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Shoot the Bullet: Level 8 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 8 - 1

StBsc54 No. 8 - 1:
Owner: Ran Yakumo
Level 8 — 1
Comment: 尻尾が沢山あるという狐が居るらしくて、


I went out in search of a fox
with a lot of tails.
This is a picture of it looking at the flowers.

Spell Card 8 - 2

StBsc55 No. 8 - 2: 幽雅「死出の誘蛾灯」

Ghostly Elegance "Fatal Light Trap"

Owner: Yuyuko Saigyouji
Level 8 — 2
Comment: 心霊写真が撮れると言われるあの世までやって


In order to get pictures of spirits,
I travelled to the other side.
I quickly managed some pictures of large ghosts.
They seemed to be inviting me to join them...

Spell Card 8 - 3

StBsc56 No. 8 - 3: 密符「御大師様の秘鍵」

Secret Sign "Hierarch's Arcanum"
Arcanum: occult mysteries and secrets.

Owner: Ran Yakumo
Level 8 — 3
Comment: お花見の場所取りをやっているようでした。


It looked as if she was securing a place for flower-viewing.
She seemed pretty busy, spreading and securing a mat,
so I went ahead and took some pictures.

Spell Card 8 - 4

StBsc57 No. 8 - 4: 蝶符「鳳蝶紋の死槍」

Butterfly Sign "Swallowtail Butterfly Pattern's Death Spear"

Owner: Yuyuko Saigyouji
Level 8 — 4
Comment: 元気な心霊写真です。これだけはっきりと霊が


A photo of some lively spirits. These don't
really capture the essence of them, though.
They aren't fake ghost.

Spell Card 8 - 5

StBsc58 No. 8 - 5: 行符「八千万枚護摩」

Austerity Sign "Eighty Million Holy Boards"
Austerity: very demanding (religious) training
護摩 (Goma): burn Goma boards which are used to resemble one's troubles and accidents, and pray health, prosperity, and divine aid. The most demanding Goma training uses eight thousand Goma boards.

Owner: Ran Yakumo
Level 8 — 5
Comment: どうやら修行中の様でしたので、写真に収めて


She appeared to be training, so I took some
pictures. Of course, I didn't bother her.
I was only taking photos, after all.

Spell Card 8 - 6

StBsc59 No. 8 - 6: 死符「酔人の生、死の夢幻」

Death Sign "Life of Drunk, Vision of Death"

Owner: Yuyuko Saigyouji
Level 8 — 6
Comment: 迫力満点!な心霊写真です。


"How charming!" That kind of spirit photo.
If you look closely, you can see lots of small orbs.
What kinda place is this...ah, it's the other world.

Spell Card 8 - 7

StBsc60 No. 8 - 7: 超人「飛翔役小角」

Superman "Soaring En no Ozuno"
En no Ozuno: founder of Shugendo

Owner: Ran Yakumo
Level 8 — 7
Comment: ついに動物の本性を現しました。


Finally, the true nature of the animal is revealed.
That speed is quite impressive.
But doesn't she get dizzy?

Spell Card 8 - 8

StBsc61 No. 8 - 8: 「死蝶浮月」

"Death Butterfly, Floating Moon"

Owner: Yuyuko Saigyouji
Level 8 — 8
Comment: あの世の蝶って眩しく光るものなんですね。


These are the bright, radiant butterflies of that world.
I might just do a feature on this place next time.
"How to have three times more fun dying!" Maybe not.

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