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Shoot the Bullet: Level 7 Spell Cards

Spell Card 46

StBsc46 No. 46:
Owner: Sakuya Izayoi
Level 7 — 1
Comment: A three part attack, blue, green and pink. The first three photos are pretty self explanatory, save that between photos you'll want to run as far away from Sakuya as you can, to the opposite diagonal of the screen, giving you maximum room to dodge the kunai. Failure to to this may result in being trapped.

The green section is the most problematic of the three. Stay in the center of the screen and dodge through the blue knives as close to Sakuya as you can stand to be, then take your photos immediately after she releases a NEW set of green hexagrams, removing them and giving you a full wave's worth of time to recharge your camera.
For the yellow/pink section, stay in the safe spots directly below Sakuya, as seen in the snapshot here, and shoot her just after she releases a set of hexes, removing them as in the green section.

Spell Card 47

StBsc47 No. 47: 魔符「全世界ナイトメア」

Devil Sign "World in Nightmare"

Owner: Remilia Scarlet
Level 7 — 2
Comment: This card looks simple at first, but there's some subtlety to it.

Remilia disappears at the start of the spell, and you need to wait for her to return (21 ENDLESS seconds of doom) before shooting.
You need to rotate around the bat while avoiding the white bullets.
While Remilia's in bat form, you might be tempted to use defensive shots to clear the white bullets when going "over the top", but DON'T. (Note: Some users have pulled this off, though. It's just a sliver per shot.) Every time you press the shutter, an extra column is added to each of the blocks of red knives, so you don't want to take any defensive shots during this card, or the knives will increase to a point where it becomes difficult to sustain the rotation. Only shoot when you can get Remilia in the viewfinder. (Fact checking confirmed: 7 streams initially, one added per snapshot.)
Also, when circling around the top, be careful not to move too quickly, or else you will run into the barrage of bullets in front of you. This can be easy to forget whilst taking a picture.

Spell Card 48

StBsc48 No. 48: 時符「トンネルエフェクト」

Time Sign "Tunnel Effect"
tunnel effect: the phenomenon that a matter overcomes a potential barrier with lesser energy than the barrier.

Owner: Sakuya Izayoi
Level 7 — 3
Comment: A basic streaming card that requires you to jump across the knife lines horizontally to avoid the red bullets. Move neither too slowly nor too quickly; the time stops throwing off your rhythm are the biggest threat here. Watch the blue knives, and move through them in the space after a fast knife passes over a slow one.

Spell Card 49

StBsc49 No. 49: 紅符「ブラッディマジックスクウェア」

Scarlet Sign "Bloody Magic Square"

Owner: Remilia Scarlet
Level 7 — 4
Comment: The knives move in curved lines; act accordingly.

The easiest way to defeat this spell is to shoot and clear the knives every other time Remilia launches them. In other words, clear the knives on her first, third, fifth, seventh, ninth and eleventh launches, and then take your final shot whenever you can.
If you can predict the direction in which the bullets will accelerate after the knives leave the screen, you may want to "jog" your viewfinder in the opposite direction when shooting (be careful to get all the knives in the viewfinder, though). This may make the task of dodging the bullets slightly easier.
On your staggered shots (3rd, 5th, etc.), try to take a picture of the centerpiece of Remilia's prior pattern. For example, on the third shot, completely capture the third pattern and the centerpiece of the second. This greatly reduces the number of bullets you have to dodge.
The directions the patterns fly off in are random. Try to always move so that you are dodging around the ends of the lines rather than through them.

Spell Card 50

StBsc50 No. 50: 空虚「インフレーションスクウェア」

Void "Inflation Square"

Owner: Sakuya Izayoi
Level 7 — 5
Comment: The task here should be obvious - the hard parts are getting both Sakuya and the red circle in your photos, and dodging the blue knives using only your slowest movement speed. Both can be solved by rapidly positioning yourself to the center as the card starts, then towards a side wall after your first photo. Being near a wall will reduce the number and directions of blue knives you need to read. You have a short time after each photo to dodge without charging, but since the charge speed is accelerative, if you have to break midcharge you'll die.

Spell Card 51

StBsc51 No. 51: 紅蝙蝠「ヴァンピリッシュナイト」

Scarlet Bat "Vampirish Night"

Owner: Remilia Scarlet
Level 7 — 6
Comment: Move slowly and stay roughly near Remilia. The bats linger a very long time if they aren't removed, so your goal is to keep them rounded up and use your photos to remove as many as possible while also hitting Remi. If you move around too much and spread the bats out, you will die.

Spell Card 52

StBsc52 No. 52: 銀符「パーフェクトメイド」

Silver Sign "Perfect Maid"

Owner: Sakuya Izayoi
Level 7 — 7
Comment: Take pictures only when Sakuya is moving or else she will stop time and move away. It's possible to catch her after she dodges by moving the viewfinder, but not recommended.

Spell Card 53

StBsc53 No. 53: 神鬼「レミリアストーカー」

God Devil "Remilia Stoker"
Stoker refers to Bram Stoker, the author of the novel Dracula.

Owner: Remilia Scarlet
Level 7 — 8
Comment: With crackerjack timing it's possible to stay near Remi, constantly charging, and shoot away each set of laser bursts as they appear. Players without crackerjack timing must stay low and patiently wait for holes in the kunai patterns to fly up and shoot Remi.

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