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Shoot the Bullet: Level 8 Spell Cards

Spell Card 54

StBsc54 No. 54:
Owner: Ran Yakumo
Level 8 — 1
Comment: The card lines shift in increasing amounts with each photo. Use charge speed for the blues, charge with a tap or two of normal focus for the pinks, and for the last shot when the cards turn red don't even think about going to charge speed.

Spell Card 55

StBsc55 No. 55: 幽雅「死出の誘蛾灯」

Ghostly Elegance "Fatal Light Trap"

Owner: Yuyuko Saigyouji
Level 8 — 2
Comment: Pretty self explanatory. Get in a gap and ride it slowly upwards, charge and take photos, in the space created by the photos drop down and reset your position. After Yuyuko tosses up the fan and starts firing aimed bubbles, you'll need to switch to the gap line to your immediate left or right as well. Starting the bubbles is time based, not photo based, so take your shots as quickly as possible.

There is also another way to do this without switching to your left or right. Keep recharging, and when you can shoot, there will be two possibilities: 1. If all the bubbles are still close to Yuyuko, take an offensive shot, clearing them and get the boss. 2. If there is one bubble too close to you and far away from Yuyuko, take a defensive shot. You'll have enough time to recharge before the next wave comes. Back to possibility 1.

Spell Card 56

StBsc56 No. 56: 密符「御大師様の秘鍵」

Secret Sign "Hierarch's Arcanum" Arcanum: occult mysteries and secrets.

Owner: Ran Yakumo
Level 8 — 3
Comment: One of the game's most difficult spellcards. For the first few photos, there's usually a small safe band slightly under Ran, but this is unreliable and useless after she starts firing balls anyway. When taking shots, try to remove some of the large cards on either side that are actually spawning the bullets - you can get both sides at once but it's really difficult. No real trick to making this easier, good luck.

Spell Card 57

StBsc57 No. 57: 蝶符「鳳蝶紋の死槍」

Butterfly Sign "Swallowtail Butterfly Pattern's Death Spear"

Owner: Yuyuko Saigyouji
Level 8 — 4
Comment: The first few shots should be no trouble. When she starts pelting rapidfire lasers, start on one side, slowly stream towards the other side and up in an arc while charging, then take your photo of Yuyuko and immediately afterwards circle up and over the mass of butterflies, using the gap in her firing to return to the point you started this process at.

Spell Card 58

StBsc58 No. 58: 行符「八千万枚護摩」

Austerity Sign "Eighty Million Holy Boards" Austerity: very demanding (religious) training 護摩 (Goma): burn Goma boards which are used to resemble one's troubles and accidents, and pray health, prosperity, and divine aid. The most demanding Goma training uses eight thousand Goma boards.

Owner: Ran Yakumo
Level 8 — 5
Comment: At first glance it's incredibly difficult, but once you get the trick it's not so bad. Start by immediately charging and shooting, canceling Ran's first wave. Then run to about halfway between Ran and the side of the screen, vertically centered. Staying near the vertical center is the key here, as the height of the screen will give you much more time to navigate around the purple waves before they cut you off. Wait until the second wave is fired, then carefully move to the other side of the screen to make it through the opening. Begin charging as soon as you've made it through. If you did it right, you'll get a full charge just as Ran fires the third wave. Shoot to cancel it out, move back up to the vertical center if you're not there already, and repeat. It's also possible to go through the waves but it's very hard to do.

Spell Card 59

StBsc59 No. 59: 死符「酔人の生、死の夢幻」

Death Sign "Life of Drunk, Vision of Death"

Owner: Yuyuko Saigyouji
Level 8 — 6
Comment: This card is just basic dodging. Don't take it too lightly though, or the butterflies will get you ;D

The easiest way to get this card is to keep dodging and take shots when you can, trying to get as many bullets on the other side as possible, then move quickly over there.

Spell Card 60

StBsc60 No. 60: 超人「飛翔役小角」

Superman "Soaring En no Ozuno" En no Ozuno: founder of Shugendō

Owner: Ran Yakumo
Level 8 — 7
Comment: A very difficult streaming card. Obviously you want to move along the bottom and take your pictures to reverse direction at the corners, but if you move too slowly Ran will ram you and if you break your charge too much dodging butterflies you'll find yourself trapped with no photo. On the last two photos, straight horizontal movement using charge speed is no longer entirely safe.

Spell Card 61

StBsc61 No. 61: 「死蝶浮月」

"Death Butterfly, Floating Moon"

Owner: Yuyuko Saigyouji
Level 8 — 8
Comment: Very easy card. Every time Yuyuko fires her lasers, she'll also send the accumulated butterfly ring bursting out (and a fast aimed bubble after she starts those). Take a defensive shot removing the butterfly burst when she does this, then charge up while slowly avoiding the bubbles and shoot Yuyuko, then drop down, charge up again and defensive shot when the lasers come, rinse, repeat, done.

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