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Shoot the Bullet: Level 9 Spell Cards

Spell Card 62

StBsc62 No. 62:
Owner: Eirin Yagokoro
Level 9 — 1
Comment: Eirin! Eirin!

This card is pretty much a standard slow-dodging card, with two twists.
One is that occasionally, large holes will open up in the pattern. Try to take advantage of this.
The other is that Eirin keeps you too far away to actually shoot normally. To get around this problem, hold SHIFT for slow-mode - this will cause your viewfinder to drift a bit closer to her - then release SHIFT, quickly press and hold Z to zoom, and move your viewfinder over her.
If you don't have an opportunity to zoom and shoot, defensive shots might be worth your while.

Spell Card 63

StBsc63 No. 63: 新難題「月のイルメナイト」

New Impossible Request "Lunar Ilmenite"
ilmenite: iron titanium oxide, FeTiO3. The moon is the reservoir of ilmenite.

Owner: Kaguya Houraisan
Level 9 — 2
Comment: While this card can be done "straight up" by simply dodging through the rain, it's much easier if you realize that all the bullets are aimed in a large cylinder towards you. Start in an upper corner, shoot Kaguya, stay there a short time charging, then run unfocused down around the bottom of the screen in a U shape over to the other top corner, which should be entirely clear. The card is very easy using this method, but there's one unintuitive catch: you must make your U-run very quickly, as the longer you linger on the bottom, the more bullets will be lingering there as well when you try to cross back over.

Spell Card 64

StBsc64 No. 64: 薬符「胡蝶夢丸ナイトメア」

Medicine Sign "Butterfly Dream Pill - Nightmare Type"
Butterfly Dream: a legenda of Zhuangzi, who is a famous philosopher in ancient China.
Butterfly Dream Pill - Nightmare Type: a medicine developed by Eirin in Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red. One can dream any nightmare he/she wants to dream.

Owner: Eirin Yagokoro
Level 9 — 3
Comment: The thing to note is that the butterflies will never hit you if you stay still. Even if you move slowly, there is still some leeway unless you're hanging very close to Eirin, so just dodge the clouds of bullets in quick-rewind mode and keep shooting.

Defensive shots are probably not advisable.

Spell Card 65

StBsc65 No. 65: 新難題「エイジャの赤石」

New Impossible Request "Red Stone of Aja"
Red Stone of Aja: a ruby-like gem in a manga "JOJO's bizarre adventure (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険)".

Owner: Kaguya Houraisan
Level 9 — 4
Comment: Here's a slightly nasty "laser" card. You need to make wide movements to dodge the blasts that Kaguya fires at you, but the slow-moving lasers tend to restrict your movement.

There are several things you can do to make your life easier here. One is to make sure you have an escape route before Kaguya shoots. Another is to try and "fake" the big shot in one direction, then run the other way. A third is to simply shoot Kaguya when the big shot has just appeared - this will cancel the whole shot. Finally, it is possible to dodge most of the blast, then move into the wake of the main cannon-shot in order to dodge the last pair of bubbles. This last technique can be useful in the later part of the spell when space is limited.

Spell Card 66

StBsc66 No. 66: 練丹「水銀の海」

Elixir "Mercury Sea"

Owner: Eirin Yagokoro
Level 9 — 5
Comment: There are several specific sequences for defeating this spell, but here is one.
  1. Immediately shoot Eirin, then move to the right of the screen center and begin rewinding (watch out for stray bullets).
  2. When Eirin passes by you on her way up, shoot again. Move up and around her to reach the upper left quarter of the screen and begin rewinding. A sparse wave of bullets will come towards you and rebound off the left wall; if you took your shots well, you can just avoid it by going to the top left corner, or you can try to dodge through it (beware the rebound).
  3. By the next time Eirin starts moving up from the bottom of the screen, you should have just finished rewinding. Fly towards the large bullet wave coming from the bottom of the screen, and clear as much of it as you can while shooting Eirin. Dodge through what remains of the wave and head for the lower left quarter, rewinding as you go.
  4. Eirin will be on her downward trip by the time the rewinding finishes. Move towards screen centre, shift your viewfinder a bit to the right to catch the waves coming off the right-side wall, and shoot. Dodge towards screen bottom and rewind.
  5. Take the fifth shot as soon as you can, and begin rewinding. There will be relatively few bullets in the lower half of the screen where you are, but there's a huge wave coming from the top, so you'd better rewind quickly.
  6. Take your final shot whenever you're ready.

Spell Card 67

StBsc67 No. 67: 新難題「金閣寺の一枚天井」

New Impossible Request "Seamless Ceiling of Kinkaku-ji"

Owner: Kaguya Houraisan
Level 9 — 6
Comment: It is often said that this is one of the most difficult spell cards, but, put your heart at ease, there is a strategy.

Kaguya shoots 4 kinds of 4-way bullets as a cross: at first she shoots green bullets, and adds cyan bullets after you took a 3rd picture, blue bullets after a 5th picture, and purple bullets after a 6th picture. Because any kind of bullets is shot as a cross sign (at 45-, 135-, 225-, 315-degree angle) at first, you can control when these bullets overlap in front of her, where you may mainly avoid bullets, so you should avoid 2 or more kinds of bullets overlap there, soon after you took a picture until you finish to charge.

  1. Take 2 pictures as you please.
  2. Take a 3rd picture little bit before Kaguya shoots green bullets as a plus sign. You'll get time to charge, because green and cyan bullets don't overlap in front of her for a while.
  3. Take a 4th picture when green and cyan bullets overlap in front of her.
  4. Take a 5th picture when she shoots green bullets as an intermediate of a plus and a cross sign, because green and blue bullets will never overlap in front of her. You NEVER take a 5th picture when she shoots green bullets as a plus or a cross sign, or green and blue bullets overlap FOREVER.
  5. Take a 6th picture when cyan bullets overlap green or blue bullets.
  6. Take a 7th picture with a zoom. Good luck! ;)

Spell Card 68

StBsc68 No. 68: 秘薬「仙香玉兎」

Secret Elixir "Lunar Incense"

Owner: Eirin Yagokoro
Level 9 — 7
Comment: Another simple card. Choose your gap in the lasers (wisely!), sit right next to the lasers at one side of the wide part of the gap, and after Eirin fires two sets of bubbles move over to the other side of your gap. Be sure to remove a full wave of bubbles when you shoot her, too.

Spell Card 69

StBsc69 No. 69: 新難題「ミステリウム」

New Impossible Request "Mysterium"

Owner: Kaguya Houraisan
Level 9 — 8
Comment: Here's a ludicrously easy SC.
  1. Move towards Kaguya, staying at the left wall and rewinding.
  2. When you get to the point where you can catch both yourself and Kaguya in the viewfinder, shoot. (You may have to dodge about 3 or 4 bullets. Also, you may have to shift the viewfinder a bit to catch Kaguya. Both these skills will be child's play by the time you've unlocked Level 9.)
  3. Stay there, dodging bullets when they finally reach you, and keep shooting. Kaguya's bullets move so slowly that you can clear them almost before they reach you.

Shoot the Bullet: Level 9 Spell Cards
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