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Shou in Fan Culture

  • Some fans have compared her and Nazrin's relationship to Ran Yakumo and Chen's, as all four of them are animal youkai, and Nazrin comes back much more powerful as Shou's midboss, much like how Chen comes back more powerful as Ran's midboss.
  • Due to the fact she has lost her Pagoda, fanwork portray her as a very distracted and/or forgetful person, losing frequently things she has or forgetting where they are.

An example of Shou's curvy lasers

  • Shou has gained some bad reputation among fans because of her extremely difficult Spell Cards. Fans will often complain about her unique "CURVY LASERS".
  • Some fans have speculated Shou involves a reference to Fatty from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, whose stand "Harvest" (which bears patterns similar to Shou's tiger stripes) gathered things at his request. The most notable case of this was lottery tickets, one of which was a winner—i.e., a treasure.

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