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○Stage 5 Boss  Disciple of Bishamonten

Shou Toramaru

Species: youkai
Ability: the power to gather treasure

A youkai representing good fortune.
Byakuren had long been a devotee of Bishamonten. So, she thought she'd summon Bishamonten to her temple.
But Bishamonten was very busy, and so was practically never there.

Byakuren realized that the youkai around the temple had always been afraid.
They must be afraid of Bishamonten.
They must think that they're going to be exterminated.

Bishamonten was too busy to hang around the temple much, and the youkai were too scared to come around.
So, Byakuren came up with a cunning plan.
She introduced the most honest and straightforward youkai on the mountain to Bishamonten and had the youkai gather faith in exchange.

That chosen youkai was Shou.
A youkai in the form of a tiger, she was also the youkai that other youkai on the mountain trusted the most.
The busy Bishamonten quietly took her on as a disciple.

However, she hadn't yet earned Bishamonten's full confidence.
So, the mouse that acted as Bishamonten's helper, Nazrin, was selected to keep watch.

But, in spite of Bishamonten's worries, she didn't cause any problems at all.
She was an excellent assistant.

Still, she was perhaps too excellent.
When Byakuren was sealed away, she was completely focused on carrying out her duties as Bishamonten.
She kept the fact that she was a youkai a secret from humans.
She had her regrets about this, but it would have been self-destructive to reveal her true identity.

A few hundred years after Byakuren disappeared, the temple was in great disarray.
And so, Byakuren's friends who'd been sealed deep beneath the earth returned.

She didn't want to have any more regrets. She wouldn't run away.
She told Murasa and the others how to lift the seal. She was, after all, a youkai.
She wanted to put all her power into bringing Byakuren back.

"In order to break the seal, we'll need the power of Myouren, Byakuren's brother.
And the only things left are a flying treasury and the floating treasures...
Murasa, let's take the ship and go look for it!"

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