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Scenes that have been cleared with an adequate score will have a scene-specific comment from Aya displayed in pink text, each of which can be found at Shoot the Bullet: Spell Cards. If an adequate score has not yet been obtained, then one of the following comments will be displayed instead, in blue text:

Levels whose scenes haven't been unlocked yet:


I don't think this has good feng shui.
Nothing interesting seems to be happening over here.

Scenes that have been unlocked, but don't have a best shot (i.e., at least one photograph with a non-zero score) yet:


It looks like something interesting might happen here.

Scenes that have a best shot, but that haven't been cleared yet:


Well, I've taken quite a few here, haven't I.
If I can't get a few more good photos, I can't
write up an article.

Scenes that have been cleared, but with a low score:


Hmm. I've got enough pictures, but ...
I'd like to try to get something a bit more useful.
I can't write a good article with pictures like these.

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