deep inside of the cave, far from the raging snow outside. It was the middle of a long winter, so she was “hibernating.” Lily was curled up into a little ball, her face buried in her long white sleeves. Her little hat rose and fell as she breathed and her feathery wings wrapped around her tightly to keep her warm. While her body lay dormant, her mind remained active as she dreamt.

Her closed eyes fluttered as she remembered someone dear to her…

0:30; Lily opened her eyes to see the ceiling of the cave. Her head was resting on something very warm… She blinked a couple times and yawned, stretching her arms out in the air.

“What are you doing Lily?” A soothing voice asked, “It’s still the middle of winter.” A head appeared over Lily’s face. Lily blinked a couple times to clear out the blurriness that tinged her eyes.

It was Lily’s Mother. Her mother smiled as she lovingly stroked Lily’s hair.

“Ma… “Lily whined “Can’t we go out and play in the snow...?”

Lily’s mother laughed.

“You promised that we could…”

“I swear Lily; I’ve never seen a spring fairy that loves winter so much.” Lily’s mother replied jokingly.

“Ma…” Lily pleaded.

“OK OK, but first you got to get your heavy head off my lap!”

“Yay!” Lily sprung to her feet eagerly, stretching briefly. She was so excited! Without waiting for her mother she ran through the cave enthusiastically.

“I wonder what snow looks like in the middle of winter” Lily thought as she neared the cave entrance.

“Wait up Lily!” her mother called out. Behind her Lily could hear her mother’s footsteps.

Lily had just made it outside when she stopped dead in her tracks.

1:19; Lily gazed in awe at the world of pure white. It was so white… just like heaven! Snow was drifting from the sky like powdery flower petals-

“Where do you think you’re going?!” Lily squirmed as her mother grabbed her from behind and lifted her into the air. They both laughed as they fell forward into the snow. Lily broke free of her mother’s hold and grabbed a clump of snow. She threw it at her mother. Her mom laughed as she shielded herself from the pathetic assault. She ran forward, grabbing Lily around the waist and raising her into the air. Lily laughed and kicked making her lose her balance. They both tumbled into the snow making little puffs of snow rise into the air. They rolled onto their backs looking up upon the beautiful winter sky… The snow continued to drift down silently.

Lily opened her mouth and let a snowflake float down and settle on her tongue...

She closed her eyes…

2:00; Lily opened her eyes, her heart beating with excitement. She lifted her head and looked behind her….

But there was no one…

Lily sagged as she slowly lay back onto the floor. She sniffed as she drew her wings around her tightly. Tears welled from behind her eyelids. She wished that winter would end already…

She hated it…

The scene fades away leaving Lily by herself.

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