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Shoot the Bullet: Level Ex Spell Cards

Spell Card 78

StBsc78 No. 78: 禁忌「フォービドゥンフルーツ」

Taboo "Forbidden Fruit"

Owner: Flandre Scarlet
Level Ex — 1
Comment: Move up close underneath Flandre, take the first photograph when she releases her second wave of bullets, remain in charge mode and take a photo of her every time she releases a new wave of bullets. You will need to dodge around the incoming bullet patterns during the last few shots.

Spell Card 79

StBsc79 No. 79: 禁忌「禁じられた遊び」

Taboo "Forbidden Games"
Forbidden Games (Jeux Interdits): a title of a French film.

Owner: Flandre Scarlet
Level Ex — 2
Comment: Start at the bottom left hand corner and move around the screen in an anti-clockwise fashion in focused speed taking a photo of Flandre every time the camera is fully charged. Be very careful around the crosses: the danger area is surprisingly large. If you come close to one stay between two prongs and follow its movement. When you take a photograph of a cross the centre balls are removed but the spikes remain.

Spell Card 80

StBsc80 No. 80: 境符「色と空の境界」

Boundary Sign "Boundary between Form and Emptiness"
色 (Shiki): Form (Rupa), color
空 (Kuh): Emptiness (Shunyata), void
Her name "紫 (purple)" is also visible and invisible light.

Owner: Yukari Yakumo
Level Ex — 3
Comment: There are two ways of completing this level, one for the survivalist and one for the high scorer. The spellcard is arguably the easiest in the extra stage when played in survivalist mode. For the survivalist take a photograph of Yukari during the third laser wave (take the photo as soon as you hear the swish sound because the lasers immediately close in about you at that point). Use defensive shots during the bullet swarms. The high-scoring technique is essentially the opposite: use a defensive shot to clear Yukari's laser and take a photograph of her during the bullet swarms (Ideally the dense spiralling pattern). Try to time it for a nice shot too.

A 1,000,000+ score is the norm when you use this technique and 2,300,000+ is possible if every shot is perfect.

Spell Card 81

StBsc81 No. 81: 境符「波と粒の境界」

Boundary Sign "Boundary between Wave and Particle"
The name is concerned in quantum theory.

Owner: Yukari Yakumo
Level Ex — 4
Comment: No particular strategy, just dodge and try to take a photo whenever Yukari's bullets are in “wave” mode.

Spell Card 82

StBsc82 No. 82: 貴人「サンジェルマンの忠告」

Exalted Personage "Advice of St. Germain"
Count of St. Germain: an immortal alchemist.

Owner: Fujiwara no Mokou
Level Ex — 5
Comment: Just another dodging card. Be aware that Mokou whizzes about the screen (disappearing, then reappearing in three discrete locations) and rarely stays in one place for long so take a photograph as soon as she appears or you'll end up missing her when you take a photograph.

Spell Card 83

StBsc83 No. 83: 蓬莱「瑞江浦嶋子と五色の瑞亀」

Hourai "Mizunoe no Ura no Shimako and Five-Coloured Turtles"
Mizunoe no Ura no Shimako, who is also known as "Tarou Urashima (浦島太郎)", is a central character of a Japanese folktale which is a little bit similar to "Rip Van Winkle". The Rip Van Winkle effect is dubbed the Urashima effect in Japan.
The five colors, red, blue, yellow, white, and black, are symbolic colors of the five elements in East Asian philosophy. The colors correspond to Fire (火), Wood (木), Earth (土), Metal (金), and Water (水), respectively.

Owner: Fujiwara no Mokou
Level Ex — 6
Comment: These are just aiming shots. Take it easy ;)

Spell Card 84

StBsc84 No. 84: 鬼気「濛々迷霧」

Qi of Oni "Deep Fog Labyrinth"
Qi: mysterious energy in the Chinese philosophy.

Owner: Suika Ibuki
Level Ex — 7
Comment: Move around the screen while Suika is in mist form taking defensive shots to clear her mist whenever necessary. It's tricky to predict where she will move, but just moving around the edge of the screen during her first shot (in focussed mode) and around inside her mist after that (in charge mode) is a tried and tested technique. Suika disappears for 30 seconds at first, and then for 15 seconds every time after that (confirmed experimentally). You will be moving around her mist for longer than that though because each shot adds time. Don't try taking a photo as soon as Suika appears – there isn't enough time to charge and you'll end up wasting a shot.

Spell Card 85

StBsc85 No. 85: 「百万鬼夜行」


Owner: Suika Ibuki
Level Ex — 8
Comment: Another basic dodging pattern. Not as tricky as it looks.

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